Boost Your Etsy Shop with

Boost Your Etsy Shop with

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Get Vela?
  3. Why Choose Get Vela Over Etsy's Bulk Editor?
  4. How to Link Your Shop to Get Vela
  5. Importing Your Shop and Listings
  6. Filtering Your Listings
    • Categories
    • Shop Sections
    • Tags
    • Materials
    • Occasions
    • Styles
  7. Making Bulk Edits
    • Editing Titles
    • Editing Descriptions
    • Editing Categories
    • Editing Photos
    • Editing Prices
    • Editing Quantities
    • Editing Tags
    • Editing Materials
    • Editing Shop Sections
    • Editing Recipient, Occasion, and Style
  8. Syncing and Applying Changes
  9. Checking the Changes on Etsy
  10. Conclusion


In today's modern world of ecommerce, efficiency is key when it comes to managing your online shop. With the plethora of listings and products to handle, finding a way to make bulk edits quickly and effortlessly can save you valuable time and effort. In this article, we will introduce you to Get Vela, a powerful bulk editing tool that can streamline your shop management process. We will explore how to link your shop to Get Vela, import your listings, filter and sort your items, and make bulk edits to various attributes such as titles, descriptions, categories, photos, prices, quantities, tags, materials, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to use Get Vela to efficiently manage your Etsy shop and save time for more creative endeavors.

What is Get Vela?

Formerly known as Hive, Get Vela is a robust bulk editing tool designed specifically for Etsy sellers. It allows you to make changes to multiple listings simultaneously, eliminating the need to manually edit each item one by one. With its intuitive interface and advanced filtering options, Get Vela empowers sellers to easily manage their shop and listings efficiently. Whether you need to update titles, descriptions, prices, quantities, or any other attribute, Get Vela provides a simple and effective solution.

Why Choose Get Vela Over Etsy's Bulk Editor?

While Etsy offers its own bulk editing tool, many sellers prefer using Get Vela for several reasons. Firstly, Get Vela allows changes at the top level, meaning you can apply modifications to all selected listings at once. On the other hand, Etsy's bulk editor still requires individual updates for each item, even in quick edit mode. This key difference makes Get Vela a more intuitive and time-saving option.

Additionally, Get Vela provides a wide range of filtering options, allowing you to refine your listings in various ways. You can stack multiple filters on top of each other, enabling precise and targeted editing. Whether you want to filter by categories, shop sections, tags, materials, occasions, or styles, Get Vela offers unparalleled flexibility in managing and organizing your shop.

How to Link Your Shop to Get Vela

To start using Get Vela, you need to link your Etsy shop to the platform. Once you log in, you'll be prompted to enter your shop name for the linking process. Get Vela will then begin importing all your active, inactive, expired, and draft listings. Depending on the number of items you have, this import process may take a few minutes. After the import is complete, you'll see your listings displayed in a convenient box on the platform.

Importing Your Shop and Listings

Upon linking your shop, Get Vela automatically imports all your listings, including active, inactive, expired, and draft items. This comprehensive import ensures that you have access to all your products within the platform. The import time will vary depending on the number of listings you have, so please be patient during the process. Once the import is finished, you can easily view and manage your listings through the intuitive interface.

Filtering Your Listings

One of the key features of Get Vela is its ability to filter and sort your listings based on various attributes. This allows for targeted editing and management of specific groups of items. Let's explore the different filtering options available:

Categories: You can filter your listings based on the categories you have assigned to them in your Etsy shop. By selecting specific categories, you can narrow down your focus and make bulk edits to a particular group of products.

Shop Sections: Similar to categories, shop sections provide another layer of organization for your listings. By filtering through shop sections, you can easily work on a specific section of your shop, making edits efficiently and effectively.

Tags: Get Vela allows you to filter your listings based on the tags assigned to each item. This is particularly useful when you want to make changes to a specific group of products that share common tags. By filtering through tags, you can quickly identify and modify the desired listings.

Materials: If you need to update attributes related to the materials used in your products, Get Vela's material filtering option is invaluable. You can easily apply changes to materials across multiple listings, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your shop.

Occasions: Some products may be specifically designed for certain occasions or events. With Get Vela, you can filter your listings based on occasions and make bulk edits related to them. This is particularly useful when you want to update descriptions or titles to match a specific occasion.

Styles: Styles are an important aspect of product categorization on Etsy. Get Vela allows you to filter your listings based on styles, making it easier to manage and update them in bulk. Whether you want to change descriptions, titles, or any other attribute related to styles, Get Vela simplifies the process.

By utilizing these versatile filtering options, you can effectively narrow down your focus and make targeted changes to your listings, saving valuable time and effort in managing your shop.


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