Boost Your Etsy Ads in 2022!

Boost Your Etsy Ads in 2022!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Etsy Ads?
  3. Why do sellers fail with Etsy Ads?
  4. Mistake #1: Advertising all products in your shop
  5. Mistake #2: Poor SEO
  6. Mistake #3: Non-clickable listing photos
  7. Mistake #4: Setting a low item price
  8. Mistake #5: Having a few listings
  9. Benefits of a successful Etsy Ads campaign
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to my channel, where I share fresh tips and strategies for selling on Etsy. In today's video, we'll be discussing Etsy Ads and why a lot of sellers fail with them. We'll explore the common mistakes to avoid and how to make Etsy Ads work for your shop. Whether you're new to Etsy or looking to improve your sales, this video is for you. So, let's dive in and discover the secrets of successful Etsy Ads!

What is Etsy Ads?

Etsy Ads is a powerful tool that can help increase your sales on Etsy. It allows you to run paid advertisements for your products, driving additional traffic to your shop. The more traffic you receive, the better your chances of getting more sales. Setting up an Etsy Ads campaign is easy. Simply go to your shop manager, navigate to the marketing tab, and select Etsy Ads. Set your budget and start your campaign. However, before you jump into running Etsy Ads, it's important to understand the mistakes that many sellers make, which can lead to wasted money and poor results.

Why do sellers fail with Etsy Ads?

Etsy Ads can be a game-changer for your shop if done correctly. However, many sellers fail to see the desired results. Let's explore the main reasons behind this failure.

Mistake #1: Advertising all products in your shop

One common mistake made by sellers is advertising all of the products in their shop. While it may seem tempting to promote everything, it's not always the best approach, especially if you have a limited budget. It's better to start with a select few listings or even just one. Before starting your Etsy Ads campaign, take the time to analyze your shop's statistics. Identify which listings perform better in terms of views, favorites, and orders. Choose these listings for your ads as they are more likely to generate sales.

Mistake #2: Poor SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays a crucial role in the success of your Etsy Ads campaign. It's essential to optimize your listings for Etsy search and Etsy Ads by using the right performing keywords. Unfortunately, many sellers make the mistake of stuffing their listings with irrelevant keywords. This leads to Etsy showing their items to an audience that isn't interested in their products. Before launching your Etsy Ads, make sure your SEO is on point. Use tools like SellerWay or Listing Analysis Plus to analyze your listings' SEO and find profitable keywords for your ads.

Mistake #3: Non-clickable listing photos

The first impression matters, especially when it comes to Etsy Ads. If your listing thumbnail isn't eye-catching, you're likely to get fewer clicks. This, in turn, leads to higher costs per click and lower engagement with your listings. Your first listing photo should be bright and attention-grabbing. Consider the products shown on the first Etsy page for your targeting keywords and make your photo stand out among your competitors' listings. Adding contrast colors, a bright logo, or an inscription can make your photo more clickable.

Mistake #4: Setting a low item price

Pricing your products too low can negatively impact your Etsy Ads results. If your item price is too low, you may end up losing money despite running ads. When calculating your item price, consider all the expenses, including materials, taxes, and fees, as well as the cost of your Etsy Ads. It's crucial to set a price high enough to cover all expenses and still generate a profit.

Mistake #5: Having a few listings

Having a limited number of listings in your shop can hamper the effectiveness of your Etsy Ads campaign. Buyers often click on one listing advertised but end up purchasing another item from your shop. By having more listings, you offer shoppers a wider variety to choose from. Additionally, advertising your listings means advertising your entire shop and brand, increasing your chances of repeated purchases, recommendations, and future sales.

Benefits of a successful Etsy Ads campaign

Running a successful Etsy Ads campaign can bring numerous benefits to your shop and brand. By utilizing Etsy Ads effectively, you can:

  • Increase the visibility of your listings and shop
  • Drive more traffic to your shop, resulting in higher chances of sales
  • Reach a wider audience and potential customers
  • Gain insights and data on which listings perform best and attract the most engagement
  • Improve your shop's overall SEO and search rankings
  • Create brand awareness and increase the likelihood of repeat customers and recommendations

In conclusion, while Etsy Ads can be a powerful tool for increasing sales on Etsy, they require careful planning and execution. By avoiding common mistakes such as advertising all products, optimizing your SEO, creating clickable listing photos, setting appropriate prices, and having a diverse range of listings, you can maximize the benefits of Etsy Ads. Remember to analyze your campaign's statistics regularly and make adjustments as needed. With the right strategies in place, Etsy Ads can become a valuable asset for your business. Happy selling!


  • Etsy Ads can boost your shop's traffic and increase sales if used wisely.
  • Many sellers fail with Etsy Ads due to common mistakes, including advertising all products and poor SEO.
  • Optimize your SEO before launching Etsy Ads to ensure your listings are shown to the right audience.
  • Make your listing photos clickable and eye-catching to attract more clicks and engagement.
  • Set reasonable item prices to ensure profitability and make the most of your Etsy Ads budget.
  • Having more listings in your shop can lead to increased sales and customer engagement.
  • A successful Etsy Ads campaign can bring benefits like improved visibility, increased traffic, and brand awareness.
  • Regularly analyze your campaign's statistics and make adjustments to maximize results.


Q: How do I start an Etsy Ads campaign? A: To start an Etsy Ads campaign, go to your shop manager, navigate to the marketing tab, and select Etsy Ads. Set your budget and begin your campaign.

Q: How many listings should I advertise with Etsy Ads? A: It's recommended to start with a select few listings or even just one. This allows you to gather enough data and analyze the performance of your ads.

Q: Can Etsy Ads help improve my shop's SEO? A: Yes, running Etsy Ads can have a positive impact on your shop's SEO. Increased visibility and traffic from ads can improve your shop's search rankings.

Q: What is the biggest mistake sellers make with Etsy Ads? A: One of the biggest mistakes is advertising all products in the shop. It's better to focus on select listings that perform well and have higher chances of generating sales.

Q: How can I make my listing photos more clickable? A: To make your listing photos more clickable, ensure they are eye-catching and stand out from competitors. Consider using contrast colors, bright logos, or inscriptions.

Q: How can I determine if my Etsy Ads campaign is successful? A: Analyze the data and statistics from your ads campaign regularly. Look at metrics like clicks, conversions, and sales to determine if your ads are generating the desired results.

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