Unveiling The Ultimate Amazon Product Research Tool

Unveiling The Ultimate Amazon Product Research Tool

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Accuracy of Sales Estimates
  3. Comparison of Research Tools: Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, Helium 10
  4. Data on Results Page
  5. Browser Extension Comparison
  6. Data on Product Detail Page
  7. Feature Stack and Additional Features
  8. Pricing Comparison
  9. Recommendations and Optimal Setup
  10. Conclusion

Article: Research Tools Comparison - Jungle Scout vs AMZ Scout vs Helium 10


In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, having access to accurate sales estimates is crucial for product research. Research tools like Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10 provide valuable insights into product sales and demand. In this article, we will compare these three tools and evaluate their accuracy, features, and pricing to help you choose the right tool for your needs.

Accuracy of Sales Estimates

When researching products, one of the key pieces of information you need is accurate sales estimates. To gauge the accuracy of these estimates, we conducted a test using a product with a fluctuating sales history. The average sales over the past four months were 200 units per month, with the immediate prior month's sales at 116 units.

Jungle Scout provided an estimate of 117 sales, making it 99.1% accurate based on the last month alone. It slightly overestimated by 0.9% but was 41.5% below the 200 unit average. AMZ Scout gave an estimate of 115 sales, underestimating by 0.9%. It was also 99.1% accurate based on the last month alone. Helium 10 estimated 195 sales, which was 66 off when considering the past month alone. However, it was 97.6% accurate based on the four-month average.

Comparison of Research Tools: Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, Helium 10

Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10 are all popular research tools that provide more than just sales estimates. Each tool has its own set of features and benefits. Let's compare them:

  1. Data on Results Page:

Jungle Scout's extension offers on-page data blocks that provide essential information about products without needing to open the extension. It conveniently shows sales estimates, making it easy to compare against other factors like review counts.

AMZ Scout also provides on-page data blocks via its quick view browser extension. It offers consistent data and includes measurements and fee information within the block. However, Jungle Scout's data block is more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Helium 10 has a more limited data block above the results on the page. Unfortunately, it lacks sales estimates, which is a downside. However, it does provide useful information, and the quick drop-down feature allows for further actions.

  1. Browser Extension:

All three tools come with browser extensions. Jungle Scout's extension provides a customizable, easy-to-use interface. It allows for downloading screenshots, customization of columns, and adding products to the web app.

AMZ Scout's browser extension is busier but offers a colorful interface. Unfortunately, it is not horizontally scrollable, and the lack of drag and drop columns is a drawback. However, it provides unique features like the visibility score, which can help evaluate competition.

Helium 10's browser extension is clean, expandable, and horizontally scrollable. It allows for drag and drop columns, making it more convenient for customization. The ability to easily select and save products sets it apart from the other tools.

Data on Product Detail Page:

Jungle Scout provides a data box at the top of the product detail page, offering sales trends and historical data. It presents an overview of the product's sales history over the past two years, providing valuable insights.

AMZ Scout's browser extension offers a pop-up window on product listings, even for private label products. It includes profit margin calculations, a BSR history, and the option to find suppliers on Alibaba. However, the automatic opening of the page on hover can be inconvenient.

Helium 10's tools are best placed on the product listing itself, offering sales estimates and profit calculations. While the appearance of the estimates can be inconsistent, the various features provide comprehensive information for analysis.

Feature Stack and Additional Features:

Each tool comes with a range of additional features beyond product research. The specific features vary based on the plan chosen. Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10 all offer product research databases to help generate product ideas. They also provide various other tools and resources to enhance your e-commerce journey.

Pricing Comparison:

The pricing for these tools depends on the chosen plan. Jungle Scout offers savings of 25-35% through the provided link. The sweet plus plan, which includes all features, is recommended and costs $37.42 per month.

AMZ Scout, with the available discount, offers the annual bundle at $32 per month. This plan includes all features and a free product idea researched by AMZ Scout.

Helium 10 offers different pricing options. The most cost-effective choices are the monthly plan at $80 per month with a 20% discount for six months, or the annual Platinum plan at $76 per month with a 10% discount forever.

Recommendations and Optimal Setup:

Based on the features and pricing, the optimal setup would be to combine Helium 10 with either AMC Scout or Jungle Scout. Helium 10 provides comprehensive features, including sales trends and customizable columns. AMC Scout or Jungle Scout adds the benefit of sales snapshots with on-page data blocks, speeding up research.


Choosing the right research tool is essential for successful product research and e-commerce ventures. Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10 are all reputable options with unique features and benefits. Consider your specific needs and preferences when assessing accuracy, features, and pricing. With the information provided in this article, you can make an informed decision and find the tool that best suits your requirements.


  • Accurate Sales Estimates
  • Comparison of Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10
  • On-Page Data Blocks and Browser Extensions
  • Data on Product Detail Pages
  • Feature Stack and Additional Features
  • Pricing Comparison
  • Recommendations and Optimal Setup


Q: Which tool offers the most accurate sales estimates? A: Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10 provide varying degrees of accuracy in sales estimates. Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout are more accurate based on recent data, while Helium 10 provides average sales estimates over time.

Q: Can I use these tools for product research on platforms other than Amazon? A: Yes, Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, and Helium 10 offer support for platforms like Walmart in addition to Amazon.

Q: Are there any discounts available for these tools? A: Yes, using the provided links and discount codes can help you save on the pricing of these tools. Check the respective websites for the latest offers.

Q: Can I customize the columns and data displayed in the browser extensions? A: Yes, both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 allow for customization of columns in their browser extensions. AMZ Scout lacks this feature.

Q: Do these tools offer additional resources for e-commerce ventures? A: Yes, all three tools provide various additional features and resources to support your e-commerce journey, such as product research databases and other tools for comprehensive analysis.

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