Create Your Own Unique Vinyl Record

Create Your Own Unique Vinyl Record

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Inspiration Behind Making a Custom Record
    • Growing up in a small town with local bands
    • Meeting Jordan Alford, a local legend
  3. Remembering Jordan Alford
    • Jordan's bands and music
    • The impact of his music on the narrator
  4. The Desire to Preserve and Share Jordan's Music
    • The importance of keeping his music from getting lost
    • Difficulties in finding his music online
    • Creating a Soundcloud for his music
  5. Discovering Custom Record-Making on Etsy
    • Exploring the options on Etsy for custom records
    • The details and specifications for making a custom record
  6. Designing the Front and Back Cover of the Custom Record
    • Using Canva for album artwork design
    • Choosing and arranging photos for a nostalgic collage
    • Creating a unique identity for the record
  7. Designing the Record Labels
    • Specifications for the record label centerpieces
    • Customizing the labels with track lists and design elements
  8. Converting Files to MP3 Format
    • Converting the music files to MP3 format for compatibility
    • Following the recommended format for the custom record
  9. Sending the Files and Waiting for the Custom Record
    • Labeling and uploading the files for fabrication
    • Patience in waiting for the record to be delivered
  10. Receiving and Reviewing the Custom Record
    • Opening the package and examining the record
    • Impressions and thoughts on the final product
  11. Conclusion

Memories Preserved: Creating a Custom Record to Remember a Local Legend

In this article, we will explore the journey of creating a custom record as a way to remember and preserve the music of a local legend. Growing up in a small town with a vibrant music scene, the narrator shares the inspiration behind this unique project. We delve into the memories of meeting Jordan Alford, a prominent figure in the local music community, and how his music left a lasting impact. The desire to ensure his music doesn't fade into obscurity, especially with the impermanence of the internet, led to the discovery of custom record-making on Etsy. The article takes us through the process of designing the front and back cover of the record, selecting photos that capture the essence of nostalgia. We then explore the meticulous creation of the record labels, including track lists and design elements. The article also touches on the need to convert music files into MP3 format and the anticipation of receiving the custom record in the mail. The writer concludes by sharing their excitement and satisfaction upon finally holding the record in their hands, and the possibilities this opens for preserving the music of other local artists.

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