New Patterns, Discounts, and Giveaways: Shop Update!

New Patterns, Discounts, and Giveaways: Shop Update!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. New Patterns Release
  3. Friendship Pattern
  4. Temperature Turtles Pattern
  5. Coupon Code and Shop Discount
  6. Giveaway Extravaganza
  7. Physical Patterns Giveaway
  8. Conclusion

New Patterns Release

Hello, stitchers! Sarah the Stitch here with some exciting news. Today, I'm not here to give you a cross-stitching update. Instead, I have a shop update and a giveaway extravaganza to share with you. Mrs. Stitches had a brilliant suggestion that I coordinate my 13,000 subscriber giveaway and shop discount with Friday the 13th. So, I went ahead and finished my new temperature design, which was very close to being finished, and released two new patterns today, October 12th, in anticipation of the 13th.

Friendship Pattern

The first pattern I'm releasing is called "Friendship." This pattern was a retreat exclusive at Stitchnanigans in April, and I designed it and put it in everybody's goodie bag. I wanted them to have first crack at it for six months, so this is about roughly a little bit sooner than 6 months, but close enough. The pattern includes an alphabet so you can personalize the initials to be whoever you want, and you can personalize the red, pink, and blue to be your favorite colors and your stitchy friend's favorite color. The quote on the pattern is "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" by C.S. Lewis.

Temperature Turtles Pattern

The second pattern I'm releasing is the first of possibly two temperature designs for this year, and that's "Temperature Turtles." I have seen quite a few turtle patterns floating around the past year or so, and I thought that would make a really fun temperature design because the shells really lend themselves to that. There are three types of turtles based on how many days are in each month, and the legs and arms are different depending on if it's a 30-day month, 31-day month, or 28-day month. I picked colors that are mostly turtle affiliated, and some turtles have streaks of fun colors, so I went ahead and chose colors that were for the most part represented in natural turtles, but I used some creative license and threw in a couple of purples just because I'm a completist when it comes to the rainbow. The pattern won't be quite as stitch-heavy as the butterflies because I chose to rather than stitch full crosses in between all the patches on the shells, I have backstitching or straight stitches. You can just do a straight stitch for each leg, and it won't be very complicated or time-consuming.

Coupon Code and Shop Discount

In my shop, I'm going to have a coupon code for you guys. It's not a sale, so you do need the code. It's going to be "13k thanks" for 13,000 subscribers, which I hit that milestone on my channel here a couple of months ago, but I've just been so crazy I didn't want to sort it out to figure out what I was going to do. It's going to start tomorrow on Friday the 13th, and it will go for 13 days, which ends on the 25th of October. There'll be 13% off all of the patterns, so PDF or print copies of patterns, nothing personalized and no kits, but all the other things are fine. Put that in, and you can get 13% off for 13 days.

Giveaway Extravaganza

In addition to that, for the 13,000 subscriber extravaganza, I'm going to have 13 physical patterns as giveaways. These are some Fat Quarter Shop things, some things from other people that have been given to me, some things that I've stitched and I'm done with, you know, so it's kind of a variety. For these, you can enter for as many as you want, use the keyword in your comment, and please do not use "prize," "giveaway," "win," etc. I want to make sure we don't get trolls, and I want these to go to stitchers. If I have words like that in a comment, I'm going to have to delete it, which I don't want to do, but I will try to keep it a safe place. Also, I've seen things popping up on YouTube where scammers will comment on your comment and say, "Hey, you win, email me over here." I'm not going to do that. I will announce it in a video, not this coming Monday because that's too short, but the following Monday. I'm not exactly sure what day of the week that is, but 20 something. I'll announce it in my regular Floss Tube update video who the winners are and have you contact me. So, if you see anything suspicious, it's not me, so hopefully, we don't have that happen, but just in case, be aware.

Physical Patterns Giveaway

If I count it correctly, there should be 13 things here. These are open internationally, except for the very last one, which will be US only. Feel free to enter any of these. One winner, a person can win once, so if I pull your name again, I'll move on to the next person if you've already won something so that I can get 13 winners. The first one is from a Stitch Quarterly, and it's Sweet Laurel by It's Emma. The keyword for this is "flower." Then we have Lady Claus, which was also in a Stitch Quarterly, and the keyword for this is "wink." You Are My Sunshine is stitched on a printed fabric with like sky and beach on here, so the keyword for this is "sunshine." Country Cottage Needleworks America Land That I Love, the keyword for this is "America." This was another gift, and this is Beach Time by Twin Peak Primitives, and the keyword for this is "beach." Christmas Elf Fairy, the keyword for this is "fairy." The last smish one is a Lavender and Lace Angel of Winter, so the keyword for this is "angel."


That's exciting! I'm happy to pass the stash and celebrate an amazing 13,000 subscriber milestone. Thank you so much for this journey. It's been a joy to meet a lot of you in the comments, in person, in private messaging. It's really fun to make stitchy friends, so that keeps me going. Remember, the coupon code in my shop starts tomorrow, October 13th, "13k thanks" for 13% off for 13 days. Use the keywords in the comments for these physical patterns, and please don't use any of the prize, giveaway, win type words. I will come back and see you on Monday. Happy stitching!

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