Discover the Art of Creating Seaglass Jewelry on Etsy

Discover the Art of Creating Seaglass Jewelry on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Expansion of Kittyland
  3. The Challenges of Renovating the New Space
  4. The Playgroup and Kindergarten Area
  5. The Multi-Purpose Hall
  6. Busy Summer Months
  7. New Additions to the Classes and Clubs
  8. University Application Talks
  9. Monthly Business Mastermind Cocoons
  10. The Kid Island Christmas Fair
  11. Supporting the Community
  12. Rhonda Nicole and C Riviera
  13. Rhonda's Background in Anthropology
  14. Collecting Sea Glass and the Birth of C Riviera
  15. Etsy as a Sales Platform
  16. The Unique Offerings of C Riviera
  17. Plans for 2019
  18. Top Tips for Winter Activities on the Cote d'Azur
  19. Quickfire Questions and Conclusion

The Expansion of Kittyland


Welcome to series three and episode 43 of the Riviera Firefly podcasts. We took a break over the summer from podcasting to open up the second part of Kittyland. In episode 42, I talked about feeling the fear and doing it anyway because I took on a new premises that we had to completely gut and renovate from scratch. It was really quite a challenge, but we're pleased to announce that the loft, the 118 meter squared space, is now open and it adjoins the original 150 square meter space that we're calling the annex. We've got about three hundred and thirty meters squared all told in the new space. In this article, we will explore the expansion of Kittyland, the challenges of renovating the new space, and the exciting additions that have come with it. So, let's begin this journey together.

The Expansion of Kittyland

The new space at Kittyland is a result of months of hard work, dedication, and planning. We wanted to create a larger, more versatile area for our kids to enjoy and engage in various activities. The expansion includes a huge room dedicated to our playgroup and kindergarten, providing an even better experience for them. We have noticed that the kids are really getting into it and enjoying this new space. It opens up onto an even larger area called the hall, which is over 70 square meters. This space is perfect for sports, gym activities, and meetings. During the holidays, it has served as a great space for circle time and group work. The expansion has truly transformed Kittyland and has allowed us to offer a broader range of activities and programs for our kids.

The Challenges of Renovating the New Space

Renovating the new space at Kittyland was a journey filled with excitement, challenges, and hard work. The process started in May and June, right into the busiest time of the year. We had to completely gut the premises and renovate it from scratch. It was a daunting task but also an opportunity for us to create a space that perfectly caters to the needs of our kids and the community. The renovation process was exhausting, and it required a lot of time and effort. However, seeing the final result and the joy it brings to our kids made it all worth it. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are excited to see how this new space will continue to evolve and benefit our kids.

The Playgroup and Kindergarten Area

One of the highlights of the expansion at Kittyland is the dedicated playgroup and kindergarten area. This spacious room has been designed to provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for our little ones. The playgroup and kindergarten area is equipped with age-appropriate toys, games, and learning materials. It encourages social interaction, imaginative play, and cognitive development. Our kids have been thoroughly enjoying this new space, and we've noticed a significant increase in their engagement and enthusiasm during playgroup and kindergarten sessions. It truly is a wonderful addition to Kittyland.

The Multi-Purpose Hall

An integral part of the new space at Kittyland is the multi-purpose hall. This area, measuring over 70 square meters, serves as a versatile space for various activities. It has been primarily used for sports, gym activities, and meetings. The multi-purpose hall allows our kids to participate in physical activities, fostering their health and well-being. It has also been a great space for hosting meetings and events, providing a comfortable and functional environment. We're thrilled to have this additional area that enhances the overall experience at Kittyland.

Busy Summer Months

The renovation and expansion of Kittyland took place during the summer months, which is traditionally our busiest time of the year. While tackling the renovation project, we also had to navigate the organization and management of our holiday camps. It was a challenging and demanding period, but we managed to make it work. We operated our holiday camps simultaneously in the new space at Kittyland and the Golden Tulip hotel. Additionally, we arranged exciting activities and outings for the kids, ensuring they had a memorable summer. It was a whirlwind of activities and events, but seeing the smiles on the faces of our kids made it all worth it.

New Additions to the Classes and Clubs

With the expansion of Kittyland, we were able to introduce new classes and clubs for both kids and adults. Our goal is to offer a diverse range of activities that cater to the interests and preferences of our community. Some of the new additions include Pilates and yoga classes for adults, which have been highly popular and well-received. We believe in the importance of promoting health and well-being among our clients, and these classes have been an excellent addition to our program. We have also introduced a chess club and expanded our dance classes for kids, providing them with more opportunities to explore their interests. Each new addition has been carefully planned to ensure it aligns with our values and contributes to the overall growth and development of our community.

University Application Talks

As part of our commitment to supporting the educational journey of our kids, we organized university application talks in collaboration with Dorothy Foster, an educational consultant. These talks aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance for students who are preparing for their university applications. Dorothy Foster shared her expertise and top tips, helping our students navigate the challenging process of applying to universities. The talks were well-attended and received positive feedback from both students and parents. We believe in empowering our kids and preparing them for their future, and these talks were a significant step in achieving that goal.

Monthly Business Mastermind Cocoons

In addition to our focus on education and child development, we also recognize the importance of nurturing and supporting local businesses. This is why we host monthly business mastermind cocoons. These meetups serve as an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to come together, collaborate, and work on their business strategies. The cocoons provide a supportive environment where businesses can share their experiences, seek advice, and receive valuable input. We believe in the power of collective wisdom, and these sessions have proven to be incredibly beneficial for all participants. Our goal is to foster a strong business community that thrives and grows together.

The Kid Island Christmas Fair

One of the most exciting events on our calendar is the Kid Island Christmas Fair, which will be held on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018. We are diligently working on making this event a memorable experience for our community. The fair will include various stands offering unique and festive gifts, as well as fun activities and games for the whole family. Our aim is to create a Christmas fair with a nostalgic and traditional feel, where people can find special items for their loved ones. We are proud to support a charity through this event and welcome volunteers who want to contribute their time and help make the fair a resounding success. Join us and be a part of this wonderful community event.

Supporting the Community

At Kittyland, we believe in giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey. Through the Kid Island Christmas Fair and other initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact on our local community. We have chosen to support a charitable organization, demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility. By participating in our events and supporting local businesses, you are helping us create a thriving and vibrant community on the Cote d'Azur. We welcome your involvement and encourage you to join us in our efforts to make a difference.

Rhonda Nicole and C Riviera

One of the standout participants in the Kid Island Christmas Fair is Rhonda Nicole, the founder of C Riviera. Rhonda's journey into entrepreneurship began with her passion for anthropology and a desire to create unique and meaningful products. Through C Riviera, Rhonda uses sea glass found on the beaches of the Cote d'Azur to create beautiful jewelry. Her creations not only embody the natural beauty of the sea glass but also promote environmental sustainability by reusing and recycling materials. Rhonda's Etsy shop offers a wide range of jewelry items that are not only stunning but also align with her mission of preserving the environment. We are excited to have Rhonda as part of the Kid Island Christmas Fair and believe her creations will be a hit among our attendees.

Rhonda's Background in Anthropology

Rhonda's background in anthropology has greatly influenced her approach to entrepreneurship. Her curiosity about the world and her love for children's creative spirit led her to work as a private teacher and cultural researcher. Rhonda understands the importance of creativity in child development and believes that embracing creativity helps us see the world in a different light. Her journey into entrepreneurship was sparked by a need to find a creative outlet and strike a balance between work and personal life. Rhonda's experiences working with children and her passion for creativity have been instrumental in the success of C Riviera.

Collecting Sea Glass and the Birth of C Riviera

The birth of C Riviera can be traced back to Rhonda's daily trips to the beach with her partner. They started collecting sea glass as a way to disconnect from work and reconnect with nature. What started as a mindful activity soon turned into a desire to create something unique and meaningful. Rhonda and her partner decided to make jewelry using the sea glass they found, and thus, C Riviera was born. They decided to sell their creations on Etsy, allowing them to reach a global audience while maintaining the anonymity they desired. Rhonda's Etsy shop showcases the beauty of sea glass and promotes environmental consciousness.

Etsy as a Sales Platform

Rhonda chose Etsy as the platform to sell her creations due to its convenience and potential for exposure. While she initially hesitated to sell her products at markets, Etsy provided the opportunity to showcase her creations online without the pressure of face-to-face interactions. However, Rhonda acknowledges that the marketplace is highly saturated, and standing out can be a challenge. Despite this, she has found success on Etsy and appreciates the support from the online community. Rhonda is also exploring the option of participating in markets, recognizing the value of personal interactions and the opportunity to improve her French language skills.

The Unique Offerings of C Riviera

What sets C Riviera apart is the natural beauty of their creations and their commitment to environmental sustainability. Each piece of sea glass used in their jewelry is unique, and they strive to retain its natural form with minimal interference. Rhonda and her partner drill the sea glass without cutting or polishing it, preserving its authenticity and connection to the marine environment. An innovation introduced by Rhonda's partner is the drilling of sea glass pebbles, expanding their range of styles while staying true to their commitment to the sea and the beach. C Riviera's offerings on Etsy have been well-received and continue to evoke a sense of admiration and appreciation from customers around the world.

Plans for 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, Rhonda aims to dedicate more time and effort to marketing and communication for C Riviera. She recently made the decision to reduce her hours at her day job, allowing her to prioritize her entrepreneurial pursuits. Rhonda envisions expanding her presence at markets and reaching a wider audience with her creations. She is also keen on developing her embroidery skills, further exploring her artistic abilities. With the growing demand for unique and sustainable products, Rhonda sees a bright future for C Riviera in 2019 and beyond.

Top Tips for Winter Activities on the Cote d'Azur

As the winter season approaches, Rhonda shares her top tips for enjoying the Cote d'Azur during this time. She recommends cycling along the coast from Nice to Antibes, as it offers a scenic and enjoyable experience. Additionally, Rhonda encourages embracing the winter period as a time for regeneration and relaxation. It's an ideal time to cozy up at home, light a fire, read a book, and engage in crafting activities. Rhonda recognizes the beauty of winter and the opportunities it provides to recharge and reconnect with oneself and the surroundings.

Quickfire Questions and Conclusion

To wrap up the interview, Rhonda answers quickfire questions about her preferences and aspirations. She reveals her affinity for coffee, her transition towards becoming a morning person, and her desire to master the art of embroidery in 2019. Rhonda emphasizes her love for books and her ongoing efforts to make more time for reading. She also expresses her excitement for the upcoming Kid Island Christmas Fair and her plans to continue growing C Riviera in the coming year.

In conclusion, the expansion of Kittyland has brought new possibilities and opportunities for the community. The renovated space provides an enhanced experience for children and adults alike, with dedicated areas for playgroup, kindergarten, and versatile multi-purpose activities. The summer months were busy and filled with excitement, as new classes and clubs were introduced, along with valuable talks and business mastermind meetups. The upcoming Kid Island Christmas Fair and the presence of C Riviera highlight the dedication to supporting local businesses and making a positive impact in the community. Rhonda's journey with C Riviera exemplifies the power of creativity, sustainability, and passion in entrepreneurship. As Kittyland continues to evolve and grow, the future looks bright for the community and its members.

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