Craft Room Tour: Making New Tutus & Working on Etsy Orders

Craft Room Tour: Making New Tutus & Working on Etsy Orders

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Making Tutus for Custom Orders
  3. The Importance of Size in Tutu Making
  4. Octana Octa Mouth Theme
  5. Shipping and Order Process
  6. Other Projects in the Works
  7. Setting Up a Workspace in the Garage
  8. Supplies and Tools Used
  9. Tips for Organizing and Storing Craft Materials
  10. Future Plans and Goals


Welcome to my tutu making journey! In this article, I will take you through the process of creating beautiful custom tutus. From receiving custom orders to shipping them out, I'll share my experiences, tips, and tricks along the way. So let's jump right in and discover the world of tutu making!

Making Tutus for Custom Orders

One of the most exciting aspects of my tutu making business is fulfilling custom orders. These orders come in with specific requests and themes, allowing me to explore my creativity and bring the visions of my customers to life. It's truly a rewarding process to see a customer's reaction when they receive a uniquely designed tutu tailor-made for their occasion.

The Importance of Size in Tutu Making

When it comes to making tutus, size matters. It's important to consider the length and fit of the tutu, especially for custom orders. In one recent order, I had to make a tutu for a baby girl who was tall for her age. To ensure the perfect fit, I made the tutu nine inches long. However, due to the limitations of my mannequin, it may appear a bit awkward in the video. It's crucial to prioritize the comfort and style of the wearer when creating tutus.

Octana Octa Mouth Theme

Sometimes, I receive custom orders with unique themes that I've never heard of before. One such theme was "Octana Octa Mouth." Despite my initial confusion, I embraced the challenge and crafted a tutu that perfectly matched the requested theme. It's always exciting to explore new themes and expand my creativity beyond traditional designs.

Shipping and Order Process

After completing a custom order, the next step is shipping it out to the customer. I strive to provide a smooth and efficient order process, ensuring that the tutu reaches its destination in a timely manner. Typically, orders are shipped the day after completion, allowing enough time for proper packaging and preparation.

Other Projects in the Works

In addition to the custom order showcased in the video, I have several other projects lined up. One of them is a mermaid-themed tutu, which I'm eagerly working on. I'm constantly pushing my creative boundaries and exploring new designs to offer my customers a wide range of options.

Setting Up a Workspace in the Garage

As a tutu maker, having a dedicated workspace is essential. I work from my garage, utilizing the available space to organize my materials and equipment efficiently. While it may not be perfect or the most ideal setup, it allows me to have a separate area where I can focus on my craft without cluttering my living space. The garage provides the freedom to create and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Supplies and Tools Used

To create my tutus, I rely on a variety of supplies and tools. One essential tool is my sewing machine, the Yuki DTL 8700, which is known for its speed and efficiency. I also use a heat press machine from Heat Press Nation, which automatically shuts off after a certain period of inactivity for safety purposes. Additionally, I source my tulle from Gibbs International through eBay, as I find their quality superior to other options in the market. Organizing my supplies, such as ribbons and fabrics, is crucial to maximize efficiency and minimize clutter in my workspace.

Tips for Organizing and Storing Craft Materials

Maintaining an organized workspace is crucial for any crafter. In my garage, I utilize various storage solutions to keep my materials easily accessible and tidy. I rely on pegboards for organizing tools, shelves for storing ribbon and fabric rolls, and drawers for holding smaller items like threads and needles. Additionally, I make use of labeled bins and containers to ensure everything has a designated place. Keeping a clean and organized workspace enhances productivity and saves valuable time.

Future Plans and Goals

While my business is currently thriving, I am always looking to the future. In 2022, my daughter will be celebrating her quinceañera, and I'm already excitedly planning for it. Beyond that, I have ambitions to expand my Etsy shop, add new products, and further establish my brand. However, I understand the importance of taking breaks and spending quality time with my family, which is why I'll be going on vacation soon. Once I return, I will be ready to push my Etsy shop to new heights and continue sharing my passion for tutu making with the world.


  • Custom orders allow for unique and creative tutu designs tailored to specific themes and preferences.
  • Size is crucial in tutu making, considering both length and fit for each individual wearer.
  • Exploring new themes, even if unfamiliar, adds excitement and pushes creative boundaries.
  • A smooth shipping and order process ensures timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Multiple projects are always in the works, offering customers a diverse range of options.
  • Setting up a dedicated workspace in the garage provides a separate area for crafting without cluttering living spaces.
  • Efficient organization and storage of supplies and tools enhance productivity and simplify work processes.
  • Future plans include expanding the Etsy shop and adding new products, while also prioritizing vacations and quality family time.


Q: Where do you source your tulle for making tutus? A: I purchase my tulle from Gibbs International through eBay. I find their quality to be superior to other options in the market.

Q: How do you organize your craft materials in your garage workspace? A: I utilize various storage solutions such as pegboards, shelves, and drawers to keep my materials organized and easily accessible. Labeled bins and containers play a vital role in ensuring everything has a designated place.

Q: What tools and equipment do you use for making tutus? A: I rely on a Yuki DTL 8700 sewing machine for stitching the tutus and a heat press machine from Heat Press Nation for applying heat transfer vinyl. Additionally, I use a variety of tools such as tweezers, needles, and bobbins for efficient crafting.

Q: Do you have any tips for aspiring tutu makers? A: Start by practicing basic tutu designs, experiment with different materials and colors, and don't be afraid to embrace unique themes and custom orders. Stay organized, invest in quality tools, and continuously seek inspiration to fuel your creativity.

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