Kawaii Slime Shops Reviewed: Find Your Perfect Slime

Kawaii Slime Shops Reviewed: Find Your Perfect Slime

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Reviewing Kawaii Slime Shops 2.1 Monsters Things 2.2 The Gab Stir Slime Shop 2.3 Santa Slime Shop 2.4 The Wild Slime Store 2.5 Sunrise Slime Shop 2.6 Slime by SMF 2.7 Hoshi Nice Slimes 2.8 Hawaii Slime Company
  3. Conclusion

Reviewing Kawaii Slime Shops

In this article, we will be reviewing a variety of kawaii slime shops. Slime has become quite a trendy and popular item, and kawaii slime, with its cute and colorful aesthetic, has gained a significant following. We will be exploring different shops, their packaging, pricing, shipping times, and most importantly, the quality and texture of their slimes. So let's dive in and find out which kawaii slime shops are worth checking out!

1. Monsters Things

Monsters Things offers a range of kawaii slimes and our first review is of their Kawaii S'mores DIY Clay Slime. The package arrived promptly in just four days, which was impressive. The set came with a container of slime, a clay marshmallow, and two clay graham crackers. Although the marshmallow turned out to be dried out and unmixable, the graham crackers mixed well into the slime, resulting in a visually appealing slice-like texture. The slime had a slightly fruity scent and the inclusion of cute fake sprinkles added a nice touch. Overall, this was a cute and high-quality slime.

2. The Gab Stir Slime Shop

Next up is The Gab Stir Slime Shop, and our review is on their Over the Rainbow DIY Clay Slime. The shop owner sent a sweet note and upgraded the slime from a 6-ounce to an 8-ounce container as a token of appreciation. The packaging was well-done and the shop even included an instruction card for the slime. The package arrived in five days, and they also included a free slime from the sold-out Shane Dawson slime collection. The purchased slime had a beautiful sky and clouds theme, with a separate rainbow swirl piece. Mixing everything together resulted in a pretty sky-blue color, and the slime had a delightful cotton candy scent. This was a high-quality slime at a great price.

3. Santa Slime Shop

Moving on, we have Santa Slime Shop, and we will be reviewing their Mythical Maiden Kawaii Clear Slime. The packaging included a cute note, nail art stickers, and borax. Although the shipping time took around eight days, the slime arrived in a crystal-clear state. However, the sharp ends of the crystals made it slightly uncomfortable to play with. The aesthetic of the slime was pleasing, but texture-wise, it didn't stand out as much as the others.

4. The Wild Slime Store

Next, we have The Wild Slime Store and their Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Slime. This slime was reasonably priced at $12.42, including shipping, and arrived in just six days. The shop included a cute handwritten note and even a free slime. The purchased slime had a glossy white texture with foam beads and fake sprinkles, which added a nice crunch. The scent of the slime resembled cinnamon and was quite enjoyable. Overall, this slime was of good quality, especially considering it was a free addition.

5. Sunrise Slime Shop

Now, let's review the slime from Sunrise Slime Shop. We purchased their Kawaii Candy slime, which arrived nicely packaged with a business card, borax, and candy. This thick slushy squishy slime was filled with M&M charms, hard sponges, and a cookie charm. The texture was perfect right out of the container, with a satisfying crunch, stretch, and hold. The slime had a light cotton candy scent and offered a great sensory experience. Considering the price of $16.62, including shipping, this was another high-quality slime.

6. Slime by SMF

Moving on, we have Slime by SMF and their Kawaii Forever and Hawaiian Sky slimes. The packaging was impressive, and they included their business card, stickers, candies, and more. The free slime, Hawaiian Sky, was a full slime with foam beads and rainbow fimo slices, and it had a lovely tropical fruity scent. The purchased Kawaii Forever slime was an avalanche slime that mixed together due to sitting for a while but still maintained its appeal. Both slimes had satisfying textures and pleasant scents. Slime by SMF offers a great selection of slimes and excellent customer service.

7. Hoshi Nice Slimes

Next, let's review Hoshi Nice Slimes, specifically their Lifesavers DIY Slime Kit. The beautiful packaging included a packet of Lifesavers candy, sprinkles, and a 4-ounce slime along with a clay Lifesaver piece. The shipping time was a bit lengthy at eight days, but the kit turned out to be fun and enjoyable. The slime had a strong fruit loop scent and a fantastic creamy butter texture. Hoshi Nice Slimes provided a great DIY experience with their kits.

8. Hawaii Slime Company

Lastly, we have Hawaii Slime Company, which offers a wide range of slimes. We purchased their Unicorn Rock Candy Crunchy Slime and it exceeded our expectations. The vibrant colors and strong fruity scent were impressive. The texture was crunchy and sizzly, with no bead fallout. Although this review focused on one slime from their collection, Hawaii Slime Company has consistently shown high-quality and unique slimes.


In conclusion, the world of kawaii slime shops offers a variety of options for those looking to indulge in the satisfying and visually appealing world of slime. Each shop reviewed here showcased their own unique packaging, slimes, scents, and textures. From Monsters Things to Hawaii Slime Company, there are plenty of choices to suit every slime enthusiast's preferences. So, go ahead and explore these shops to find your favorite kawaii slimes!

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