Creative Illustrated Scrapbook Paper

Creative Illustrated Scrapbook Paper

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Digital Drawing and Repeat Patterns
  3. Printing Quality and Options
  4. Wish Garden Collection
  5. Happier Home Collection
  6. In the Woods Collection
  7. Sweet Pea Animal Rescue Pack
  8. Fairy Tale Inspired Pack
  9. Collage Sheets as an Alternative
  10. Conclusion


Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel. It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and chat with you guys, but I hope you're all doing well. With everything going on, like moving to a new house and homeschooling my kids due to the coronavirus, it's been quite a challenge to get back to work as usual. However, I've managed to find a creative outlet through digital drawing and creating repeat patterns. I've been sharing my progress on Instagram and the YouTube community tab, so be sure to check those out. In today's video, I wanted to show you the digital papers I've been creating. I've already made five sets, and they just keep flowing out of me. So, let's dive into each collection and see what I've been working on!

Digital Drawing and Repeat Patterns

Being stuck at home has given me the opportunity to explore new creative avenues, which led me to digital drawing. I've been teaching myself how to do digital art and create repeat patterns using Procreate on my iPad Pro. It's been so convenient to be able to draw anytime, anywhere. Plus, it allows me to experiment with different colors and designs. I've been posting my creations on social media and sharing them with all of you to keep you updated on what I've been up to during this time.

Printing Quality and Options

When it comes to printing the digital papers, there's a lot to consider depending on the printer you have. I've been printing them at home on a budget printer, so the results may not be the best quality. However, if you have a higher quality printer, you can get more accurate colors and details. I'll show you the difference between printing at home and professionally printing the papers. Just keep in mind that the quality of your prints may vary based on your printer capabilities.

Wish Garden Collection

The first collection I want to share with you is called Wish Garden. It's inspired by the magical feeling of childhood and the things you might find in a garden. This collection features a variety of floral patterns, moths, chickens, and more. Each paper is available as a JPEG file, allowing you to resize them to your liking. Whether you want to print them small for photo frames or large for full-page layouts, the choice is yours. I've also included a cut-apart sheet, which combines elements from all the papers, perfect for adding unique touches to your journals or crafts.

Happier Home Collection

Next up is the Happier Home collection, which is all about embracing the cozy feeling of being home. Inspired by vintage elements, this collection features soft colors and subtle designs. From floral patterns and doilies to houses and pets, these papers will add a touch of warmth to your projects. As with all my collections, you can print them in various sizes and get creative with how you use them. Additionally, there's a cut-apart sheet that includes elements from the papers, allowing you to create unique pieces for your journals.

In the Woods Collection

For a moodier and more contrasting collection, I created In the Woods. This forest-inspired collection deviates from the softer color schemes of my previous collections. It features various animals, mushrooms, and botanical patterns. I've provided both high-quality professional prints and home prints to show you the difference. The larger prints truly capture the details and colors, while the home prints still retain their charm despite the slight variations. You'll also find a cut-apart sheet included, perfect for adding additional elements to your journals.

Sweet Pea Animal Rescue Pack

In an effort to support a cause dear to my heart, I created the Sweet Pea Animal Rescue pack. This pack includes papers and cut-apart sheets inspired by dogs, cats, and other animals. By purchasing this pack, you'll be contributing to the Sweet Pea Animal Rescue, which rescues and cares for animals in need. It's a small way to make a big difference, and I hope you consider supporting this wonderful cause.

Fairy Tale Inspired Pack

The most recent pack I've created is the Fairy Tale inspired pack. This pack is a bit larger than the others, with 17 papers to choose from. I couldn't resist including all the variations I had made, giving you the freedom to select the ones that resonate with you the most. The papers feature characters and elements from classic fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and more. You'll also find a couple of cut-apart sheets and variations of popular papers for added versatility.

Collage Sheets as an Alternative

If printing out the entire collection seems daunting or you'd like to have more flexibility, I'll be adding collage sheets to my shop soon. These sheets will feature the main characters and elements from each collection, printed on plain white paper. You can cut them out and use them as die-cuts or decorations in your journals. It's a great way to have a taste of the collections without having to print out all the papers.


I've been thoroughly enjoying my journey into digital drawing and creating printable papers. Each collection I've made has been a labor of love, inspired by different themes and ideas. Whether you prefer vibrant and whimsical patterns or moody and contrasting designs, there's something for everyone. Remember, all the papers can be resized to suit your needs and printed at home or professionally. So, if you're interested in adding a touch of creativity to your projects, be sure to check out the collections in my Etsy shop. And don't forget about the Sweet Pea Animal Rescue pack, where all proceeds go towards helping animals in need. Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure, and I can't wait to see what you create with these digital papers!


  • Explore digital drawing and repeat patterns
  • Choose between home printing or professional printing for optimal quality
  • Wish Garden Collection: A magical blend of floral patterns and nostalgic memories
  • Happier Home Collection: Embrace the cozy feeling of home with vintage-inspired designs
  • In the Woods Collection: Experience the beauty of the forest with moody and contrasting patterns
  • Sweet Pea Animal Rescue Pack: Support a good cause and create with papers inspired by animals
  • Fairy Tale Inspired Pack: Journey into the world of fairy tales with vibrant and enchanting designs
  • Stay tuned for collage sheets for added convenience and versatility in your projects
  • Add a touch of creativity to your journals, crafts, and more with these printable papers

FAQ: Q: Can I resize the papers to fit my project? A: Yes, all the papers in the collections can be resized to suit your needs. Whether you want to print them small for photo frames or large for full-page layouts, the choice is yours.

Q: Are the papers suitable for both home printing and professional printing? A: Absolutely! The papers can be printed at home or professionally, depending on your printer capabilities and preferences. Keep in mind that the quality may vary, but they are still usable and charming.

Q: How can I support the Sweet Pea Animal Rescue pack? A: By purchasing the Sweet Pea Animal Rescue pack, you'll be contributing to the rescue's cause, helping animals in need. It's a small way to make a big difference and support a good cause.

Q: Will there be collage sheets available? A: Yes, collage sheets will be added to the shop soon. These sheets will feature the main characters and elements from each collection, printed on plain white paper. Cut them out and use them as die-cuts or decorations in your journals for added convenience and flexibility.

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