Unleash the Power of this Game-Changing Etsy Tool!

Unleash the Power of this Game-Changing Etsy Tool!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Collecting Customer Emails 2.1. Building a Customer Database 2.2. Maintaining Communication with Customers 2.3. Sending Updates and Sales Announcements 2.4. Automating Email Campaigns
  3. The Legalities of Email Collection 3.1. Understanding Privacy Laws 3.2. Following Etsy Terms of Service
  4. Introducing Everb Email 4.1. Features and Benefits 4.2. Cost Comparison with Aweber 4.3. Accessing Everb Email
  5. Setting Up Everb Email for Your Etsy Store 5.1. Activating Everb Email 5.2. Order Campaigns vs. Subscriber Campaigns 5.3. Customizing and Enabling Campaigns 5.4. Automating Email Sequences
  6. Conclusion

The Importance of Collecting Customer Emails

In the wake of recent Etsy listing takedowns and shop closures, it has become more crucial than ever for sellers to prioritize the collection of customer email addresses. This article will explore the reasons why email collection is essential, the legal considerations involved, and introduce a new tool called Everb Email that can streamline the process for Etsy sellers.

Building a Customer Database

Collecting and maintaining a database of customer emails allows sellers to establish a direct line of communication with their clientele. By moving customers from being solely Etsy customers to their own dedicated subscribers, sellers can retain and nurture relationships outside of the Etsy platform. This is particularly beneficial in the event of unforeseen circumstances that may impact the status of an Etsy store.

Maintaining Communication with Customers

Having a dedicated email list enables sellers to reach out to their customers even if their Etsy shop is no longer operational. Sellers can keep customers informed about changes in business locations, the launch of new stores, or any other pertinent updates. By subscribing to the seller's email list, customers express their interest in staying connected with the brand, allowing for continued communication beyond the Etsy platform.

Sending Updates and Sales Announcements

An email list also serves as an effective channel for sending updates and sales announcements. Sellers can leverage their list to inform customers about new product releases, special promotions, or exclusive offers. By targeting customers who have already expressed interest in hearing from the brand, sellers increase the likelihood of driving sales and fostering repeat business.

Automating Email Campaigns

One of the notable advantages of using Everb Email is the ability to automate email campaigns. Sellers can set up automated emails to engage with customers without the need for manual intervention. Depending on the service provider used, sellers can create a series of emails to keep customers engaged and informed, providing value to their subscribers while saving time and effort.

The Legalities of Email Collection

While collecting customer emails is essential, it is crucial to adhere to privacy laws and Etsy's terms of service to ensure compliance and protect customers' rights. Sellers must understand the regulations surrounding email collection and only include customers who have explicitly opted in to receive email newsletters.

Understanding Privacy Laws

Sellers must familiarize themselves with the privacy laws that govern collecting and using customer information. Various regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States, outline the rules and requirements for email collection and usage. It is essential to abide by these laws to avoid legal repercussions.

Following Etsy Terms of Service

In addition to privacy laws, sellers must also adhere to Etsy's terms of service regarding email collection practices. Etsy has its own set of guidelines and policies in place to ensure the protection of customer information and prevent spamming or misuse of contact details. Sellers should review and comply with these terms to maintain a positive relationship with Etsy and its users.

Introducing Everb Email

Everb Email is a newly introduced tool within the Everb app that assists Etsy sellers in managing their email campaigns. Compared to other email marketing services like Aweber, Everb Email provides similar functionalities at no extra cost for existing Everb users. Its integration within the Everb app makes it convenient for sellers to access and utilize the tool effectively.

Features and Benefits

Everb Email offers various features that make it an attractive option for Etsy sellers. It allows for the creation of order campaigns and subscriber campaigns to target different customer interaction points. The tool also enables customization of email templates, automation of email sequences, and incorporates upselling opportunities to enhance the overall customer experience.

Cost Comparison with Aweber

Compared to Aweber's monthly cost of $29.99, Everb Email comes as a cost-effective solution for sellers who are already using Everb. Since many sellers are already paying for the Everb app, the addition of Everb Email serves as an additional free tool within their subscription.

Accessing Everb Email

Etsy sellers can access Everb Email either through the Everb website by logging into their account or via the Everb extension within the Etsy platform. Regardless of the method chosen, Everb Email provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of managing email campaigns for Etsy stores.

Setting Up Everb Email for Your Etsy Store

To take advantage of Everb Email's capabilities, sellers must go through a simple setup process for their Etsy store. This involves activating Everb Email, understanding the distinction between order campaigns and subscriber campaigns, customizing email templates, enabling desired campaigns, and automating email sequences to streamline communication with customers.


In conclusion, the ability to collect customer emails is vital for Etsy sellers. By building a customer database, maintaining communication, and utilizing Everb Email, sellers can establish direct connections with their customers, send updates and sales announcements, automate email campaigns, and comply with legal requirements. Incorporating Everb Email into Etsy stores can significantly enhance marketing efforts, improve customer relationships, and boost overall business success.


  • Collecting customer emails is essential for Etsy sellers, especially given recent Etsy listing takedowns and shop closures.
  • Establishing a customer database allows for continued communication and engagement beyond the Etsy platform.
  • With Everb Email, sellers can automate email campaigns, saving time and effort while keeping customers engaged.
  • It is crucial to follow privacy laws and Etsy's terms of service when collecting and using customer emails.
  • Everb Email is a cost-effective solution for Etsy sellers, providing similar functionalities to Aweber at no extra cost.
  • Setting up Everb Email for an Etsy store involves activating and customizing campaigns, enabling automation, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


Q: Are there any additional costs associated with using Everb Email? A: No, Everb Email is included with an existing Everb subscription, making it a cost-effective option for Etsy sellers.

Q: Can I use Everb Email to email customers about topics other than their Etsy purchase? A: While Etsy terms of service permit emailing customers about their Etsy purchase, it is essential to follow guidelines and refrain from sending unsolicited emails or redirecting customers to external sites.

Q: Can I customize the email templates in Everb Email? A: Yes, sellers have the option to customize email templates and add their brand voice to engage subscribers effectively.

Q: Does Everb Email sync with Etsy orders for automated email campaigns? A: Yes, Everb Email syncs with Etsy orders, allowing sellers to automate order confirmation, delivery confirmation, and review request emails.

Q: Can I set up automated emails to be sent after a specific number of days? A: Yes, Everb Email enables sellers to set up automated emails to be sent after a designated number of days, allowing for timely and consistent communication with customers.

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