Adorable Polymer Clay Charms: Pig Cupcake, Saturn Cat & Book Stack from ETSY

Adorable Polymer Clay Charms: Pig Cupcake, Saturn Cat & Book Stack from ETSY

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About LP Crafts UK
  3. Unboxing the September Purchase
    • Note from Lauren
    • Packaging and Presentation
    • The Pig Cupcake Charm
    • The Custom Book Stack Charm
  4. Unboxing the November Purchase
    • Note from Lauren
    • Packaging and Presentation
    • The Space Kitty Charm
  5. Conclusion
  6. Purchase Recommendations
  7. Video Playlist
  8. Final Thoughts
  9. FAQ

Unboxing Polymer Clay Charms from LP Crafts UK

Polymer clay charms have become incredibly popular in recent years, and it's no wonder why. These tiny, handcrafted creations are packed with intricate details and vibrant colors that make them irresistible to collectors. LP Crafts UK is one such artist who specializes in creating these charming clay creations. In this article, we'll be unboxing and reviewing two separate purchases from LP Crafts UK, one from September 2021 and another from November 2021. So, let's dive in and see what treasures await us!

Unboxing the September Purchase

Starting with the September purchase, we were greeted with a lovely note from the artist, Lauren. The packaging was meticulously done, with layers of tissue paper and bubble wrap, ensuring that the charms arrive in perfect condition. Opening the package revealed a business card, cute stickers, and even a bag of tea as a thoughtful surprise. But the real stars of the show were the charms themselves.

The first charm we unwrapped was a delightful pig cupcake. The attention to detail was evident, with tiny eyes and cute little wipes. The pig cupcake was glazed on the top, adding a glossy finish without taking away from the textured cupcake liner. The color choice was also impeccable, making this charm a feast for the eyes.

Next up was a custom book stack charm, where we could choose the color combination. We opted for a pastel pink and mint combination, and Lauren's creation exceeded our expectations. The kawaii face, heart, and book details were beautifully crafted, and the shimmering pink added a touch of magic. The charm could be clipped together to resemble a mini book stack, making it even more adorable.

Unboxing the November Purchase

The November purchase brought more excitement as we unboxed the second package from LP Crafts UK. Once again, Lauren included a thoughtful note expressing gratitude. The packaging was on point, and the inclusion of cute stickers added a whimsical touch.

The highlight of this package was the space kitty charm. It was clear why this charm had been so sought after, as it had previously been given away in a giveaway. The swirls of color in the clay were mesmerizing, showcasing Lauren's expertise in working with polymer clay. The translucent white-ish ring and glittery glaze added an extra element of charm, making it a standout piece in our collection.


LP Crafts UK has undoubtedly impressed us with their polymer clay charms. From the meticulously crafted details to the thoughtful packaging, it's evident that a lot of love and care go into each creation. The pig cupcake, custom book stack, and space kitty charms all exceeded our expectations, embodying the whimsical spirit of polymer clay art. We highly recommend checking out LP Crafts UK's Instagram and Etsy pages to explore their captivating creations.

Purchase Recommendations

If you're considering purchasing polymer clay charms from LP Crafts UK, here are a few recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Take advantage of custom options: LP Crafts UK offers custom color combinations for certain charms. This allows you to personalize your purchase and create a truly unique piece.
  • Stay updated on giveaways: Lauren occasionally hosts giveaways, giving you a chance to win one of her sought-after charms. Keep an eye on her social media platforms to participate.
  • Support local artists: By purchasing from LP Crafts UK, you're supporting a talented artist and their small business. It's a great way to indulge in your love for polymer clay art while contributing to the creative community.

Video Playlist

For those interested in exploring more polymer clay charms from LP Crafts UK, we've curated a video playlist showcasing the array of charms we've purchased from the artist. You can find the playlist linked below this article.

Final Thoughts

LP Crafts UK has impressed us with their passion for polymer clay art and their ability to create whimsical and enchanting charms. Each piece is a testament to the artist's creativity and attention to detail. If you're a fan of polymer clay and looking to add some charm to your collection, LP Crafts UK is definitely an artist to consider. Their delightful creations have brought a touch of joy and magic into our lives, and we are excited to continue supporting their work.


Q: Are these polymer clay charms durable? A: Yes, polymer clay charms are generally durable and long-lasting. However, it's important to handle them with care to avoid breakage.

Q: Can I request a custom design from LP Crafts UK? A: While custom options may occasionally be available, it's recommended to reach out to LP Crafts UK directly to inquire about their current offerings.

Q: How can I stay updated on LP Crafts UK's latest releases? A: LP Crafts UK is active on Instagram and Etsy, where they showcase their latest creations. Following them on these platforms will ensure you stay in the loop.

Q: Do the charms include any attachments for wearing as jewelry? A: The charms from LP Crafts UK typically do not come with attachments for wearing as jewelry. However, you can easily convert them into pendants, earrings, or keychains by adding your own findings.

Q: Can I request a specific color combination for the charms? A: Yes, LP Crafts UK offers custom color combinations for certain charms. Reach out to the artist for more information on customization options.

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