12-Hour Shifts, Dance Practice, and Nurse Haul: A Day in the Life VLOG

12-Hour Shifts, Dance Practice, and Nurse Haul: A Day in the Life VLOG

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Nursing Shift
    • Getting Ready
    • Lunch Preparation
    • Isolation Room Woes
    • Nursing Assignments
    • Dealing with Deliveries
    • Considering Extra Shifts
  4. Post-Shift Relaxation
    • Home and Dinner
    • Skincare Routine
    • Nighttime Vitamins
  5. Decision on Extra Shifts
  6. Grizz Girl Audition Prep
  7. Laundry Organization
  8. Fitness Routine
  9. Unveiling of Etsy Shop Sweatshirts
  10. Future Plans for Specialty Designs
  11. Fall Designs Preview
  12. Conclusion

My 12-Hour Nursing Shift: A Day in the Life


In this article, I will take you through a day in my life as a nurse working a 12-hour shift. From my morning routine to the challenges and rewards of my nursing duties, I will provide an insider's perspective. Join me as I navigate through the long hours, unexpected situations, and personal experiences that make up a typical day in my life as a nurse.

Morning Routine

As the alarm goes off, I press snooze one too many times, finally realizing that I need to start getting ready for work. I quickly freshen up, hoping to reduce the puffiness in my face with a roller. With no time to prepare a proper lunch, I grab a couple of Lara bars and candies for sustenance throughout the day. The commute to work is filled with hope that I won't be assigned to the dreaded isolation room again, where previous shifts left me feeling worn out and disconnected. As I arrive at the hospital, the mystery of my assignment looms, adding an element of excitement and anxiety.

Nursing Shift

  1. Getting Ready: After arriving at the hospital, I don my nursing attire and prepare for the day ahead. I gather necessary supplies, review patient charts, and mentally prepare myself for the challenges that lie ahead.
  2. Lunch Preparation: Due to a lack of time to pack a proper lunch, I rely on quick and easy snacks to keep me fueled throughout the day. Though not ideal, these small rewards provide a welcome break in the afternoon.
  3. Isolation Room Woes: I express my hope to be assigned to the main unit rather than the isolation room, emphasizing the desire to be near my coworkers for support and camaraderie.
  4. Nursing Assignments: The rollercoaster of uncertainty continues as I wait to find out which patients I will be caring for during my shift. The unpredictability adds both excitement and apprehension to the day.
  5. Dealing with Deliveries: A delivery during my shift adds another layer of complexity to an already busy day. A non-reassuring C-section birth prompts me to shift gears and ensure the safety of both mother and baby.
  6. Considering Extra Shifts: In the midst of a hectic shift, I contemplate signing up for an extra shift. While the allure of incentive pay is enticing, conflicting information and concerns about workload make the decision more challenging.

Post-Shift Relaxation

As the 12-hour shift comes to an end, the exhaustion sets in. My mind and body yearn for a moment of decompression before I can fully process the events of the day.

  1. Home and Dinner: Finally home, I indulge in leftover Mexican food for dinner, savoring the comfort of a familiar meal. The exhaustion and busyness of the day weigh heavily on me, making it difficult to gather my thoughts.
  2. Skincare Routine: Seeking solace in self-care, I embark on a skincare ritual that leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed. Lathering skincare products on my chest, I rediscover long-forgotten items and revel in the pampering.
  3. Nighttime Vitamins: Before bed, I religiously take my nourish package of vitamins, including a multivitamin, turmeric, probiotic, ashwagandha, and black seed oil supplements. These supplements contribute to my overall well-being and gut health, which is essential for maintaining optimal health.

Decision on Extra Shifts

Despite conflicting information about incentive pay, I ultimately decide to sign up for another shift. Financial considerations outweigh the uncertainty, and the need for extra income motivates me to push through the fatigue.

Grizz Girl Audition Prep

In addition to my nursing duties, I have commitments outside of work. I prepare for a Grizz Girl audition prep class, where aspiring dancers come together to hone their skills. Balancing work and personal pursuits can be challenging, but I find joy and fulfillment in pursuing my passions.

Laundry Organization

Seeking to alleviate the chaos of an overflowing laundry basket, I invest in a stylish laundry basket that doubles as a piece of furniture. With separate compartments for colors, whites, and towels, the newfound organization brings a sense of calm to my laundry routine.

Fitness Routine

In an effort to maintain my physical well-being, I prioritize exercise. From cardio sessions on the elliptical machine to Pilates ab workouts, I embrace the challenge of staying fit amidst a demanding schedule. The physical exertion not only helps me stay healthy but also serves as a source of stress relief.

Unveiling of Etsy Shop Sweatshirts

As a creative outlet, I have started an Etsy shop featuring unique nurse-themed sweatshirts. In this section, I showcase the different designs and colors of the sweatshirts. Each design represents a different aspect of the nursing profession, ranging from gratitude for nurses to showcasing specific specialties such as NICU or pediatrics.

Future Plans for Specialty Designs

While my Etsy shop currently focuses on NICU-themed designs, I have plans to expand to other nursing specialties. I invite readers to suggest their desired specialties, such as ICU or pediatrics, for future designs. The goal is to provide nurses from different backgrounds and specialties with apparel that represents their passion and dedication.

Fall Designs Preview

With fall just around the corner, I offer readers a sneak peek into the upcoming fall designs for my Etsy shop. Inspired by the festive spirit of the season, these designs aim to bring a touch of fall flair to nurses' work attire. From pumpkins and leaves to warm color schemes, the fall collection promises to add a festive touch to any nursing wardrobe.


In this article, I have shared my experiences and routines as a nurse working a 12-hour shift. From the challenges of the isolation room to the decision-making process regarding extra shifts, nursing is a demanding yet rewarding profession. Through my journey, I hope to provide insights into the daily life of a nurse, emphasizing the dedication and perseverance required to thrive in this profession. As my journey continues, I look forward to sharing more of my experiences and connecting with fellow nurses who share the same passion for patient care and well-being.


  • Follow me on my 12-hour nursing shift as I navigate the challenges and rewards of the profession.
  • Experience the anticipation and excitement of not knowing my nursing assignment for the day.
  • Learn about the uncertainties of working in an isolation room and the desire for connection with colleagues.
  • Discover the importance of self-care and skincare rituals in maintaining well-being.
  • Explore the decision-making process around signing up for extra shifts and the financial considerations involved.
  • Gain insight into the unique challenges of balancing personal pursuits, such as dance auditions, with a demanding nursing schedule.
  • Find inspiration in my journey to create and sell nurse-themed sweatshirts on Etsy.
  • Preview upcoming fall designs for my Etsy shop and get ready to embrace the festive spirit of the season.
  • Reflect on the dedication and perseverance required to thrive in the nursing profession.

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