Ultimate Guide: Printify Setup Tutorial 2023

Ultimate Guide: Printify Setup Tutorial 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up your Printify account
    • Connecting your store to Printify
    • Account settings
    • Store settings
    • Payment settings
  3. Creating and managing products
  4. Order fulfillment process
    • Order routing
    • Order approval
    • Tracking notification settings
  5. Customizing packaging and branding
    • Custom branded inserts
    • Gift messages
  6. Tax exemptions and VAT registration
  7. Managing payments and balance
    • Printify balance
    • Payment cards
    • Billing currency
    • Printify Premium subscription
  8. Accessing settings on the Orders page
  9. Conclusion

Setting up your Printify account

To get started with Printify, you need to set up your account and connect it to your online store. This section will guide you through the process of connecting your store to Printify and configuring the necessary settings.

Connecting your store to Printify

Before you can start selling products with Printify, you need to connect your online store to your Printify account. This allows Printify to receive the orders from your store and fulfill them on your behalf.

To connect your store, go to the "Manage My Stores" page in the Printify dashboard. From there, you can add a new store by selecting your sales channel, such as Shopify or Etsy, and following the instructions for connecting your store to Printify. If you already have a store connected, you can manage its settings from the same page.

Account settings

Once your store is connected, it's important to review and configure your account settings. This includes providing your business name, contact details, and shipping address. These settings are used for internal purposes, such as generating invoices and shipping labels, so it's essential to input accurate information.

Store settings

In the store settings, you can customize various aspects of how your products are displayed and fulfilled. You can set your store name, customize the ship from address for shipping labels, and configure order routing options. Order routing allows Printify to automatically route orders to alternative print providers if the selected provider is out of stock or doesn't serve the customer's country. You can also set order approval preferences, tracking notification settings, and enable custom branded inserts or gift messages for your packages.

Payment settings

To pay for the order fulfillment services provided by Printify, you need to set up your payment method. Printify offers two options: using your Printify balance or adding a payment card. The Printify balance is a virtual wallet where you can deposit funds and use them to pay for orders. Alternatively, you can add a credit or debit card, which will be charged for each order if you don't have sufficient funds in your Printify balance. You can also configure your billing currency and subscribe to Printify Premium for discounted product pricing and other benefits.

Creating and managing products

With your Printify account set up and your store connected, you can now start creating and managing your products. Printify offers a wide range of customizable products, including apparel, accessories, home decor, and more. To create a product, you can select a base product from Printify's catalog and customize it with your own designs or artwork. Once your product is created, you can publish it to your online store and start selling.

Managing products in Printify involves monitoring their availability, adjusting prices, and updating designs as needed. You can also use Printify's mockup generator to create high-quality product images for your store.

Order fulfillment process

When a customer places an order for a product you created using Printify, the order fulfillment process begins. This section covers important settings and processes related to order routing, order approval, and tracking notifications.

Order routing

Order routing allows Printify to automatically route orders to alternative print providers if the original provider is unable to fulfill the order. This can happen if the product is out of stock or if the customer's location is not serviced by the selected provider. By enabling order routing and setting preferences, you can ensure that orders are always fulfilled, even if there are stock or location constraints.

Order approval

Printify gives you control over the order approval process. By default, orders are submitted for production automatically, but you can choose to manually review and approve each order before it goes into production. This is particularly useful for personalized products that require additional customization or input from the customer.

Tracking notification settings

Printify provides tracking notifications for orders, allowing both you and your customers to stay informed about the status of each shipment. You can configure whether or not to receive order status emails and choose the frequency of these notifications.

Customizing packaging and branding

To provide a personalized and professional touch to your products, Printify offers options for customizing packaging and adding branded inserts or gift messages.

Custom branded inserts

Custom branded inserts are additional cards that can be included in your packages, featuring your business logo, branding, and personalized messages. These inserts serve as a way to enhance brand recognition and provide a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. It's important to note that there is a cost associated with custom branded inserts, and they may not be available from all print providers.

Gift messages

Printify also allows you to include personalized gift messages in the packages you send to your customers. This is a great way to add a personal touch to each order and make your customers feel appreciated. Like custom branded inserts, there is a cost associated with including gift messages, and they may not be available from all print providers.

Tax exemptions and VAT registration

If you are eligible for tax exemptions or need to register for VAT (Value-Added Tax), Printify provides options for managing these requirements. By registering your business information with Printify, you can avoid paying extra sales tax or VAT on your orders. There are separate tax exemption processes for different regions, such as Canada, EU countries, Norway, the UK, and the USA. It is important to understand the specific tax regulations in your region and follow the necessary steps to register for exemptions.

Managing payments and balance

Printify offers multiple options for managing your payments and maintaining a balance to fund your order fulfillment.

Printify balance

The Printify balance is a virtual wallet where you can deposit funds that will be used to pay for your order fulfillment. You can add funds to your balance using PayPal or Payeer. The balance is used as the primary payment method, and if it runs out, Printify will automatically charge your linked payment card.

Payment cards

In addition to the Printify balance, you have the option to add a credit or debit card as a secondary payment method. This card will be charged if there are insufficient funds in your Printify balance to cover the order fulfillment costs. You can configure your payment card in the payment settings and ensure its details are up to date.

Billing currency

When it comes to billing currency, you have the flexibility to choose the currency in which Printify charges you for its services. It is recommended to select the currency that matches your payment account to avoid any conversion fees or discrepancies. However, changing the billing currency may affect your ability to use the Printify balance, so it's important to review the associated help articles and understand the implications before making any changes.

Printify Premium subscription

Printify offers a premium subscription plan that provides additional benefits to users, including discounted product pricing, access to premium print providers, and priority customer support. The subscription can be paid on a monthly or annual basis, and it is recommended for sellers who anticipate regular order volumes and want to maximize their profit margins.

Accessing settings on the Orders page

While most settings can be accessed through the respective pages in the Printify dashboard, some settings can also be accessed directly from the Orders page. These include order routing, order approval, and tracking notification settings. Having these settings easily accessible allows you to make quick adjustments without needing to navigate to different pages within the dashboard.


Setting up and managing your Printify account can seem overwhelming at first, but with this guide, you now have a clear understanding of the important settings and processes involved. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively configure your account, create and manage your products, and ensure a smooth order fulfillment process. Remember to regularly review and update your settings as your business evolves to optimize your Printify experience and maximize your success as a print-on-demand seller.

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