Etsy Beginner: My Second Month Selling Digital Products - Results & Tips

Etsy Beginner: My Second Month Selling Digital Products - Results & Tips

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Targets for the Second Month
  3. Creating More Product Listings
  4. Focusing on Bigger Bundles
  5. Changing Product Listing Photos
  6. Organic Traffic and Sales
  7. Visits and Views Trends
  8. Number of Orders and Daily Patterns
  9. Conversion Rate and Customer Interest
  10. Revenue and Profit Calculation
  11. Goals for the Third Month
  12. Future Plans and Series Announcement
  13. Conclusion

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My Second Month Selling Digital Products on Etsy: A Journey of Success

In this article, I will take you through my journey of selling digital products on Etsy in my second month. I will share the targets I set for myself, the strategies I implemented, and the impressive results I achieved. From increasing the number of product listings to focusing on bigger bundles, optimizing product listing photos, and analyzing organic traffic and sales, I will cover everything that contributed to my success. Join me as I delve into the interesting trends in visits and views, the randomness of orders, the high conversion rate, and the exceptional revenue. I will also discuss my future goals and plans for the third month, including a series detailing the steps I have taken for a thriving Etsy store. So, let's get started on this exciting journey and discover the secrets to a prosperous online business.


Selling digital products on Etsy can be a rewarding venture, and I embarked on this journey to document my progress and provide valuable insights for others aspiring to succeed in the online business world. In this article, I will share my experiences and accomplishments in my second month on Etsy, highlighting the strategies that worked and the targets I exceeded. From increasing the number of product listings to optimizing listing photos and driving organic traffic, I will delve into the factors that contributed to my success. So, if you're interested in learning how to excel on Etsy and create a thriving online business, read on.

Setting Targets for the Second Month:

Before diving into the impressive results of my second month, let's first discuss the targets I set for myself. In my first month on Etsy, I forgot to mention the goals I wanted to achieve in my second month. However, I aimed to hit 200 orders and generate a revenue of 500 pounds. I am thrilled to announce that not only did I accomplish both targets, but I also exceeded them. Now, let's explore the strategies that helped me achieve these remarkable results.

Creating More Product Listings:

One of my initial goals for the second month was to create 100 more product listings, bringing my total to 200. Although I didn't reach this specific target, I still consider it a success. Instead of focusing solely on quantity, I decided to prioritize quality by creating bigger bundles. These bundles not only had more content but also attracted more attention and sales. Despite falling short of my listing goal, I am extremely satisfied with the results.

Focusing on Bigger Bundles:

During my second month, I shifted my focus towards creating bigger bundles. By offering more value to customers, these bundles gained popularity and drove more sales. While this strategic change meant I couldn't achieve my listing target, the increase in revenue and orders outweighed any concerns. Focusing on the success of the bundles allowed me to adapt and prioritize customer needs.

Changing Product Listing Photos:

Another adjustment I made in my second month was refining my product listing photos. I experimented with different design ideas for primary photos, which significantly increased sales. I also utilized the listing photos and video to highlight the reasons why customers need the product and its associated benefits. By effectively conveying the product's value, I successfully captured customer interest.

Organic Traffic and Sales:

It is important to note that all of the traffic, sales, and orders I obtained during this period were entirely organic. Although I briefly experimented with ads in the middle of the month, I quickly realized the need to start ad spend from the beginning of the month to gauge its effectiveness accurately. Therefore, all the success I achieved was a result of organic marketing efforts.

Visits and Views Trends:

Tracking visits and views allowed me to identify interesting trends in customer behavior. Throughout the week, there was a gradual increase in visits and views from Monday to Friday. However, on weekends, there was a noticeable decline, which I attribute to small business owners being less active during their non-working days. Understanding these trends helped me align my marketing strategies accordingly.

Number of Orders and Daily Patterns:

While visits and views followed a certain pattern, the number of orders displayed randomness. There was no discernible pattern in the daily fluctuations, except for the consistent dip during weekends. However, on the 13th of September, I recorded 20 orders in a single day, which remains my highest achievement to date. Despite the unpredictability, the overall number of orders was impressive and exceeded my expectations.

Conversion Rate and Customer Interest:

Maintaining a consistent conversion rate of 7 percent was a highlight of my second month. Typically, a conversion rate of 2 to 3 percent is considered average, so surpassing this benchmark was a significant achievement. The graph showed a correlation between the number of orders and the conversion rate, with a noticeable increase during weekdays and a slight dip on weekends. The sustained high conversion rate indicated that customers found my products compelling and saw value in making a purchase.

Revenue and Profit Calculation:

In my second month, I generated a remarkable revenue of 1,353 pounds and 35 pence, which equates to 1,656.37 dollars. Surpassing the 1,000-pound revenue mark was unexpected and a testament to the niche I carved for myself on Etsy. The products I created resonated with customers, and they were willing to invest in them. However, it is important to note that these numbers reflect revenue and not profit. After deducting Etsy fees, my take-home pay for the month amounted to 999 pounds and 49 pence, or 1,223.28 dollars.

Goals for the Third Month:

After the outstanding results in my second month, I find myself at a loss for setting targets for the third month. While aiming for 2,000 pounds in revenue seems sensible, I am open to the possibilities that lay ahead. I realize that focusing on revenue rather than the number of orders is crucial, considering the success of the higher-priced bundles. As I embark on the next stage of my Etsy journey, I eagerly anticipate the challenges and achievements that await.

Future Plans and Series Announcement:

To share my knowledge and insights with fellow Etsy sellers and aspiring entrepreneurs, I plan to create a detailed series outlining the steps I have taken to ensure success on Etsy. This multi-part series will cover everything from setting up a business and designing products to optimizing Etsy SEO and managing store operations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seller, this series will provide valuable tips and strategies to thrive on Etsy. Stay tuned for the upcoming videos and be sure to subscribe to my channel.


In just two months, my journey of selling digital products on Etsy has exceeded my expectations. By focusing on strategies that drove organic traffic, creating compelling product listings, and refining my marketing efforts, I achieved remarkable results. The impressive revenue, high conversion rate, and consistent customer interest validate the value of the products I offer. As I enter the third month, I am excited to explore new horizons and set ambitious goals. Join me in my future videos as I share the secrets to a thriving Etsy business and inspire others to succeed. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I wish you all the best in your own endeavors.

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