Boost Your Etsy Sales with EverBee

Boost Your Etsy Sales with EverBee

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is EverBee?
  3. Product Analytics
    • Top Products for Specific Keywords
    • Related Keywords
  4. Shop Analyzer
  5. Keyword Research Tool
    • Competition Analysis
    • Keyword Score
    • Monthly Searches
  6. Benefits of EverBee
    • Easy-to-use Chrome Extension
    • Niche Product Research
    • Keyword Volume Data
    • Analytics for Etsy Search Results
  7. Pricing Plans
  8. Connecting EverBee to Your Etsy Shop
    • Access and Security Measures
  9. Limitations of EverBee
    • Limited Number of Searches on Free Plan
    • Focus on Existing Etsy Products
    • Estimated Data
  10. Alternatives to EverBee
    • E-Rank

EverBee: A Comprehensive Review of the Chrome Extension for Etsy Sellers

Etsy has become a highly popular platform for selling handmade and vintage products. With the increasing competition, it can be challenging for Etsy sellers to stand out and boost their sales. However, with the right tools and strategies, it's possible to make a significant impact. One such tool that has gained attention among Etsy sellers is EverBee. In this review, we will explore what EverBee is, its features, and whether it is worth using to enhance your Etsy shop.

1. Introduction

EverBee is a Chrome extension designed to assist Etsy sellers in expanding their businesses effectively. It provides Etsy sellers with estimated data and critical information about Etsy products, shops, and specific keywords. With EverBee, all this information is conveniently available directly within Etsy, allowing for seamless browsing and product research.

2. What is EverBee?

Before diving into the features of EverBee, let's first understand what this Chrome extension is all about. EverBee is a tool that offers Etsy sellers valuable insights and analytics to help them make informed decisions about their business. It aims to provide direction for improving listings, researching new products, and guiding sellers towards the right path for their business growth.

3. Product Analytics

One of the core features of EverBee is its product analytics functionality. It allows Etsy sellers to conduct in-depth product research by exploring various metrics and insights. By entering specific keywords, sellers can access valuable data on the top-ranking products for those keywords. This includes estimated monthly sales, total views, listing age, and the number of favorites.

- Top Products for Specific Keywords

By using EverBee's product analytics, sellers can discover the best-selling products related to their desired keywords. This feature provides a glimpse into the market demand for specific product types, helping sellers identify potential opportunities to leverage.

- Related Keywords

In addition to the top-ranking products, EverBee also displays a list of related keywords that sellers can consider targeting. These related keywords are relevant to the search term and can guide sellers in expanding their product range or optimizing their SEO strategy.

4. Shop Analyzer

EverBee goes beyond product research by providing a Shop Analyzer feature. This feature allows sellers to evaluate their own listings and identify which products are performing the best. It gives sellers insights into their own shop's sales and estimated revenue. By understanding the performance of their own listings, sellers can make data-driven decisions on which products to focus on and optimize further.

5. Keyword Research Tool

A crucial aspect of Etsy SEO is selecting the right keywords for product listings. EverBee includes a Keyword Research Tool that aids sellers in this regard. By entering a phrase or keyword, sellers can assess the competition level, search volume, and keyword score. These insights enable sellers to gauge the potential popularity and demand for specific keywords in the Etsy marketplace.

- Competition Analysis

Understanding the competition for a particular keyword is vital. EverBee's Keyword Research Tool provides information on the competition level, giving sellers an idea of how challenging it may be to rank for a specific keyword.

- Keyword Score

The Keyword Score in EverBee provides a quick assessment of a keyword's potential. A higher keyword score indicates a better chance of attracting attention and generating sales for products associated with that keyword.

- Monthly Searches

The Keyword Research Tool also provides estimates of monthly searches for specific keywords, allowing sellers to gauge the demand for products related to those keywords. This information can be incredibly valuable when deciding which products to create or optimize.

6. Benefits of EverBee

EverBee offers several advantages for Etsy sellers seeking to enhance their business. Let's delve into these benefits:

- Easy-to-use Chrome Extension

EverBee's integration as a Chrome extension makes it incredibly convenient for Etsy sellers to access valuable product data while browsing Etsy. The extension seamlessly integrates with the Etsy platform, saving sellers time and effort in conducting product research.

- Niche Product Research

EverBee's product analytics enables sellers to dive deep into specific niches to identify top-performing products. This helps sellers find unique and trending items to diversify their product offerings and stand out in the competitive Etsy market.

- Keyword Volume Data

The keyword research tool provides sellers with insights into keyword volume, allowing them to understand the demand for specific keywords. This data helps sellers make informed decisions about which keywords to target for their listings.

- Analytics for Etsy Search Results

EverBee's ability to analyze Etsy search results empowers sellers to gather data directly from the marketplace. This feature is particularly useful when researching and analyzing products within your niche, providing valuable insights to drive business strategies.

7. Pricing Plans

EverBee offers two pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. The first is the Basic Plan priced at $7.99 per month, which includes 30 analytic searches per month. The second is the Unlimited Plan priced at $29.99 per month, providing unlimited searches without any restrictions. Choosing the right plan depends on the level of product research you require for your Etsy shop.

8. Connecting EverBee to Your Etsy Shop

To utilize EverBee's features, Etsy sellers need to connect the Chrome extension to their Etsy shop. This connection allows EverBee to gather data and provide analytics based on the shop's listings. However, it's important to note that EverBee does not have access to modify listings, personal information, or shop details. Sellers can revoke EverBee's access at any time, ensuring control over their data and privacy.

9. Limitations of EverBee

While EverBee offers valuable insights for Etsy sellers, there are certain limitations to be aware of. These include:

- Limited Number of Searches on Free Plan

The free plan of EverBee has limitations on the number of searches available, making it important for sellers to be specific in their search queries. It's essential to plan ahead and determine the necessary information to make the most of the limited search quota.

- Focus on Existing Etsy Products

One of the focuses of EverBee is to provide insights into existing Etsy products. Although this can be helpful for identifying current market trends, it may not be the ideal tool for sellers looking to improve their unique products or create entirely new listings.

- Estimated Data

It's essential to remember that the data provided by EverBee, including sales estimates, is based on estimation. Due to restrictions from the Etsy algorithm, EverBee cannot access exact data. While the estimates are helpful for trend spotting, it's important to cross-reference and validate the information before making critical business decisions.

10. Alternatives to EverBee

While EverBee is a valuable tool for Etsy sellers, it is worth mentioning an alternative keyword tool called E-Rank. E-Rank focuses specifically on optimizing Etsy listings and provides in-depth data analysis tailored to individual products. It offers more comprehensive resources for Etsy sellers who require a thorough analysis to optimize their own listings.

In conclusion, EverBee is an impressive Chrome extension that provides Etsy sellers with valuable insights and analytics. It offers an array of features such as product analytics, shop analysis, and keyword research. While the free plan offers sufficient resources for beginners, sellers launching new collections or requiring extensive product research may benefit from the paid plans. EverBee's convenience and focus on existing Etsy products make it a practical tool for identifying market trends and finding new opportunities to boost sales.


Q: Is EverBee a free tool? A: EverBee offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows limited searches, while the paid plans offer more features and unlimited searches.

Q: Can EverBee modify my Etsy listings? A: No, EverBee does not have the ability to modify your Etsy listings or access any personal or shop information. The tool only gathers data for analysis.

Q: Can I connect EverBee to multiple Etsy shops? A: Yes, you can connect EverBee to multiple Etsy shops by authorizing the extension with each respective shop.

Q: Is the data provided by EverBee accurate? A: The data provided by EverBee is estimated due to limitations imposed by the Etsy algorithm. While the estimates are useful for trend spotting, it's advisable to verify the information before making decisions based solely on the provided data.

Q: Can I use EverBee alongside other keyword tools? A: Yes, you can use EverBee alongside other keyword tools to gather a wider range of insights and ideas for your Etsy shop. Different tools may offer unique perspectives and data points.

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