Stylish Home Decor Haul 2023: Amazon, Zara Home, Walmart, Etsy & Magnolia Home

Stylish Home Decor Haul 2023: Amazon, Zara Home, Walmart, Etsy & Magnolia Home

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Etsy Purchases
    • Beautiful Vase from Mr. Vintage
    • Stunning Throw Blankets
  3. Marlo Pillow Review
  4. Amazon Finds
    • Realistic Topiary Tree
    • Oval-shaped Frame
    • Arranging Things Book
  5. Zara Home Haul
    • Rectangular Marble Box
    • Stylish Tray
    • Gorgeous Gathering Basket
  6. Walmart Frames
    • Detailed Frame
    • Large Matted Frame
  7. Magnolia Home Bowl
  8. Conclusion
  9. Giveaway Information



Welcome back to my channel! For those who are new here, my name is Evelyn. In today's video, I am excited to share with you a collective haul of all the items I have purchased in the past few months. From unique pieces found on Etsy to stylish finds from Zara Home and Walmart, I have curated a list of must-have items that you'll surely love.

Etsy Purchases

Let's start with my Etsy finds, where I discovered some truly special items. The first one is a beautiful vase from Mr. Vintage. This stunning piece caught my eye with its distressed design and elegant charm. Unfortunately, these items are often one-of-a-kind, so it's essential to grab them when you see them. Next, I have to mention the gorgeous throw blankets that I couldn't resist purchasing. The French detailing and intricate patterns make them a perfect addition to any space. Whether you style them on a dining chair or layer them on your bed, these throw blankets add a touch of elegance.

Marlo Pillow Review

Now, let's talk about Marlo pillows. Marlo has created the ultimate pillow that caters to all sleep preferences. With adjustable firmness levels, this pillow is a game-changer. The two zippers allow you to customize the pillow to your desired level of firmness or softness. The cooling infused memory foam ensures a comfortable and cool night's sleep. What's more, these pillows are 100% vegan and allergy-friendly, making them suitable for everyone. I recently tried these pillows, and I can confidently say that they provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. Don't miss out on their current spring sale, where you can save up to 30% off by using my exclusive link in the description.

Amazon Finds

Continuing with my haul, I found some great items on Amazon. First on the list is a realistic topiary tree. With its lifelike appearance, it's hard to believe it's not real. This topiary tree comes in a black pot, although I plan to find a more stylish vase for it. It's perfect for adding a touch of nature to your kitchen or any well-lit area. Despite being a bit on the pricier side, it's worth the investment for its remarkable resemblance to a real topiary tree.

Another fantastic find from Amazon is an oval-shaped frame. This frame's antique gold color and unique legs instantly caught my attention. It's an ideal piece for showcasing artwork or photographs, especially when placed on built-in shelves. Finding vintage-looking frames at affordable prices can be challenging, but this one fits the bill perfectly.

To enhance my decor style, I also purchased two books from Amazon that add a sophisticated touch. The first one is titled "Arranging Things" by Colin King. Not only does this book provide insightful tips on arranging objects, but its burgundy-colored spine and cover make it a beautiful addition to any coffee table or shelving display. The second book, called "Soft Minimal," caters to minimalism lovers like myself. Its linen cover and minimalistic aesthetic perfectly align with my decor style.

Zara Home Haul

Moving on to Zara Home, I can't help but gush over the stunning pieces I found. Despite a few unfortunate experiences, such as damaged items, I managed to get my hands on some treasures. One highlight is a rectangular marble box that resembles the look of Travertine. It adds a touch of elegance to any space and is perfect for displaying small trinkets or styling on top of a book. Although the price may seem steep, considering the quality and size compared to similar pieces from well-known brands, it's actually a great deal.

Complementing the rectangular box, I also found a stylish tray that rivals those from higher-end brands like Amber Interiors. With its beautiful color and versatile design, this tray is perfect for incorporating candles or a match cloche for a cozy ambiance. Whether placed on a shelf or styled in a bathroom, the possibilities are endless. Another must-have item from Zara Home is the gathering basket. I had been searching for a while for a gathering basket, and while it can be a challenging find at thrift stores, Zara Home had the perfect option. Although still a bit on the expensive side, it's a great alternative to the pricier options from other brands. The basket adds a rustic touch to any decor and can be styled with bread or even used for gardening purposes.

Walmart Frames

When it comes to affordable frames, Walmart exceeded my expectations. I had been on the hunt for reasonably priced frames with unique details, and Walmart delivered. The first frame I found features a beautiful design, complete with intricate detailing. Although the wood look may not be the most authentic, it still provides a charming touch to any artwork or photograph you choose to display. And the best part? It's unbelievably affordable, making it even more appealing.

In my search for larger frames, I stumbled upon a gem - an impressive matted frame. With a generous size and a beige-colored matte, it's the perfect solution for showcasing statement pieces or family photos. For such a large frame, the price is unbeatable, making it a steal and a worthy addition to any home decor collection.

Magnolia Home Bowl

Lastly, I couldn't resist adding a beautiful bowl from Magnolia Home to my haul. During their President's Day sale, I snagged this beauty at a discounted price. The distressed look and gorgeous color of this bowl make it a versatile decor piece. Whether styled on shelves or used for holding fruit on the kitchen island, it's a statement maker.


I hope you enjoyed this haul and found some inspiration for your own decor projects. I am thrilled with each item I purchased and know they will elevate the overall look of my home. All the items mentioned in this article are linked in the description below for your convenience. Remember to take advantage of Marlo's spring sale and explore their incredible pillow options. Lastly, don't forget to leave a comment down below for a chance to win one item from this haul in our special giveaway. Good luck!


  • Discover unique and stylish finds from Etsy, Zara Home, and Walmart
  • Marlo pillows offer customizable comfort and support for a perfect night's sleep
  • Amazon provides a variety of high-quality items, including realistic topiary trees and antique frames
  • Zara Home offers elegant decor pieces at a more affordable price point
  • Walmart surprises with beautifully detailed frames at unbeatable prices
  • Magnolia Home's bowl adds a distressed and versatile touch to any space


Q: Can I find similar items to the ones mentioned in the article at other stores?

A: While some items may be exclusive to certain retailers, you can often find similar pieces at other home decor stores or online platforms. It's always worth exploring different options to find the best deals and styles that suit your preferences.

Q: Are the Marlo pillows suitable for people with allergies or vegan lifestyles?

A: Absolutely! Marlo pillows are 100% vegan and allergy-friendly, making them suitable for everyone. They are designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences while ensuring comfort and support.

Q: How often does Zara Home release new items?

A: Zara Home launches new collections seasonally, introducing fresh and on-trend pieces to their lineup. It's a good idea to keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on their latest releases.

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