A Day in the Life of an Etsy Shop Owner: Packaging Orders & More!

A Day in the Life of an Etsy Shop Owner: Packaging Orders & More!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shop Vlog: A Day in the Life of an Etsy Shop Owner
  3. Preparing Orders for Shipment
  4. Packaging Scratch-off Books
  5. Packaging Post-its and Till Slip Envelopes
  6. Creating Savings Challenge Boxes
  7. Packaging Debt Trackers
  8. Laminating Debt Trackers
  9. Packaging Scratch-off Vellum Envelopes
  10. Packaging Christmas Envelopes
  11. Conclusion

Shop Vlog: A Day in the Life of an Etsy Shop Owner

Shop Vlogs are a popular way for content creators to showcase a behind-the-scenes look into their day-to-day activities. In this shop vlog, you will get an exclusive glimpse into the daily operations of an Etsy shop owner. From preparing orders for shipment to packaging various products, this vlog will provide valuable insights for those interested in starting their own online business.


Welcome back to Lisa's channel, beautifully me and you. In today's vlog, Lisa takes us on a journey through her busy day as an Etsy shop owner. She walks us through the various tasks she needs to accomplish, including packaging scratch-off books, post-its, savings challenge boxes, debt trackers, and more. Lisa's goal for the day is to package as many orders as possible to ensure prompt delivery to her customers. So, if you're interested in seeing the inner workings of an Etsy shop, keep watching!

Preparing Orders for Shipment

Before Lisa dives into packaging individual products, she takes a moment to familiarize herself with the day's orders. She starts by printing off the labels and thank you cards for each package. She also takes note of any special requests or customized orders to ensure accurate packaging. Lisa places each printed label on the appropriate envelope or box, double-checking that everything matches up correctly. With the labels and cards in order, she is ready to begin packaging the individual products.

Packaging Scratch-off Books

One of the first tasks on Lisa's agenda is packaging the scratch-off books. These books are a popular item in her shop, and she has received several orders for them. Lisa starts by checking each book to ensure it is complete with the correct number of pages. She affixes a thank you sticker to the front cover and seals the books in their respective packaging. With each book packaged, Lisa sets them aside to be included in their designated orders.

Packaging Post-its and Till Slip Envelopes

Next on the agenda is packaging post-its and till slip envelopes. Lisa receives these items in bulk from her supplier, and her goal is to package them in individual cellophane bags for easy access when fulfilling orders. She takes care to place each post-it or till slip envelope in its own bag, preventing them from curling or getting damaged. Lisa organizes the bags by quantity and places them in drawers for easy retrieval when an order comes in.

Creating Savings Challenge Boxes

Another task on Lisa's to-do list is creating savings challenge boxes. These boxes contain a set of scratch-offs and are a popular item among her customers. Lisa prepares the boxes by selecting the appropriate scratch-offs for each one. She also prints out the necessary labels and thank you cards. Once everything is ready, Lisa bundles the scratch-offs and seals them in cellophane bags, ensuring they are neatly arranged and ready for packaging.

Packaging Debt Trackers

Lisa's Etsy shop offers debt trackers, which require a bit of extra care when packaging. She begins by printing a large volume of debt tracker sheets and laminating them for durability. Once laminated, Lisa places the debt tracker sheets in envelopes, making sure each envelope contains the correct number of pages. She seals the envelopes and labels them accordingly. Lisa prioritizes accuracy and attention to detail ensuring that each debt tracker is perfect before moving on to the next task.

Laminating Debt Trackers

Since debt trackers require additional durability, Lisa takes the time to laminate each one. She carefully feeds the laminator with the printed debt tracker sheets, making sure they are aligned correctly. The laminator applies a protective layer, increasing the longevity of the debt trackers. Once laminated, Lisa cuts the sheets to size and checks each one for any imperfections. With the debt trackers properly laminated, they are ready to be included in their respective orders.

Packaging Scratch-off Vellum Envelopes

For customers who have ordered scratch-off vellum envelopes, Lisa takes extra care in packaging these delicate items. She gathers the necessary materials, including vellum envelopes, scratch-offs, and cellophane bags. Lisa places the scratch-offs inside the vellum envelopes, ensuring they are secure and protected. She then seals each envelope in a cellophane bag, further safeguarding them from any potential damage during transit. The scratch-off vellum envelopes are now neatly packaged and ready for shipment.

Packaging Christmas Envelopes

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Lisa sets aside some time to package Christmas envelopes. These envelopes are a festive addition to her shop, allowing customers to send holiday greetings in a unique way. Lisa selects colorful envelopes and ensures they are in perfect condition. She inserts the necessary materials, including stickers, thank you cards, and any other items included with the envelopes. With each envelope packaged and labeled, Lisa is ready to spread some holiday cheer to her customers.


In today's shop vlog, Lisa provided us with an inside look into the daily operations of an Etsy shop owner. From packaging scratch-off books to creating savings challenge boxes and debt trackers, Lisa demonstrated her dedication to providing quality products to her customers. She also showcased her organizational skills and attention to detail, ensuring each order is packaged accurately and efficiently. Running an Etsy shop requires hard work and careful planning, but as Lisa has shown, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. Whether you're an aspiring Etsy shop owner or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes of an online business, this vlog provided valuable insights and inspiration.


  • Lisa takes viewers on a shop vlog to showcase a day in the life of an Etsy shop owner.
  • She prepares orders for shipment by printing labels and thank you cards.
  • Lisa packages various products, including scratch-off books, post-its, savings challenge boxes, debt trackers, and more.
  • She prioritizes accuracy and attention to detail to ensure each order is packaged correctly.
  • Lisa demonstrates the process of laminating debt trackers and packaging delicate items such as scratch-off vellum envelopes.
  • She also includes a special touch by packaging Christmas envelopes for the upcoming holiday season.
  • Lisa's vlog provides valuable insights for aspiring Etsy shop owners and those interested in the behind-the-scenes of an online business.

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