4 Game-Changing Strategies to Double Your Etsy Sales in 2023

4 Game-Changing Strategies to Double Your Etsy Sales in 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Bundling Products
  3. Optimizing Ads for Etsy Sales
  4. Systematizing Photography for Consistency
  5. Managing Shipping Costs
  6. Utilizing Post-Purchase Follow-Up Messaging
  7. Conclusion



In this article, we will explore four game-changing strategies that have helped me double my Etsy sales in 2023. We will also delve into a bonus secret sauce tip that has yielded remarkable results for my second Etsy shop. While this shop initially experienced slower progression compared to my first shop, implementing these strategies has propelled its growth. So, let's dive right in and uncover these actionable techniques.

The Importance of Bundling Products

One strategy that has significantly impacted my Etsy sales is the practice of bundling products. By showcasing a bundled item in the main image and offering a full bundled set option in the drop-down menu, customers are presented with multiple purchasing choices. Moreover, it is crucial to include an option in the drop-down menu that allows customers to buy everything in one click. This creates a perception of value, as the initial price displayed is for the cheapest variation option. While some sellers may opt for a drastic price jump for the upsell, I have found success in maintaining a reasonable price gap. By bundling products effectively, I have been able to entice customers and increase click-through rates, ultimately driving more sales.

Optimizing Ads for Etsy Sales

In the realm of Etsy sales, a key aspect that often gets overlooked is the optimization of ads. While it may seem like common sense, I must admit that I neglected this aspect for a significant portion of time. However, in 2023, I made it a priority to tweak the dials and fine-tune my ads for optimal performance. By continuously analyzing data, eliminating negative keywords, and turning off dead listings, I was able to improve my marketing cost percentage. This involved implementing the strategies I teach in my Etsy PPC videos, which aim to minimize ad costs and maximize profitability. The importance of understanding and effectively managing marketing costs cannot be overstated, making it a critical aspect of driving Etsy sales.

Systematizing Photography for Consistency

In the early stages of my second Etsy shop, I took on the responsibility of photography myself. However, this proved to be time-consuming and hindered my ability to dedicate ample attention to the shop's growth. Realizing the need for scalability and repeatability in photography, I developed standard operating procedures (SOP) for in-house studio photo shoots. These SOPs outlined the camera settings, lighting techniques, angles, and overall aesthetics required to capture the perfect shot consistently. By systematizing photography, I was able to delegate this task to my employees and ensure a regular influx of high-quality images. Split testing various versions of product shots further allowed me to fine-tune the visual appeal of my listings and enhance click-through rates.

Managing Shipping Costs

Shipping costs play a crucial role in determining the overall profitability of an Etsy shop. With my second shop, I faced the challenge of increasing shipping cost percentages, driven by offering free shipping. To address this issue, I conducted a three-month split test to evaluate the impact of free shipping versus shipping costs passed onto customers. Surprisingly, I discovered that customers were not significantly influenced by free shipping. Given the higher price point of my products, buyers were willing to pay a reasonable shipping fee. Therefore, I optimized my shipping strategy by covering half the cost for customers, resulting in a reduction of shipping cost percentages. This adjustment enabled a more efficient allocation of resources and improved overall profitability.

Utilizing Post-Purchase Follow-Up Messaging

To engage with customers post-purchase and foster brand loyalty, I implemented a post-purchase follow-up direct messaging system. This entailed sending personalized messages to customers expressing gratitude for their support and informing them about expected shipping times. Furthermore, I encouraged customers to follow my brand on Instagram, promising exclusive offers and discounts. This follow-up message served multiple purposes. Firstly, it garnered free Instagram followers, expanding my brand's reach. Secondly, it presented an opportunity for an upsell, as customers were enticed by the discount code provided. Lastly, it created a direct line of communication with customers, allowing for future marketing efforts and maintaining brand presence in their Instagram feeds.


By implementing these game-changing strategies, I have experienced significant growth in my second Etsy shop. Bundling products, optimizing ads, systematizing photography, managing shipping costs, and utilizing post-purchase follow-up messaging have played vital roles in doubling my Etsy sales in 2023. It is essential to continuously evaluate and refine one's strategies to stay ahead in the dynamic world of e-commerce. By adopting these techniques, you too can elevate your Etsy sales and achieve remarkable results.


  • Bundling products can increase customer interest and click-through rates.
  • Optimizing ads is crucial for driving Etsy sales and maximizing profitability.
  • Systematizing photography allows for consistent, high-quality product images.
  • Managing shipping costs effectively contributes to overall profitability.
  • Post-purchase follow-up messaging builds customer loyalty and facilitates brand growth.


Q: Can bundling products work for digital downloads or print-on-demand items?
A: While bundling physical products offers more flexibility, there are workarounds for digital downloads and print-on-demand items. Tailor the bundling approach to the specific product type and consider offering special package deals or discounts.

Q: Is free shipping necessary for every Etsy shop?
A: Free shipping is not always a requirement for success on Etsy. Depending on your product's price point and customer expectations, offering reasonable shipping fees may be a more profitable approach.

Q: How often should post-purchase follow-up messages be sent?
A: It is advisable to send post-purchase follow-up messages promptly, ideally within a day or two of the purchase. This allows for timely communication, enhances customer satisfaction, and boosts the potential for upsells and future purchases.

Q: Can these strategies be applied to other e-commerce platforms besides Etsy?
A: While these strategies are focused on Etsy, they can be adapted and implemented on other e-commerce platforms as well. The key is to tailor the strategies to the specific platform's features and user expectations.

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