Discover the Top 108 Free AI Tools That Really Work

Discover the Top 108 Free AI Tools That Really Work

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Immerse: A Free AI Image Search Engine
  3. ToonTap: A Free AI Cartoon Filter App
  4. A Free Watermark Remover App
  5. Lumen5: A Free Text-to-Video Editor
  6. Canva: A Free AI Photo Editing App
  7. A Free AI Background Remover
  8. ClipChamp: A Free Automatic Video Editor
  9. A Free AI Chat App
  10. Stable Diffusion: A Free AI Art App
  11. Replicate: A Free Image Upscaler
  12. BrandCrowd: A Free Brand Name Generator
  13. BigSpeak AI: A Free Text-to-Speech App
  14. DeepAI: A Free AI Image Restoration App
  15. TinEye: A Free Reverse Image Search Engine
  16. ChatGPT: The Best Free Copywriter
  17. Fillout: A Free AI Quiz Maker
  18. AI Text Classifier: A Free AI Checker
  19. Grammar Checker: A Free AI Proofreader
  20. Let's Foodie: A Free Recipe Generator
  21. Soundful: A Free AI Music Generator
  22. Conclusion


AI apps have become popular and can be life-changing, but they often come with hefty price tags. In this article, we will explore 20 free AI apps that offer impressive features without breaking the bank. From image search engines to text-to-video editors, AI chat apps, and more, these apps provide valuable functionality at no cost. Let's dive in and discover the best free AI apps available.

1. Immerse: A Free AI Image Search Engine

Immerse is a free AI image search engine that helps users find similar but different free images with royalty-free licenses. Whether you're browsing Etsy or looking for inspiration for your own projects, Immerse utilizes AI technology to scour the internet and provide you with legally usable images. With Immerse, finding high-quality images without any cost or copyright issues is made easy.

2. ToonTap: A Free AI Cartoon Filter App

ToonTap is a simple yet powerful AI app that transforms photo portraits into incredible cartoons. From turning photos of yourself into Disney Pixar characters to creating eye-catching thumbnails for YouTube, ToonTap offers a range of fun and practical applications. While it initially requires a free trial for the pro account, you can easily switch to a free account with ads, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this AI cartoon filter app without spending a dime.

3. A Free Watermark Remover App

Free AI image apps often come with the drawback of watermarking the images they provide. However, allows you to easily remove watermarks from your images for free. By uploading the watermarked image, you can obtain a clean, watermark-free version effortlessly. Give a try and say goodbye to unwanted watermarks on your images.

4. Lumen5: A Free Text-to-Video Editor

Lumen5 is a free text-to-video editor that empowers users to turn their video scripts into engaging videos. By combining free stock videos with text and offering customization options, Lumen5 simplifies the video creation process. Whether you're looking to create mobile or full-screen videos, Lumen5 provides a vast library of resources and tools to bring your ideas to life.

5. Canva: A Free AI Photo Editing App

Canva is an immensely popular AI-powered photo editing app that offers a wide range of features for free. With Canva, transforming ordinary photos into stunning works of art is just a click away. Whether you want to experiment with different styles, apply various filters, or enhance your photos using AI technology, Canva has you covered. Additionally, Canva's Magic Eraser tool allows you to remove unwanted objects from your images, while the Magic Edit tool enables you to replace elements with just a few brushstrokes.

6. A Free AI Background Remover

While Canva provides a great AI background remover tool, specializes in this aspect. By using, you can easily remove the background of an image with precision and download it in the same high resolution. Take advantage of this free tool to create stunning compositions and graphics without the hassle of manual background removal.

7. ClipChamp: A Free Automatic Video Editor

ClipChamp is a free video editing app that offers an automatic video editor feature. By simply dropping in your video files and selecting the desired video type (mobile or full screen), ClipChamp will generate a video montage for you. Additionally, ClipChamp's AI technology allows you to apply various video filters, remove backgrounds, and even generate video captions effortlessly. Explore ClipChamp's capabilities and discover how it streamlines the video editing process.

8. A Free AI Chat App lets you engage with various characters, including celebrities like Elon Musk and fictional characters like Mario. This AI chat app is both an assistant and a free therapist. Whether you need assistance with tasks or seek a conversational experience, provides interactive conversations tailored to your needs. Experience the charm and helpfulness of this free AI chat app.

9. Stable Diffusion: A Free AI Art App

Stable Diffusion is an impressive AI art app that offers powerful capabilities for creating artwork. While installing this app can be a technical process, it rewards users with unparalleled features. Alternatively, Blue Willow provides a similar experience through Discord integration. However, if you're seeking the best app for creating artwork to sell, Midjourney is a top recommendation. Discover the limitless artistic possibilities unlocked by these free AI art apps.

10. Replicate: A Free Image Upscaler

When it comes to creating prints from Stable Diffusion-generated images, resolution can be a concern. Replicate is a free image upscaler that addresses this issue by intelligently increasing the resolution without compromising quality. By adding extra pixels, Replicate ensures your prints are of high resolution. Keep in mind that each AI image upscaler may yield different results, so explore other options to find the one that suits your preferences.

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