Cute and Stylish Cat Collars on Etsy

Cute and Stylish Cat Collars on Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of the Collars
    1. Quality of the Jungle Book Collar
    2. Quality of the Pinocchio Collar
    3. Comparing the Two Collars
  3. Changing the Collar on Minnie
    1. Minnie's Reaction to Collar Changes
    2. Putting on the New Collar
  4. Review of Bow Collars from Etsy
    1. Vintage Walt Bows
    2. Bespoke Made Bows
    3. Quality and Variety of Bows
  5. Conclusion

Review: Small Collar Haul

Today, we have a small collar haul to share with you. In this video, we will be reviewing two collars that were recently purchased. This will be a midweek video, unless the content extends and it becomes a regular video. The collars we ordered include one featuring Pinocchio, another featuring characters from the Jungle Book, and a Nightmare Before Christmas collar featuring Jack Skellington. Let's dive into the review and see what each collar has to offer!

Review of the Collars

  1. Quality of the Jungle Book Collar

The Jungle Book collar, handmade by Wendy, leaves a bit to be desired in terms of quality. There seems to be an excessive amount of details, making it visually overwhelming. Despite this, the collar featuring Pinocchio appears to be of better quality compared to the Jungle Book collar. The camera struggles to focus on the collars, but you can still make out the distinct design of each.

  1. Quality of the Pinocchio Collar

The Pinocchio collar, unlike its Jungle Book counterpart, displays a much clearer design. The camera successfully captures the details of Pinocchio, showcasing the better quality of this collar. It seems that the first collar lacked the attention to detail that the Pinocchio collar possesses.

  1. Comparing the Two Collars

When comparing the two collars, it is evident that the Pinocchio collar is of superior quality. The design is clearer, and the overall construction seems more refined. This raises some concerns regarding the inconsistent quality between collars from the same source.

Changing the Collar on Minnie

  1. Minnie's Reaction to Collar Changes

Minnie, our feline companion, is not particularly keen on collar changes. She often becomes feisty and resistant during the process. However, we are determined to switch out her current collar for the new one. To calm her down, we resort to a bribery technique—treats! Hopefully, this will make the collar change a smoother experience for both Minnie and us.

  1. Putting on the New Collar

After a bit of patience and bribery, we successfully remove Minnie's old collar and replace it with the new one. The collar we choose has a small tassel and a tag that says "Made with Love." It looks lovely on Minnie, and we're relieved that the process wasn't as challenging as anticipated. However, Minnie seems to be going through a period of teenage-like behavior, becoming moody and less friendly than usual.

Review of Bow Collars from Etsy

  1. Vintage Walt Bows

Aside from the collars, we also have some bows from a shop on Etsy called Vintage Walt. These bows are beautifully crafted and of excellent quality. We have bows featuring Woody from Toy Story, Donald Duck, and Disney princesses. If you're a Disney fan, we highly recommend checking out Vintage Walt on Etsy for a range of dog and cat accessories, including bandanas.

  1. Bespoke Made Bows

One fantastic aspect of Vintage Walt is their willingness to create bespoke bows. This means you can request specific designs or themes for your pet. We had some bows custom-made, and they turned out to be stunning. If you're looking for unique and personalized accessories for your furry friend, Vintage Walt is the perfect shop to explore.

  1. Quality and Variety of Bows

The quality of the bows from Vintage Walt is outstanding. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in each piece. Additionally, Vintage Walt offers a wide variety of designs, ensuring there's something for everyone. From Disney-inspired bows to other whimsical patterns, you'll surely find the perfect accessory for your pet.


In conclusion, our small collar haul had its ups and downs. While the Jungle Book collar didn't meet our expectations in terms of quality, the Pinocchio collar exceeded them. Switching out Minnie's collar was a bit of a challenge due to her teenage-like behavior, but we managed to do it successfully. We also showcased some beautiful bows from Vintage Walt on Etsy, emphasizing their excellent quality and variety. If you're looking to accessorize your pet in style, both collars and bows, consider exploring these options we presented.

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