Discover the Art of Creating Treasuries on Etsy

Discover the Art of Creating Treasuries on Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started with Etsy
    • Setting up Your Etsy Store
    • Banners and Seller Images
    • Tagging Your Listings
  3. Understanding Treasuries
    • What are Treasuries?
    • Benefits of Creating Treasuries
  4. Creating Your First Treasury
    • Accessing Your Profile
    • Finding Treasury Lists
    • Creating a Blank Treasury List
  5. Adding Items to Your Treasury List
    • Exploring Team Member Shops
    • Selecting Items for Your Treasury
    • Organizing Your Treasury
  6. Title, Description, and Tags
    • Writing an Attention-Grabbing Title
    • Crafting a Compelling Description
    • Using Tags Effectively
  7. Searching for Additional Items
    • Exploring Etsy for More Options
    • Using Specific Keywords
    • Adding Variety to Your Treasury
  8. Saving and Sharing Your Treasury
    • Saving Your Completed Treasury
    • Sharing with Your Team
    • Promoting and Tagging Your Treasury
  9. Increasing Engagement and Sales
    • Encouraging Favorites and Comments
    • Ranking Higher on Etsy Search Results
    • Driving Traffic to Your Store
  10. Conclusion

Creating Treasuries: A Guide for Beginner Etsy Sellers

If you are an absolute beginner on Etsy and feeling overwhelmed about how to use the platform effectively, you're not alone. Many sellers struggle to describe the step-by-step process in words. However, the good news is that setting up your Etsy store and creating treasuries is much simpler than it sounds. In this tutorial series, I will take you through the basics of Etsy, starting with creating treasuries.


Before we dive into creating treasuries, let's first understand what treasuries are and why they are essential for your Etsy journey. Treasuries are curated lists of handpicked items from Etsy sellers. They serve as a showcase of unique products and provide exposure to both the curator and the featured sellers. Creating treasuries not only helps you connect with your team members but also makes it easier for others to discover your store.

Getting Started with Etsy

To begin your journey on Etsy, you need to set up your Etsy store. This involves creating a catchy banner, uploading attractive seller images, and using effective tags for your listings. These elements play a vital role in attracting potential buyers and enhancing the overall look of your store.

Understanding Treasuries

Treasuries are a powerful tool to build connections, gain exposure, and drive sales on Etsy. By featuring items from various sellers, you create a sense of community and collaboration. Additionally, treasuries can help you rank higher on Etsy search results, leading to increased visibility and potential sales.

Creating Your First Treasury

To create your first treasury, you need to access your Etsy profile and navigate to the treasury lists section. If you already have treasury lists on your profile, you can directly click on one to start curating. In case you don't see any treasury lists, don't worry. There are alternative ways to find and create your treasury.

Adding Items to Your Treasury List

Once you have a blank treasury list ready, it's time to add items to it. Explore the shops of your team members and choose products that align with your treasury's theme. Spread out different items throughout the treasury to create a visually appealing mix. Remember, variety is key.

Title, Description, and Tags

To make your treasury easily discoverable, it's crucial to craft a compelling title, write a well-described description, and use appropriate tags. These elements help potential customers and search engines find your treasury. Effective use of tags is equally important when creating listings for your own products.

Searching for Additional Items

While featuring your team members' items is essential, it's also beneficial to include products from other sellers on Etsy. By searching for specific keywords and exploring relevant categories, you can find unique items that complement your treasury. This collaborative approach helps you network and expand your reach.

Saving and Sharing Your Treasury

Once your treasury is complete, save it and share it with your team members. Encourage them to interact with your treasury by favoriting it and leaving comments. This engagement not only boosts your treasury's visibility but also increases the likelihood of attracting potential customers to your store.

Increasing Engagement and Sales

Promoting and tagging your treasuries play a pivotal role in increasing engagement and securing sales. Encourage your team members and other Etsy users to favorite your treasuries and leave comments. This active participation helps your treasury rank higher on Etsy, potentially leading to more views and sales.


Creating treasuries on Etsy is an excellent way to connect with the Etsy community, gain exposure, and increase the visibility of your store. By utilizing effective strategies for curating and promoting your treasuries, you can maximize engagement and enhance your chances of achieving sales success. Stay tuned for the next tutorials in this series, where we will explore other essential aspects of selling on Etsy.


  1. Learn how to create captivating treasuries on Etsy.
  2. Understand the benefits of featuring other sellers in your treasuries.
  3. Discover effective techniques for creating attention-grabbing titles and descriptions.
  4. Master the art of using tags to improve the discoverability of your treasuries.
  5. Explore strategies to increase engagement and drive sales through treasury promotion.
  6. Gain insights into ranking higher on Etsy search results.
  7. Connect with the Etsy community and expand your network.


Q: Can I create treasuries even if I am a beginner on Etsy? A: Absolutely! Creating treasuries can be done by anyone, regardless of their experience level on Etsy. It's a great way to showcase your favorite items and connect with the Etsy community.

Q: How many items can I add to a treasury? A: Etsy allows you to add up to 16 items in a treasury. However, you can choose to add a smaller number of items if you prefer.

Q: Can I feature products from sellers outside my team? A: Yes, you can include items from any seller on Etsy in your treasuries. It's encouraged to promote collaboration and explore a wide range of products.

Q: Do treasuries help increase sales? A: While treasuries themselves do not directly lead to sales, they can help increase visibility, attract potential buyers, and drive traffic to your store. The key is to create engaging treasuries and actively promote them within the Etsy community.

Q: How often should I create new treasuries? A: There is no set frequency for creating treasuries. It is entirely up to you. Some sellers create treasuries regularly, while others create them periodically. Find a balance that works for you and your store's goals.

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