Amazing New Combat Boots Haul from Walmart, Dollar General, and Etsy

Amazing New Combat Boots Haul from Walmart, Dollar General, and Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Walmart Haul
    1. Flushable Wipes
    2. Hazelnut Cream Candle
    3. Daniel's Sewing Supplies
    4. Garnier Nourishing Color Cream
    5. Impress Nails
    6. Eyelashes
  3. Dollar General Haul
    1. Mink Effect Eyelashes
    2. Hydrating Gel Cream
    3. Red Truck Decor
    4. Leather Boots from Etsy
  4. Conclusion

Walmart Haul

Flushable Wipes

In her recent Walmart haul, the author started off by purchasing a pack of three flushable wipes. These wipes are perfect for keeping the bathroom clean and fresh, especially when using the toilet. The author emphasized the importance of maintaining personal hygiene by having a clean bottom. The use of these flushable wipes ensures that the author always feels refreshed and comfortable.

Hazelnut Cream Candle

Another noteworthy item in the Walmart haul was a delightful hazelnut cream candle. The author couldn't resist the heavenly scent of this candle and decided to add it to her collection. The candle's fragrance not only filled the entire Walmart store but also permeated the author's car after purchase. The hazelnut cream scent, from the Mainstays brand, is an absolute favorite. Its pleasant aroma creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the author's home.

Daniel's Sewing Supplies

The author's husband, Daniel, also participated in the Walmart haul by purchasing some essential sewing supplies. Daniel, a competent and multi-talented individual, plans to use these supplies to sew his hunting gear. His ability to sew, cook, and perform various tasks makes him a valuable asset to the author. These sewing supplies will enable him to repair and modify his hunting britches effectively.

Garnier Nourishing Color Cream

When it comes to hair care and coloring, the author trusts the Garnier brand. In this Walmart haul, she picked up the Garnier Nourishing Color Cream, specifically the Ultra Bold Indigo shade. The author's preference for blue hair is well-known, and she consistently opts for the blue-black shade to cover any signs of gray hair. The Ultra Bold Indigo color provides intense and long-lasting results, ensuring the author's hair maintains its vibrant and bold appearance.

Impress Nails

While Walmart's selection of Impress Nails was limited, the author managed to find a few suitable options. These press-on nails, in shades of burgundy and black lace, are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. The author appreciates the convenience and ease of using these nails, giving her the ability to quickly change her nail style. Although dissatisfied with the limited options available at Walmart, she plans to explore online alternatives for a wider variety.


In her quest for the perfect eyelashes, the author stumbled upon some discounted options in the clearance section. Despite being labeled for Halloween, these eyelashes caught her attention due to their desirable appearance. The author often experiments with different eyelash styles and was pleased with the way these looked on her. However, she also expressed frustration regarding a previous set of eyelashes that did not meet her expectations.

Dollar General Haul

Mink Effect Eyelashes

During her Dollar General shopping trip, the author continued her search for the ideal pair of eyelashes. Although she couldn't find the specific style she desired, the store did offer mink effect lashes as an alternative. These 3D lashes aim to provide a natural-looking curl at the ends, similar to the ones the author had worn previously. While still on the lookout for her preferred lashes, she remains hopeful that she will find the perfect pair soon.

Hydrating Gel Cream

One of the main items on the author's shopping list was face cream, and she found a hydrating gel cream by the brand It's skin at Dollar General. Recognizing the importance of proper skincare, she was eager to try this product and assess its effectiveness. The author hoped that this face cream would provide the necessary hydration and nourishment for her skin, resulting in a healthy and radiant complexion.

Red Truck Decor

Being a fan of country-themed decor, the author couldn't resist purchasing a red truck decoration from Dollar General. She had an extensive collection of truck-related items, such as a larger truck display in her home. The red truck perfectly aligned with her love for guitars, old trucks, and classic American symbols. It served as an excellent addition to her decor collection and added a touch of countryside charm to her living space.

Leather Boots from Etsy

Beyond the aisles of Walmart and Dollar General, the author decided to explore Etsy for a unique fashion find. Her search led her to a pair of genuine leather boots handmade by a seller on the platform. These individually crafted boots featured a stunning shade of orange, which the author emphasized was not accurately captured on camera. Despite the appearance on screen, the boots were a rich and vibrant orange that appealed to her sense of style. The author expressed her admiration for these handmade boots and shared her plans to incorporate them into various outfits.


In this Dollar General and Walmart haul, the author shared her recent purchases, ranging from personal care items to home decor and fashion finds. The haul showcased the author's preference for quality products and her distinctive taste in various aspects of life. From flushable wipes to scented candles, and from eyelashes to genuine leather boots, the author's choices reflected her individuality and personal style. The diverse range of products revealed her enthusiasm for trying new things while consistently seeking out items that align with her interests and preferences.

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