Discover Profitable Etsy Digital Products

Discover Profitable Etsy Digital Products

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Digital Planner or Planner Bundle
  3. Printable Wall Art
  4. SVG Files for Cricut
  5. Templates for Business Owners
  6. Branding Assets for Businesses
  7. How to Create Digital Products as a Beginner
  8. Resources for Graphic Design Beginners
  9. Identifying Trend Elements
  10. Conclusion


In today's digital era, the online digital product space is booming, offering sellers like us the opportunity to earn passive income. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which digital products actually sell. But fear not! Through extensive research, I have identified five Etsy digital product categories that consistently generate a minimum of $100 in daily revenue. In this article, I will unveil these high-earning digital products and provide you with insights on how to create and sell them successfully.

Digital Planner or Planner Bundle

The first lucrative digital product category on Etsy is the digital planner or planner bundle. With over 26,000 monthly searches on Etsy, the demand for digital planners is soaring. Digital planners are designed for individuals who prefer a digital format for planning and organizing their lives, whether on their computers, iPads, or iPhones. These planners can be used with apps like GoodNotes or Notability, making them versatile and accessible across multiple devices. The top-selling listings in this category often include planner bundles, which offer various pages, templates, and designs for buyers to customize their planners. Additionally, themed planners, such as business planners or fitness planners, are gaining popularity, providing endless possibilities within this category.

Printable Wall Art

Another thriving digital product category on Etsy is printable wall art. More and more people are turning to online files for wall decorations instead of purchasing prints from retail stores. Top-earning listings in this category often consist of sets or bundles of prints that complement each other. These sets can range from art gallery collections to prints featuring inspirational quotes or abstract designs. To cater to different printing preferences, it is crucial to offer the printable wall art in various file types, such as JPEG, PDF, and PNG. Additionally, providing different sizes and aspect ratios, like 2x3, 5x7, or 11x14, ensures that buyers can find the perfect fit for their desired display.

SVG Files for Cricut

SVG files for Cricut machines have emerged as a highly profitable digital product category on Etsy. Although SVG files are primarily used for cutting machines like Silhouette and Cricut, they can also be utilized for laser cutting machines. Crafters often purchase these SVG files to create designs on items like shirts, tote bags, and scrapbook cutouts. Successful listings in this category often offer bundles where buyers gain access to the seller's entire collection of SVG files for a flat price. This appealing option allows frequent purchasers to access diverse designs and potentially leads to repeat sales. Offering unique and trendy designs will ensure the popularity and profitability of your SVG files.

Templates for Business Owners

As a business owner, the need for templates to streamline processes is paramount. This makes templates a sought-after digital product category on Etsy. Business owners often desire general templates such as business plans, marketing materials, and thank-you cards. However, advanced sellers with graphic design skills can offer higher-priced templates like website or sales page designs. These comprehensive templates cater to business owners who prefer not to start from scratch, saving them time and effort. By providing visually appealing and customizable templates, you can attract business owners seeking a professional touch for their branding and communication materials.

Branding Assets for Businesses

In addition to templates, branding assets for businesses are in high demand on Etsy. Unlike templates, branding assets involve creating and delivering finished files to business owners. These assets include logo designs, sub-logo designs, social media designs (such as Facebook covers or Instagram story highlight icons), and Etsy shop icons or banners. Offering a complete branding shop launch package, which encompasses multiple assets necessary for a business's visual identity, can yield higher profits. Many entrepreneurs prefer this approach as it eliminates the need for customization or template adjustment, providing them with a ready-to-use brand package.

How to Create Digital Products as a Beginner

You may be wondering how you can embark on creating digital products if you are a complete beginner. Luckily, various online resources can help you get started on this exciting journey. Platforms like Placeit, Canva, and Creative Fabrica offer user-friendly tools and templates suitable for beginners. Placeit provides ready-to-go templates that are easily customizable. Canva, a popular choice among creators, offers a free version and a more feature-rich Canva Pro subscription. Creative Fabrica is an excellent resource for graphic design, providing a wide range of assets, such as stock photos, templates, and fonts. Utilizing these platforms can help you overcome initial challenges and familiarize yourself with graphic design techniques and trends.

Resources for Graphic Design Beginners

For beginners diving into graphic design, several resources can facilitate your journey. Placeit, Canva, and Creative Fabrica are valuable platforms with robust support for novices and professionals alike. By utilizing templates and ready-made designs, you can develop your skills while producing aesthetically pleasing digital products. These resources offer convenience, inspiration, and comprehensive learning materials to enhance your graphic design abilities.

Identifying Trend Elements

It is crucial to identify trend elements when designing and offering digital products. These elements ensure that your products align with current market demands and attract potential buyers. Some key trend elements to consider include color schemes, patterns, overall aesthetic themes, and font styles. Conducting thorough research and utilizing resources like the free trend elements cheat sheet provided in this article can help you stay ahead of the curve and create products that resonate with consumers.


Etsy's digital product space presents a wealth of opportunities for sellers to earn passive income. By exploring and creating digital products within high-earning categories like digital planners, printable wall art, SVG files for cutting machines, templates for business owners, and branding assets, you can thrive in this lucrative market. Remember to utilize resources for beginners, identify trend elements, and continuously adapt to evolving consumer preferences. With dedication, creativity, and strategic marketing, you can embark on a successful journey as an Etsy digital product entrepreneur.

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