Amazing Crochet Hook and Bag Set from Etsy

Amazing Crochet Hook and Bag Set from Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Attending the Grand Opening
  3. Llama Mama Kayla's Etsy Orders
  4. Review of Llama Mama Kayla's Canvas Bag
  5. Review of Susie J's Crochet Hooks
  6. Crocheting with a Strap
  7. Crocheting with Big Handled Hooks
  8. Amigurumi Projects
  9. Conclusion


Hey friends, welcome back to Llama Mama Kayla's Yarn Tube! In this article, we'll be discussing my recent experience attending a grand opening event, as well as sharing some exciting Etsy orders I received. I'll be reviewing a beautiful canvas bag from Llama Mama Kayla's Etsy shop and some colorful crochet hooks from Susie J's shop. We'll also talk about the benefits of crocheting with a strap and using hooks with larger handles. Lastly, we'll touch on the topic of amigurumi projects. So, let's get started!

Attending the Grand Opening

Last night, Big Daddy and I had the opportunity to attend Elijah's workplace grand opening event. It was a ribbon-cutting ceremony combined with a tour of the premises. The place was beautifully decorated, and we had a great time exploring the cozy atmosphere. I'll share some photos of the event and the place itself later in the article.

Llama Mama Kayla's Etsy Orders

I want to take a moment to share some of the fantastic Etsy orders I placed recently. One of these orders was inspired by fellow crafter, Kim, from The Crafty Nomad. She had ordered a cute canvas bag and shared it in one of her videos. I couldn't resist and ended up ordering one for myself. It's a sturdy bag with a deep pocket, perfect for carrying my yarn and crochet essentials. I'll provide the link to Llama Mama Kayla's Etsy shop, where you can find this bag and many other colors.

Review of Llama Mama Kayla's Canvas Bag

The canvas bag I purchased from Llama Mama Kayla's Etsy shop is not only stylish but also highly functional. It features a convenient zipper closure, sturdy handles, and two mesh pockets on the sides. The deep front pocket is great for holding my yarn bowl, yarn balls, and crochet hooks. Although there aren't any pockets on the inside, the bag opens up wide, allowing easy access to all my crochet supplies. It's a durable bag that I highly recommend for any crochet enthusiast.

Review of Susie J's Crochet Hooks

While searching for crochet hooks with larger handles, I came across Susie J's Etsy shop. Her polymer clay hooks caught my attention, and I couldn't resist ordering one. I chose a four millimeter hook with a macaron design. The handle is not only comfortable to hold but also adds a touch of color to my crochet projects. The hooks are reasonably priced, and Susie J also included a delightful chocolate cupcake stitch marker as a bonus. I'll provide the link to her shop, and I encourage you to check out her collection.

Crocheting with a Strap

When starting new projects, I often use a strap to keep the yarn in place. This prevents it from spinning around and causing tangles. By using my thumb to hold the yarn still, I can easily create chains without any issues. However, once the project is underway, I prefer hooks with larger handles that don't require a strap. Small handle hooks tend to cramp my hand, making it uncomfortable to crochet for long periods. A strapless crocheting experience allows for more fluid and enjoyable stitching.

Crocheting with Big Handled Hooks

To accommodate my preference for larger handled hooks, I recently purchased a four millimeter crochet hook with a macaron handle. This hook not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds a touch of whimsy to my crochet sessions. The four millimeter size is perfect for amigurumi projects. To ensure I can distinguish it from my other hooks, I may add a small indicator on the handle. Crocheting with big handled hooks has improved my overall crocheting experience and reduced hand fatigue.

Amigurumi Projects

Amigurumi projects are a fun and popular form of crochet, involving the creation of small stuffed animals and other cute objects. They often require smaller hooks and tight stitching. With the addition of a larger handled hook to my collection, I'm excited to explore the world of amigurumi. The four millimeter hook will allow me to work on projects with ease, providing both a comfortable grip and precise control.


In conclusion, attending Elijah's workplace grand opening event was a wonderful experience. I had the chance to explore a beautiful new establishment and spend time with loved ones. Additionally, I received some delightful Etsy orders. Llama Mama Kayla's canvas bag proved to be both stylish and functional, while Susie J's crochet hooks added a colorful and comfortable touch to my projects. Crocheting with a strap has its benefits, but using hooks with larger handles has significantly improved my crocheting experience. I'm excited to delve into amigurumi projects with the four millimeter macaron hook. Remember, every day is a beautiful day to crochet!

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