What's new on Etsy? Discover the Embossed Envelope Pocket!

What's new on Etsy? Discover the Embossed Envelope Pocket!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Crafts in the Digital Age
  3. New Products in the Etsy Shop
    • 3.1 Alice in Wonderland Die Cuts
    • 3.2 Steampunk Fantasy Digital Download
  4. Exploring Embossing Techniques
  5. Tips for Embossing with a Big Shot
  6. Using Embossing Powder
  7. Embracing Creativity and Trying Something New
  8. Appreciation for Viewers and Subscribers
  9. Sharing Personal Artwork - Miniature Village
    • 9.1 Hand-Painted Houses
    • 9.2 Mushroom and Other Accessories
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to Crafty Cat! In today's video, Amy shares updates on her recent crafting endeavors. She apologizes for the shorter video but assures viewers that she has been busy working on new products for her Etsy shop. Amy also briefly discusses embossing techniques and expresses her gratitude to her viewers and subscribers for their continued support.

Crafts in the Digital Age

Amy reflects on the impact of digital technology on crafts. She mentions the convenience of using the Glowforge for cutting materials and preparing digital downloads for her shop. While acknowledging that it may not be a pressing concern for viewers, she recounts the time-consuming process of formatting files and arranging designs on a page.

New Products in the Etsy Shop

Amy announces two new additions to her Etsy shop: Alice in Wonderland die cuts and a steampunk fantasy digital download. She showcases the various characters and elements available in the Alice in Wonderland die cut set, including the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat. Amy explains that the die cuts come in different sizes and can be used for various crafting projects.

The steampunk fantasy digital download, available in both landscape and portrait formats, includes 10 collage pages designed for ledger or document-style journals. Amy emphasizes that depending on the orientation, the pages may have slight variations in content placement. She showcases the unique and fantastical imagery featured in the digital download.

Exploring Embossing Techniques

Responding to a viewer's question about embossing, Amy admits that she does not frequently engage in embossing techniques, especially on camera. She briefly demonstrates the process using an embossing folder and a rolling pin. Amy explains that embossing powder is applied by stamping a design with a clear embossing ink pad, sprinkling the powder, and heating it with a heat gun. She recommends watching other crafters, such as Gail Augustanelli, for more detailed demonstrations on embossing techniques.

Tips for Embossing with a Big Shot

Amy shares her experiences using the Big Shot for embossing. She mentions that she has a limited collection of embossing folders, favoring a floral and baroque design. She advises viewers to pay attention to the alignment and size of the embossing folders to ensure a successful outcome. Amy encourages viewers to experiment with various materials and techniques when embossing.

Using Embossing Powder

Amy explains the process of using embossing powder with a clear embossing ink pad. While apologizing for not having the necessary tools on hand for a full demonstration, she describes the basic steps of the process. Amy shares that she often uses her fingertips to apply embossing powder and heat it with a heat gun. She suggests watching Gail Augustanelli's videos for more comprehensive tutorials on embossing techniques.

Embracing Creativity and Trying Something New

Amy expresses her enthusiasm for exploring new crafts and pushing her creative boundaries. She discusses the joys of experimenting with different techniques and materials to create unique and imaginative projects. Amy emphasizes the importance of avoiding repetitive patterns and images to ensure her products stand out among others in the market. She encourages fellow crafters to embrace their own creative impulses and think outside the box.

Appreciation for Viewers and Subscribers

Amy takes a moment to show her gratitude to the viewers and subscribers of her channel. She acknowledges the support and engagement of her audience and explains how their comments and likes contribute to the success of her channel. Amy encourages viewers to leave comments, even if it is a simple smiley face, as it helps promote her channel and allows her videos to reach a wider audience.

Sharing Personal Artwork - Miniature Village

Amy shares her husband's hobby of creating a miniature Village. She displays hand-painted houses made by her husband and mentions her daughter's involvement in the project. Amy praises the therapeutic nature of painting and crafting as a means of relaxation and creative expression. She showcases various miniature accessories, including mushrooms, benches, and treasure chests. Amy mentions the possibility of her husband establishing an Etsy shop in the future.


In conclusion, Amy thanks her viewers for joining her in today's video. She encourages viewers to explore new crafts, experiment with different techniques, and support independent artists and creators. Amy promises to continue sharing her crafting journey and invites viewers to join her in future videos.

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