Discover Etsy's Hidden Bestsellers for Free!

Discover Etsy's Hidden Bestsellers for Free!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Product Research on Etsy
  3. Using Keyword Research for Etsy Success
  4. Utilizing Competition Analysis for Inspiration
  5. Introducing Etsy Hunt: A Valuable Tool for Sellers
  6. Navigating the Etsy Hunt Website
    1. Shop Database
      • Top Selling Shops of All Time
      • Sorting by Total Sales, Reviews, and Favorites
      • Finding New and Trending Shops
    2. Product Database
      • Exploring Top Selling Products
      • Searching by Niche or Keyword
      • Sorting by Sales, Reviews, and Favorites
    3. Etsy Product Charts
      • Top Selling Products in the Past 7 and 30 Days
      • Rising Products with Fastest Growth Rate
      • New Trending Products
    4. Keyword Research
      • Analyzing Favorites, Views, Competition, and Sales
      • Understanding Etsy Search Volume vs. Google Search Volume
  7. The Power of Combining Keyword and Product Research
  8. Gaining First Mover Advantage
  9. Using Etsy Hunt for Effective Niche Research
  10. Conclusion


Importance of Product Research on Etsy

When it comes to selling on Etsy, understanding the market dynamics and what products are in demand is crucial for success. While keyword research helps identify high search volume keywords, it is equally important to conduct product research to get insights into existing successful listings and shops. By examining what sells well on Etsy, you can gain valuable inspiration and learn from the techniques and strategies employed by top sellers.

Using Keyword Research for Etsy Success

Keyword research allows sellers to tap into the minds of Etsy customers and identify high-demand, low-competition keywords. Tools like Sale Samurai can be utilized to uncover these market gaps and jump into niche markets. By understanding the search volume for specific keywords, sellers can gauge customer interest and develop product offerings that fulfill those needs. Combining keyword research with product research is the key to staying ahead of the competition and creating unique offerings.

Utilizing Competition Analysis for Inspiration

While copying other sellers' products or designs is not recommended, taking inspiration from successful listings can help sellers understand what works and what customers are looking for. By researching the competition, sellers can gain insight into popular trends, keywords, and techniques used by top sellers. This knowledge can be applied to their own shop, allowing them to stand out while still catering to customer demands.

Introducing Etsy Hunt: A Valuable Tool for Sellers

One valuable tool that many Etsy sellers are unaware of is Etsy Hunt. This powerful website provides sellers with an array of features that can revolutionize their product research journey. With over 200,000 registered users, Etsy Hunt offers a wealth of data and metrics that can be leveraged to gain a competitive edge.

Navigating the Etsy Hunt Website

Etsy Hunt's user-friendly interface makes it easy for sellers to navigate and access the information they need. The website offers various sections, including the Shop Database, Product Database, Etsy Product Charts, and Keyword Research. Each section provides unique insights into top-selling shops, products, and market trends. Let's explore some of the key features of Etsy Hunt:

Shop Database

In the Shop Database section, sellers can discover the top-selling shops on Etsy. The shops are ranked by total sales, allowing sellers to see who has achieved significant success on the platform. Additionally, you can sort shops by total reviews or favorites to gauge their popularity and customer satisfaction. By filtering based on creation time, sellers can also identify new shops that have seen rapid growth within a specific timeframe.

Product Database

The Product Database provides a comprehensive overview of the top-selling listings on Etsy. Using this feature, sellers can search for specific keywords or niches and see the highest-ranked products in terms of total sales. The ability to sort by different metrics, such as total reviews and favorites, provides valuable insights into customer preferences. Additionally, the creation time filter helps identify new products that are gaining traction.

Etsy Product Charts

The Etsy Product Charts section offers a deeper dive into top-selling products and emerging trends. Sellers can explore the best-selling products in the past seven or 30 days, as well as products experiencing rapid growth. This information can be sorted by category, making it easier for sellers to find relevant data in their specific niche. New trending products are also highlighted, showcasing recent releases with high sales numbers and potential for growth.

Keyword Research

Etsy Hunt also provides a keyword research feature where sellers can analyze keywords' favorites, views, competition, and sales data. While Etsy search volume is not available in the free version, Etsy Hunt offers a paid plan for access to Google search volume data. This combination of keyword research and product research helps sellers identify lucrative market gaps and create listings that align with customer demand.

The Power of Combining Keyword and Product Research

By combining keyword research and product research, sellers can gain a comprehensive understanding of what sells well on Etsy. This synergistic approach allows sellers to identify high-demand keywords and offer unique products that fulfill customer needs. Staying informed about market trends and customer preferences is essential for staying ahead of the competition and driving sales on the platform.

Gaining First Mover Advantage

One significant advantage of utilizing Etsy Hunt is the ability to identify fast-growing new shops and listings. By monitoring the shops and listings with the highest growth rates, sellers can learn from their success strategies and adapt them to their own business. This first-mover advantage allows sellers to establish themselves in emerging markets and capture market share before the competition catches up.

Using Etsy Hunt for Effective Niche Research

Etsy Hunt's array of features makes it an invaluable tool for niche research. By exploring the top-selling shops and products within a specific niche, sellers can assess the market landscape and identify opportunities for growth. Sellers can analyze competitors' products, keywords, and strategies to develop unique offerings that stand out in the marketplace.


In the highly competitive world of Etsy, product research plays a crucial role in achieving success. By utilizing tools like Etsy Hunt, sellers can uncover valuable insights into top-selling shops, products, and emerging market trends. Combining keyword and product research provides a holistic understanding of customer demand and allows sellers to offer unique, in-demand products. With the first-mover advantage and effective niche research, sellers can position themselves for success on Etsy.

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