Discover Profitable Etsy Niches with Everbee

Discover Profitable Etsy Niches with Everbee

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Install Everbee Chrome Extension
  3. Using Everbee to Find Profitable Niches and Designs
    • Searching for Women's T-Shirts
    • Analyzing High-Selling Designs
    • Exploring Profitable Niches: Adventure, Camping, and Hiking
    • Exploring the Bee Niche
    • The Explore More Niche
  4. Conclusion
  5. Special Announcement

How to Find Profitable Niches and Designs with Everbee

Welcome back to my channel! Today, I want to share with you an amazing tool called Everbee that can help you find the most profitable niches and designs. If you're looking to start an online business or boost your sales, this tool is a game-changer. But before we dive into it, I want to mention that the purpose of using Everbee is not to copy other people's designs or ideas. Instead, we will focus on finding inspiration and creating your own unique designs that will stand out in the market. So, let's get started!

How to Install Everbee Chrome Extension

The first step is to install the Everbee Chrome extension. It's a simple process that will give you access to valuable insights and data. All you need is a desktop or laptop and Google Chrome. Open your browser and search for "Everbee Chrome extension." Click on the official Everbee website and add the extension to your Chrome browser. It may take a moment to update, but once it's installed, you're ready to go!

Using Everbee to Find Profitable Niches and Designs

Now that we have Everbee set up, let's dive into how to use it effectively. One of the best ways to start your market research is by searching for women's t-shirts. This will give you a good sense of what designs are currently trending. Once you have the search results, it's important to scroll past the ads and focus on the organic listings.

Analyzing high-selling designs is key to understanding profitable niches. For example, let's take a closer look at the "Adventurer Weights" t-shirt. This design may seem simple, but it uses vibrant colors and a beautiful mock-up that catches the eye. The best part is that Everbee provides you with all the relevant tags for this niche. You can easily copy these tags and use them to optimize your own listings on platforms like Etsy.

The estimated monthly revenue for this design is $1,264, and considering a 20-30% profit margin, this specific store could be making around $250 per month from this design alone. This demonstrates that the adventure, camping, and hiking niche is highly profitable and worth exploring.

Another niche that has been trending is the wildflower design. Although it's not a specific niche, the nature lover theme has gained popularity. However, it's important to note that certain words like "be kind" are trademarked and should not be used directly in your designs. But you can take inspiration from these designs and create your own unique variations that cater to the self-love niche.

The bee niche is also worth mentioning. Designs related to bees have been in demand, especially during spring and summer. While it may not be an evergreen niche, it's still a profitable one. Designs incorporating positive and uplifting messages, like "be kind" or "stay positive," resonate well with customers. Just make sure not to infringe on any trademarks when creating your designs.

The explore more niche is another profitable one to consider. Designs that evoke a sense of adventure and wanderlust are highly sought after. By exploring the wilderness, hiking, and camping themes, you can tap into a passionate audience who are willing to invest in related products.


Using Everbee as a research tool can be immensely beneficial in finding profitable niches and designs. By analyzing high-selling designs and exploring different niches, you can gain valuable insights into what's currently trending and in demand. Remember, the goal is to create unique and original designs that stand out from the competition. With Everbee's help, you can take your online business to new heights.

Special Announcement

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  • Everbee is a powerful tool for finding profitable niches and designs.
  • The goal is to create your own unique designs, not to copy others.
  • Install the Everbee Chrome extension to access valuable insights and data.
  • Start your research by searching for women's t-shirts.
  • Analyze high-selling designs to understand profitable niches.
  • The adventure, camping, and hiking niche is highly profitable.
  • Be cautious of trademarked words and create unique variations.
  • The bee niche and the explore more niche are also profitable options.
  • Use Everbee to optimize your listings and increase your sales.
  • Exciting announcement: A print-on-demand academy course with exclusive discounts for subscribers.


Q: Can I use Everbee to copy other people's designs?

A: No, the purpose of Everbee is to find inspiration and create your own unique designs. Copying other people's work is not only unethical but also against the rules of most online marketplaces.

Q: Is Everbee available for other browsers?

A: Currently, Everbee is only available as a Chrome extension. Make sure you have Google Chrome installed on your desktop or laptop to use Everbee effectively.

Q: Can I use Everbee for markets other than t-shirts?

A: While Everbee is primarily focused on t-shirts, you can still use it to find profitable niches and designs for other products. The key is to adapt the research techniques and apply them to your specific market.

Q: How accurate are the revenue estimations provided by Everbee?

A: The revenue estimations provided by Everbee give you a rough idea of the potential earnings for a specific listing. However, it's important to note that these estimations are based on various factors and may not be 100% accurate. They should be used as a reference rather than an exact figure.

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