9 Years of Etsy Success: Learn How She Made It

9 Years of Etsy Success: Learn How She Made It

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Andrea's Journey on Etsy
  3. The Challenges of a Manual Business Model
  4. Transitioning to a Print-on-Demand Business Model
  5. The Importance of Cash Flow Management
  6. Setting Realistic Revenue Expectations on Etsy
  7. The Power of SEO and Keywords
  8. The Role of Mindset in Business Success
  9. Recommended Books for Entrepreneurs
  10. Building a Support Network for Small Business Owners

Transitioning to a Print-on-Demand Business Model

In this section, we will explore Andrea's plans to transition her Etsy shop from a manual embroidery business to a print-on-demand model. This shift is driven by Andrea's desire to free up more time to focus on being a new mother while still maintaining her business. By moving away from physical product inventory and toward print-on-demand, Andrea hopes to create a more passive income stream that will allow her to fulfill her priorities as a mom.

Andrea recognizes that pricing structures will differ between embroidery and print-on-demand. While the costs of embroidery are heavily dependent on reducing production costs to remain competitive, print-on-demand pricing models are based on a percentage increase from the cost of goods. As Andrea embarks on this new venture, she acknowledges that there will be a learning curve to understanding the intricacies of print-on-demand pricing structures.

The Importance of Cash Flow Management

Andrea and her mom currently manage their Etsy shop together, with Andrea taking the lead on strategic decisions and her mom assisting with production. As they navigate the change in business model, Andrea highlights the significance of cash flow management. By carefully managing the revenue generated during the peak season (November and December) and budgeting for the slower season (such as February), Andrea ensures that her business remains sustainable throughout the year.

She advises new sellers to have realistic expectations about their revenue in the early stages of their Etsy journey. While earning $30,000 a year may be a reasonable goal for some, it ultimately depends on the individual's financial situation and the role Etsy plays in their overall income. By focusing on implementing Etsy best practices, such as optimizing SEO, listing more products, and minimizing expenses, new sellers can increase their revenue potential.

The Power of SEO and Keywords

Andrea attributes a significant portion of her success on Etsy to her understanding and utilization of SEO and keywords. She emphasizes the importance of researching and implementing Etsy's best practices for search engine optimization. By optimizing her listings with the right keywords and staying attuned to customer search trends, Andrea has been able to drive more traffic to her shop and increase her sales.

She advises new sellers to start with their top-performing products and duplicate those listings with variations. By focusing on their best sellers, sellers can maximize their chances of generating sales and scaling their business. Andrea also urges sellers not to be discouraged by slow initial sales but to persevere and continuously improve their listings based on customer feedback and market trends.

The Role of Mindset in Business Success

Building a successful business requires a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Andrea encourages new sellers to adopt a growth mindset and take control of their own success. She believes that success on Etsy is not the result of external factors but rather the outcome of the effort and work put into the business. By shifting their mindset and taking ownership of their achievements, sellers can overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Andrea also recommends reading books that offer insights into the business journeys of successful entrepreneurs. She personally finds inspiration from stories of business growth and the unexpected challenges faced by entrepreneurs. She recommends "Onward" by Howard Schultz, "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight, and "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert as valuable reads for entrepreneurs looking to expand their mindset and gain valuable perspectives.

Recommended Books for Entrepreneurs

In this section, Andrea shares her favorite books that have had a significant impact on her entrepreneurial journey. She mentions "Onward" by Howard Schultz, which provides insights into the growth of Starbucks and the challenges faced along the way. "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, offers inspiration and lessons from building a global brand. Andrea also recommends "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, a book that delves into the mindset and creativity of entrepreneurs.

These books have helped Andrea develop her entrepreneurial mindset and view challenges as opportunities for growth. She believes that reading business stories and understanding the journeys of successful entrepreneurs can provide valuable insights and encouragement for aspiring business owners.

Building a Support Network for Small Business Owners

Andrea emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals and building a support network of fellow small business owners. She draws inspiration and motivation from her close friends and family members who are also entrepreneurs. These connections allow for regular conversations about business wins, losses, and challenges faced in the entrepreneurial journey.

Connecting with other small business owners can provide valuable insights, a sense of community, and opportunities for collaboration or mentorship. Andrea suggests joining Facebook groups or attending local small business meetups and networking events to expand one's support network and benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of other entrepreneurs.

By building a supportive community, sharing experiences, and providing encouragement, entrepreneurs can navigate the ups and downs of the business journey more successfully and find the motivation to keep pushing forward.


  • Andrea Raymond shares her journey as a full-time Etsy seller and the challenges she faced while managing her business.
  • She details her process for fulfilling orders, emphasizing the importance of batching and efficient production during busy and slow seasons.
  • Andrea discusses her plans to transition from a manual embroidery business to a print-on-demand model, allowing for a more passive income stream.
  • The importance of cash flow management is highlighted, with Andrea providing insights into budgeting and planning for profitability throughout the year.
  • Andrea emphasizes the power of SEO and keywords in driving traffic and sales on Etsy. She encourages sellers to continuously optimize their listings based on customer search trends.
  • The role of mindset in business success is explored, with Andrea urging sellers to take control of their own success and adopt a growth mindset.
  • Recommended books for entrepreneurs are shared, focusing on business stories and mindset development.
  • Building a support network of fellow small business owners is discussed as a valuable source of inspiration, guidance, and collaboration.


Q: How can I transition my Etsy business from a manual model to print-on-demand? A: Transitioning to a print-on-demand model involves carefully planning and understanding the pricing structures and logistics of the new business model. Researching platforms and providers that offer print-on-demand services can help facilitate the transition. It's essential to optimize listings, consider design elements, and plan for efficient production and shipping processes.

Q: How can I improve my revenue on Etsy? A: To improve revenue on Etsy, focus on optimizing your listings with SEO and keywords. Research relevant keywords and incorporate them into your product titles, descriptions, and tags. Continuously update and improve your listings based on customer feedback and market trends. Additionally, consider expanding your product offerings, investing in marketing and advertising efforts, and fostering customer relationships to increase sales.

Q: How can I manage cash flow for my Etsy business? A: Managing cash flow for an Etsy business involves careful budgeting and planning. Determine the peak and slow seasons for your business and allocate resources accordingly. Set aside funds for inventory, supplies, and operational expenses. Additionally, consider implementing a system for tracking income and expenses, such as using accounting software or spreadsheets, to maintain a clear overview of your cash flow.

Q: What are some recommended books for entrepreneurs? A: Some recommended books for entrepreneurs include "Onward" by Howard Schultz, "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight, and "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. These books offer valuable insights into the journeys of successful entrepreneurs and provide inspiration, motivation, and guidance for aspiring business owners.

Q: How can I build a support network as a small business owner? A: Building a support network as a small business owner can be done by joining online communities, such as Facebook groups or forums, attending local networking events, and engaging with fellow entrepreneurs on social media. Seek out opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and learn from others' journeys. Collaborating with others and seeking mentorship can also provide valuable insights and support throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

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