Discover the Artistic Haven: Sculpting Space vs. Etsy

Discover the Artistic Haven: Sculpting Space vs. Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Workspace Tour
    1. The Desk
    2. Shipping Area
    3. Storage Space
  3. Plans for the Future
  4. Store Envy vs Etsy
  5. Grand Opening Sale on Etsy
  6. Candy Corn Apocalypse Army
  7. Conclusion


In this article, we will take a closer look at Tony's workspace and get a tour of where all the magic happens. We'll also discuss Tony's plans for the future, including his new store and the reasons behind his decision to switch platforms. So, let's dive in and discover what Tony has in store for us!

Workspace Tour

Let's begin our tour of Tony's workspace, where he spends most of his time creating his unique pieces of art. Despite the mess, Tony's workspace is filled with creativity and inspiration.

The Desk

At Tony's desk, we can see a well-lit area with an extra light on the side. This is where Tony works on his projects, from sculpting to painting. He has a comfortable chair and a small speaker to listen to music or podcasts while he works. On the desk, there are rough clay blobs that will soon turn into amazing creations, although Tony keeps them hidden for now.

Shipping Area

Next, we move to the shipping area of Tony's workspace. Stacks of packages are neatly arranged, ready to be sent out to customers. Tony takes pride in adding a personal touch to each package, using Halloween stamps and decorations. He also keeps boxes of t-shirts, business cards, and postcards nearby, ensuring that every order is a unique experience for the customer.

Storage Space

Tony's workspace doubles as a storage area for his Halloween props and materials. Boxes and packing material are stacked to the side, along with old molds and resin sculptures. While the room may seem cluttered, it houses Tony's collection of Halloween goodies. Tony acknowledges that he needs to find a better way to organize these items, but for now, they add to the Halloween spirit of the room.

Plans for the Future

After giving us a glimpse of his workspace, Tony shares his plans for the future. He is determined to breathe new life into the Candy Corn Apocalypse brand, which has been somewhat stagnant in recent months. Tony's decision to leave his full-time job means he can devote more time and effort to creating exciting new products.

Store Envy vs Etsy

Tony explains the reason behind his experimentation with a new store platform. Previously, he used Store Envy, but he noticed that they started charging extra fees to customers. This didn't sit well with Tony, as he aimed to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. After careful consideration, he has decided to give Etsy a try. Not only does Etsy offer better pricing options for both sellers and buyers, but it also provides a more user-friendly experience.

Grand Opening Sale on Etsy

To celebrate the launch of his new store on Etsy, Tony plans to hold a grand opening sale. Customers can enjoy a 15% discount on all products, making it the perfect opportunity for those who have been eyeing Tony's creations. By migrating to Etsy, Tony aims to provide a seamless shopping experience and eliminate the additional fees previously charged by Store Envy.

Candy Corn Apocalypse Army

Tony doesn't forget about his loyal supporters, the Candy Corn Apocalypse Army. He apologizes for the lack of communication but assures them that he has not abandoned them. Tony plans to resume sending secret messages and exclusive content to the members of his army. Additionally, he hints at a new website project in collaboration with his brother, promising more exciting updates in the future.


Tony's workspace tour has given us insight into his creative process and where all the magic happens. With his renewed focus and dedication to his craft, we can expect to see new and innovative products from the Candy Corn Apocalypse brand. The switch to Etsy will allow Tony to provide better pricing and a more enjoyable shopping experience for his customers. So, stay tuned for the grand opening sale and join the Candy Corn Apocalypse Army for exclusive updates and surprises along the way!

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