Discover the Final Deals on Etsy

Discover the Final Deals on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Frustration with Etsy
  3. Loss of Potential Customers
  4. The Consequences of Failing to Transfer Money
  5. Considerations for Alternative Selling Platforms
  6. Evaluating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Wix
  7. The Importance of Customer Support
  8. The Power of Word-of-Mouth Recommendations
  9. The Future of the Wand Selling Business
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the frustrations experienced by a YouTuber who relies on Etsy for selling their handmade wands. The author recounts their recent difficulties in receiving their funds from Etsy and expresses their concerns about the platform's reliability. The article will also discuss the potential consequences for Etsy if the author decides to switch to another selling platform, such as Wix. Furthermore, it will highlight the importance of customer support and the impact of word-of-mouth recommendations on a business. Finally, the article will contemplate the future of the author's wand-selling venture.

The Frustration with Etsy

The author begins by expressing their frustration with Etsy's handling of their funds. They recount an incident where their scheduled money transfer was abruptly rescheduled for a later date, causing inconvenience and disappointment. This was not an isolated incident, as similar delays occurred previously, disrupting the author's plans and affecting their ability to conduct business smoothly.

The author emphasizes that this unexpected rescheduling of funds is a new occurrence for them, and they convey their dissatisfaction with Etsy's lack of accountability for the issue. They convey a strong sense of disappointment and annoyance, as these delays have affected their personal and professional life, causing them to miss out on opportunities and experiencing financial setbacks.

Loss of Potential Customers

The author highlights the potential loss of customers that Etsy might face if they continue to experience difficulties with fund transfers. With over 8,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, the author estimates that a significant chunk of those subscribers could be interested in purchasing their wands. The author warns Etsy about the negative impact their dissatisfaction can have on the platform's reputation.

They emphasize the power of word-of-mouth recommendations and how their negative experience with Etsy might lead them to discourage others from using the platform. This domino effect could result in a substantial loss of potential customers for Etsy, ultimately undermining its credibility and success.

The Consequences of Failing to Transfer Money

The author stresses the consequences that Etsy will face if they fail to rectify the issues with transferring money promptly. They assert that they have already given Etsy multiple chances to address the problem, but if their funds do not reach them by Monday, they will delete their Etsy account.

In addition to severing ties with Etsy, the author expresses disappointment over losing revenue by giving away 14 free wands. These wands were intended for customers who had paid for them, but without the transfer of funds, the author incurred a loss. They assert that such negative experiences will push customers away and damage Etsy's reputation in the long run.

Considerations for Alternative Selling Platforms

As a solution to their current dissatisfaction, the author contemplates exploring alternative selling platforms, such as Wix. They are open to switching to another platform that provides a more reliable and efficient process for transferring funds. The author acknowledges that Wix will require some effort to set up a new website, but they are willing to invest their time and energy if it means avoiding further complications with fund transfers.

The author analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Wix as an alternative platform. They weigh the potential advantages of independence and customization against the challenges of building and promoting a new website. The author recognizes the importance of considering all factors before making a final decision for their business.

Evaluating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Wix

In this section, the author delves deeper into the considerations of using Wix as a replacement for Etsy. They weigh the benefits of having complete control over their website design, layout, and branding against the potential downsides of marketing and driving traffic to a new platform.

The author examines the user-friendliness of Wix, the available features for online sellers, and the potential audience reach. They evaluate the level of support and customer service provided by Wix compared to Etsy. Ultimately, the decision to transition to Wix hinges on whether it can offer a more reliable platform for their business.

The Importance of Customer Support

The author emphasizes the significance of quality customer support and its impact on their choice of selling platforms. They reflect on their positive experiences with Etsy's customer support in the past but express their disappointment with the recent financial issues. The article explores the author's views on the critical role that responsive and efficient customer support plays in maintaining a positive business relationship.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

The author discusses the influence of word-of-mouth recommendations on the success or failure of a business. They explain how dissatisfied customers can be vocal about their negative experiences, potentially deterring others from engaging with a particular platform or brand. The author warns Etsy about the potential consequences of failing to address their concerns, as it could lead to an exodus of customers and a tarnished reputation.

The Future of the Wand Selling Business

In this section, the author contemplates the future trajectory of their wand-selling business. They consider various possible scenarios depending on the outcome of their dealings with Etsy. The author discusses their intentions to continue creating and selling wands, highlighting the importance of finding a reliable and supportive platform to sustain their business.

They explore the potential for growth and expansion in their niche market, focusing on the loyalty of their existing subscriber base and the potential to attract new customers. The author weighs the impact of their decision on the future success of their business and their personal fulfillment.


The article concludes by summarizing the author's frustrations with Etsy's failure to transfer funds in a timely manner. They reiterate their warning to Etsy that if their issue is not rectified by Monday, they will delete their account and explore other platforms, such as Wix, for selling their wands. The critical role of superior customer support and the potential consequences of dissatisfied customers are reiterated. The article concludes with a contemplation of the future of the author's wand-selling business and their determination to continue providing quality products to their customers.

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