Behind the Scenes of a Creative Business: Cherry Blossom Collection and Sticker Packs

Behind the Scenes of a Creative Business: Cherry Blossom Collection and Sticker Packs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning the Cherry Blossom Collection
  3. Creating Enamel Pins
    • 3.1 Designing the Bumble Butt Pin
    • 3.2 Illustrating Other Pins
  4. Color Selection for Enamel Pins
  5. Restocking Sticker Packs
  6. The Adventure of a Lost Letter
  7. Consideration for Sticker Bundles
  8. Calibrating Equipment for Illustration
  9. Second Sale Updates
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we'll dive into the world of a small business owner as they embark on the creative journey of designing and producing a cherry blossom-inspired collection. From enamel pins to restocking sticker packs and exploring the concept of sticker bundles, join us on a behind-the-scenes adventure filled with art, creativity, and business insights.

Planning the Cherry Blossom Collection

The article begins with the artist's inspiration for a cherry blossom-themed collection, switching from their initial plan of daffodils. It highlights the artist's connection with their audience on Patreon and the decision-making process behind the collection.

Creating Enamel Pins

3.1 Designing the Bumble Butt Pin

The artist describes the detailed design process of a popular Bumble Butt enamel pin, including color choices and size considerations. This section provides insights into the artist's creative process.

3.2 Illustrating Other Pins

Exploring additional illustrations for the cherry blossom collection, this section reveals the variety of designs and ideas behind multiple enamel pins, maintaining reader engagement with the creative journey.

Color Selection for Enamel Pins

Delving into the Pantone color selection process, the artist's decision-making, and the interaction with manufacturers for precise color matching are explored. The importance of collaboration and trust in the manufacturing process is emphasized.

Restocking Sticker Packs

This section covers the challenges and excitement of restocking sticker packs. The author's recount of the popularity of sticker packs and their impact on the business adds context and perspective.

The Adventure of a Lost Letter

The unexpected return of a two-year-old letter highlights the durability and quality of the artist's packaging. It serves as a unique and amusing anecdote, showcasing the brand's reliability and global reach.

Consideration for Sticker Bundles

The artist contemplates bringing back sticker bundles for collections and seeks input from the audience. This section engages readers by involving them in business decisions, adding an interactive element to the narrative.

Calibrating Equipment for Illustration

The article discusses equipment maintenance and the importance of calibration for a seamless artistic process. The artist's attention to detail and dedication to their craft is highlighted.

Second Sale Updates

The section provides information on the second sale and how to stay updated on product announcements. It emphasizes the exclusivity and uniqueness of these sales, creating a sense of urgency and excitement.


The article wraps up with a teaser for the next episode, hinting at the development of a Sakura spring range and the possibility of a new Washi stand. Readers are encouraged to stay tuned for more creative adventures.


  • The artist's switch from daffodils to cherry blossoms and the influence of audience input.
  • Detailed design process and decision-making for the Bumble Butt enamel pin.
  • The surprising return of a letter sent two years ago, showcasing the durability of packaging.
  • Contemplating the return of sticker bundles and involving the audience in business decisions.
  • Maintaining equipment and the importance of calibration for seamless art creation.
  • The excitement and exclusivity of second sales and product announcements.


Q1: How can I stay updated on second sales and product announcements? A1: To stay informed about second sales and product announcements, follow us on Instagram, where we regularly share updates and exciting news.

Q2: Are there plans for a Sakura-themed Washi stand? A2: Yes, in the upcoming episode, we'll explore the creation of a Sakura-themed Washi stand, so stay tuned for more details on this exciting addition to our collection.

Q3: Can you tell us more about the artist's Patreon community and its influence on their creative decisions? A3: The artist's Patreon community plays a vital role in their decision-making process. They often seek input and suggestions from their patrons, and this community's feedback can shape the direction of their creative projects.

Q4: What is the significance of sticker bundles, and will they be available for the Sakura collection? A4: Sticker bundles are a great way to get multiple stickers in one package, often with unique themes. While it's uncertain if sticker bundles will be available for the Sakura collection, the artist is considering bringing them back based on audience interest.

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