Boost Your Etsy Listings with Marmalead Storm!

Boost Your Etsy Listings with Marmalead Storm!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Marmalead Storm?
  3. How to Access Marmalead Storm
  4. Understanding Storm's Features
    1. Rain of Keywords
    2. Choosing the Right Keywords
    3. Using MarmaMeters
  5. Optimizing Your Listings
    1. The Importance of Seed Keywords
    2. Utilizing Search Terms
    3. Analyzing Buyer Keywords
    4. Exploring New Markets
  6. Creating and Saving Storm Lists
  7. Tracking and Organizing Keywords
  8. Conclusion

Marmalead Storm: Unleashing the Power of Keywords on Etsy

Are you looking to boost your Etsy listings with targeted keywords? Look no further than Marmalead Storm. In this How To-torial, we will explore how to make the most of this powerful tool to brainstorm and implement effective keywords for your Etsy shop.


For any online seller, whether new or experienced, keyword research is a crucial aspect of optimizing listings. By understanding what keywords buyers are searching for, you can make your products more discoverable and increase sales. Marmalead Storm, a feature of the Marmalead tool, takes the guesswork out of keyword research and provides you with a flood of fresh and improved keywords.

What is Marmalead Storm?

Marmalead Storm is a powerful keyword brainstorming tool designed specifically for Etsy sellers. By entering a seed keyword, Storm generates a list of keyword suggestions that are relevant to your listings. It takes into account word and phrasing matches, similar shopper searches, and popular keyword suggestions. With Storm, you can uncover keywords that you may have never thought of before, increasing the visibility and success of your Etsy shop.

How to Access Marmalead Storm

To access Marmalead Storm, simply navigate to the Marmalead website and log in to your account. Once logged in, find the Storm tool in the left-hand column, indicated by a lightning bolt symbol. Click on "New Storm" to begin the keyword brainstorming process.

Understanding Storm's Features

Rain of Keywords

When you create a new Storm, you'll be prompted to enter a seed keyword. This seed keyword acts as the starting point for Storm to rain down a multitude of keyword suggestions. These suggestions are generated using machine learning algorithms and are based on extensive data analysis. Your task is to carefully select and choose the keywords that are most relevant to your listings.

Choosing the Right Keywords

As you go through the list of keyword suggestions in Storm, it's important to keep your target audience and niche in mind. Select keywords that accurately describe your products and align with the search terms buyers are using. However, be cautious of highly competitive keywords that may be difficult to rank for. Strive for a balance between relevance, search volume, engagement, and competition.

Using MarmaMeters

MarmaMeters are indicators provided by Marmalead that help you assess the potential of a keyword. There are three MarmaMeters to consider:

  1. Expected Searches: This metric shows the number of searches a keyword is expected to receive in the next 30 days. Consider keywords with higher search volume for greater visibility.
  2. Expected Engagements: This metric reflects the number of clicks and engagement a keyword is expected to receive in the next 30 days. Look for keywords that are likely to attract interested buyers.
  3. Competitive Listings: This metric reveals the number of competitors using the same keyword on Etsy. Balancing competition is essential to ensure your listings stand out.

By monitoring and analyzing these MarmaMeters, you can make informed decisions about which keywords to prioritize and include in your listings.

Optimizing Your Listings

The Importance of Seed Keywords

When starting a new Storm, it's best to choose a seed keyword that is specific and relevant to your listing. While starting vague may work for other keyword research methods, Storm benefits from a more targeted approach. Consider using search terms from your current Etsy shop or popular keywords buyers are utilizing to find your listings.

Utilizing Search Terms

One valuable method of brainstorming relevant keywords is by examining the search terms buyers are currently using to find your listings. Access your Etsy Shop Manager and navigate to the Stats section. Identify a listing you want to optimize and review the associated search terms. These search terms provide valuable insights into the keywords buyers are using to discover your products. Incorporate these search terms as seed keywords in Storm to dive deeper into relevant keyword suggestions.

Analyzing Buyer Keywords

Keywords such as "gift for her," "gift for him," "Mother's Day gift," and "Father's Day gift" may have high search volume and engagement, but they also come with significant competition. While these keywords are popular, they may not be the best focus for your specific listing. Consider the uniqueness of your products and target a niche market within your industry. By identifying specific keywords that relate closely to your listing, you can attract more targeted and high-converting traffic.

Exploring New Markets

Storm not only helps you optimize your existing listings but can also be a powerful tool for exploring new markets and product ideas. By analyzing the keyword suggestions, you can identify potential niches with a high search volume and low competition. This can inspire you to create new products that cater to a specific audience. However, ensure that any new market ideas align with copyright regulations and your overall business goals.

Creating and Saving Storm Lists

As you go through the Storm process, you'll compile a list of keywords that are related to your listing and target audience. To keep your keywords organized, you can create specific lists within Storm. For each target listing, create a new list and add the relevant keywords to it. This helps you easily track and refer back to the keywords you have brainstormed.

Tracking and Organizing Keywords

One of the benefits of Marmalead Storm is the ability to track and monitor keyword performance over time. By saving your Storm, you can revisit it at any point and see if the MarmaMeters have changed. This can help you identify shifts in keyword popularity and adapt your optimization strategies accordingly. Additionally, by categorizing and organizing your keywords into different lists, you can easily manage and implement them across your Etsy shop.


Marmalead Storm is a valuable tool for Etsy sellers looking to optimize their listings with effective keywords. By utilizing Storm's features and techniques outlined in this guide, you can uncover hidden keyword gems and boost the visibility of your products. Remember to continuously adapt and refine your keyword strategies based on current search trends and buyer behavior. With Marmalead Storm, you have the power to take your Etsy shop to new heights. Happy selling!


  • Marmalead Storm is a powerful keyword brainstorming tool for Etsy sellers.
  • By entering a seed keyword, Storm generates relevant keyword suggestions.
  • Analyzing MarmaMeters helps you choose the most effective keywords.
  • Utilize search terms and buyer keywords to optimize your listings.
  • Storm can inspire new product ideas and niche market exploration.
  • Create and save lists to organize and track your keywords.
  • Use Storm to monitor keyword performance over time and adapt your strategies.


Q: Can I use Marmalead Storm even if I'm new to Etsy? A: Absolutely! Marmalead Storm is a beginner-friendly tool that can help you optimize your Etsy listings from day one.

Q: Is Marmalead Storm free to use? A: Marmalead offers both free and paid versions. While the free version has limitations, it still provides valuable insights and keyword suggestions.

Q: Can I use Storm for market research beyond Etsy? A: While Marmalead Storm is primarily designed for Etsy sellers, the keyword suggestions it provides can help you identify market opportunities across various platforms.

Q: How often should I revisit and update my Storm lists? A: It's a good practice to revisit your Storm lists periodically, especially when preparing for seasonal trends or when you notice changes in keyword popularity.

Q: Can I use Storm for multiple Etsy listings? A: Yes, you can create separate Storm lists for each of your Etsy listings to ensure the keywords are tailored to their specific target audience and niche.

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