Boost Your Sales with 10 In-Demand Thanksgiving Products

Boost Your Sales with 10 In-Demand Thanksgiving Products

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cross-Niche Opportunities
    • 2.1 Thanksgiving Matching Shirts
    • 2.2 Thanksgiving Couple Shirts
    • 2.3 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts
    • 2.4 Funny Thanksgiving Shirts
    • 2.5 Personalized and Custom Thanksgiving Shirts
    • 2.6 Baby Thanksgiving Outfits
    • 2.7 Thanksgiving Vibes Shirts
    • 2.8 Vintage Thanksgiving Shirts
    • 2.9 Thanksgiving Embroidered Products
    • 2.10 Thanksgiving Cowboy Shirts
  3. Conclusion


Cross-Niche Opportunities for Print on Demand: 10 High-Demand Ideas for Thanksgiving Products

Are you looking for new opportunities to leverage cross-niche marketing with your print on demand business? Look no further, because in this article, I will share with you 10 high-demand opportunities that you can use to cross niches with any major print on demand holiday or trending niche. Specifically, I'll focus on Thanksgiving as the cross-niche opportunity and provide you with 10 search terms that are in high demand and are actively typed into the search bars on platforms like Amazon and Etsy. I'll also show you examples of current best-selling products on Etsy and provide suggestions on how to use the Printify catalog to take full advantage of these opportunities.

2.1 Thanksgiving Matching Shirts

One popular search term that spans across various niches and holidays is "Thanksgiving matching shirts." This search term is not only applicable to Thanksgiving but also to other major holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Offering matching shirts for different family members can be a great way to increase your sales and average order value. For example, you can offer Thanksgiving matching shirts for the whole family, including father and son shirts, and mom and daughter shirts. By mixing and matching these options, you can provide a wide range of choices to your customers. Platforms like Etsy have a variety of best-selling Thanksgiving matching shirts that you can take inspiration from. To fulfill these products, you can use print-on-demand services like Printify, which offers options like infant baby rib bodysuits for toddlers, kids Gilden 5000b shirts, and unisex Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts for adults.

2.2 Thanksgiving Couple Shirts

Another cross-niche opportunity is selling Thanksgiving couple shirts. This is a great way to increase your average order value, as you are likely to sell to more than one person. Popular designs for Thanksgiving couple shirts include phrases like "She's my sweet potato, yes, I am" or "I love my pumpkin pie." You can offer these designs in a single listing using print-on-demand services like Printify. By using the Bell Canvas 3001 shirt or a comparable option and changing the color of the shirt, you can associate different designs with different colors. This allows you to provide a variety of design options to your customers.

2.3 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Thanksgiving is also a perfect time to offer pregnancy announcement shirts. Many couples choose to announce their pregnancy during the holiday season, and providing them with Thanksgiving-themed options can be a lucrative opportunity. You can offer Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirts and Thanksgiving maternity shirts. These shirts can feature phrases like "Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving" or incorporate cute designs like little baby feet in the shape of a turkey. To fulfill these products, you can use print-on-demand services like Printify, which offer options like Gilden 5000b shirts for kids and Gilden 18000 sweatshirts for women. Additionally, oversized sweatshirts like the Gilden 18000 can be a great option for pregnant women.

2.4 Funny Thanksgiving Shirts

Funny Thanksgiving shirts are always in high demand, and they can cater to a wide range of audiences. Whether it's a humorous pun, funny design, or Thanksgiving-related humor, people are always looking for unique and entertaining shirts to wear during the holiday season. To cater to this demand, you can offer funny Thanksgiving shirts with designs like "Talk Turkey to Me" or "I'm Only Here for the Pie." When fulfilling these products, you can use popular shirt options like the Bell Canvas 3001 or other comparable shirts provided by print-on-demand services like Printify. These shirts offer a comfortable fit and are widely loved by customers.

2.5 Personalized and Custom Thanksgiving Shirts

Don't miss out on the opportunity to sell personalized and custom Thanksgiving shirts. Etsy, in particular, is known for enabling easy personalization of products, and customers love having the option to customize their shirts. Utilizing services like Hello Custom can help automate the personalization process, making it seamless for you and your customers. With Hello Custom, you can upload your design template, and the software will generate the finished design by extracting the necessary personalization details from the customer's input. This allows you to offer personalized shirts without investing excessive time and effort.

2.6 Baby Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving-themed baby outfits are a popular choice for parents looking to dress up their little ones for the holiday. Offering baby Thanksgiving outfits, such as onesies or shirts with cute designs like little turkeys or phrases like "This Little Turkey Has Something Big to Say," can be a great way to attract customers. Print-on-demand services like Printify offer a wide range of options for baby apparel. You can choose from different sizes, styles, and colors to meet the specific preferences of your customers.

2.7 Thanksgiving Vibes Shirts

Create a cozy Thanksgiving atmosphere by offering Thanksgiving Vibes shirts. Thanksgiving Vibes is a high-level term that captures the essence of the holiday season and can be used across various niches. Whether it's Thanksgiving Vibes, Thankful Vibes, or other related phrases, customers are drawn to the warm and festive feeling these shirts evoke. You can find inspiration from existing designs on platforms like Etsy that incorporate Thanksgiving Vibes in their shirt designs. To fulfill these products, consider using popular shirt options like the Bell Canvas 3001 or Gilden 18000 sweatshirts.

2.8 Vintage Thanksgiving Shirts

If you're aiming for a nostalgic and retro look, consider offering vintage Thanksgiving shirts. Vintage and retro designs have a timeless appeal and can attract a specific audience who appreciate the distressed effects and classic aesthetics. You can incorporate vintage Thanksgiving designs with retro typography and imagery to create unique and eye-catching shirts. To fulfill these products, you can use print-on-demand services like Printify, which offer options like the unisex mineral wash t-shirt or Comfort Colors shirts. The mineral wash t-shirt provides a grungy look, while Comfort Colors shirts have a cult following due to their quality and style.

2.9 Thanksgiving Embroidered Products

Embroidered products add a touch of sophistication and class to Thanksgiving apparel. Customers often look for embroidered designs that can be featured on the sleeves, collar, or main print area of the shirts. By offering embroidered Thanksgiving products, you can cater to this demand and provide customers with elegant options. Print-on-demand services like Printify offer embroidery services without charging a digitization fee, making it a cost-effective choice compared to other competitors. You can also explore offering embroidered hats or other accessories to further expand your product range.

2.10 Thanksgiving Cowboy Shirts

A unique cross-niche opportunity for Thanksgiving is the combination of Thanksgiving and cowboy-themed designs. While this may seem random, there is demand for Thanksgiving cowboy shirts, particularly in Western-themed regions or communities. These shirts can feature vintage Thanksgiving designs with a cowboy twist, incorporating elements like cowboy hats, boots, or Western-inspired typography. To fulfill these products, you can use print-on-demand services like Printify and select shirt options that align with the desired theme.

In conclusion, leveraging cross-niche opportunities in your print on demand business can significantly boost your sales and attract a wider customer base. By exploring various Thanksgiving-themed product ideas, such as matching shirts, couple shirts, personalized shirts, baby outfits, and more, you can tap into the holiday spirit and cater to different customer preferences. With the help of print-on-demand services like Printify, you can fulfill these products without the need for upfront inventory or complicated production processes. So, why wait? Start implementing these cross-niche ideas and make the most of the Thanksgiving season in your print on demand business.


  • Cross-niche opportunities for print on demand can significantly boost sales
  • Thanksgiving offers various product ideas, such as matching shirts, couple shirts, personalized shirts, baby outfits, and more
  • Print-on-demand services like Printify make fulfillment easier and more flexible
  • Hello Custom software automates the personalization process
  • Vintage, humorous, and embroidered Thanksgiving shirts are popular choices
  • Don't overlook the potential of cowboy-themed Thanksgiving shirts
  • Explore various niche subcategories to cater to a wider audience
  • Utilize platforms like Etsy to gather inspiration and understand market demand
  • Providing a diverse range of products can increase average order value
  • The fourth quarter is an excellent time for sales, so take advantage of the holiday season


Q: Can I offer personalized and custom Thanksgiving shirts on other platforms besides Etsy?

A: Yes, you can offer personalized and custom Thanksgiving shirts on various platforms, including your own website or other marketplaces that support customization features. Platforms like Printify provide integration options to connect your store and streamline the fulfillment process.

Q: How can I make my Thanksgiving shirts stand out from competitors?

A: To make your Thanksgiving shirts stand out, consider incorporating unique design elements, using high-quality materials, and offering competitive pricing. Additionally, understanding your target audience's preferences and trends can help you create designs that resonate with them.

Q: Are funny Thanksgiving shirts a popular choice among customers?

A: Yes, funny Thanksgiving shirts are in high demand as people look for ways to express their sense of humor during the holiday season. Incorporating witty puns, humorous phrases, or comical illustrations can attract customers seeking light-hearted and entertaining shirts.

Q: Can I sell Thanksgiving shirts as a side business or part-time venture?

A: Absolutely! Selling Thanksgiving shirts as a side business or part-time venture is a flexible and scalable opportunity. With print-on-demand services like Printify, you can easily manage your inventory and fulfill orders without the need for upfront investments or time-consuming production processes.

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