Discovering Winning Etsy Products

Discovering Winning Etsy Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Etsy Product Research Strategies
  3. Using E-Rank Trend Buzz
  4. Using Everbee
  5. Using Allura
  6. Using Etsy Hunt
  7. Using Jungle Scout
  8. Free Product Research Methods a. Amazon Handmade b. Amazon Movers and Shakers c. PPAds
  9. Conclusion

Etsy Product Research Strategies

Etsy has become a popular platform for drop shippers to generate profit. In this article, we will explore some effective Etsy product research strategies that have personally generated $250,000 in profit. These strategies include using tools such as E-Rank, Everbee, Allura, Etsy Hunt, Jungle Scout, as well as free resources like Amazon Handmade, Amazon Movers and Shakers, and PPAds.


Etsy is a thriving marketplace for handmade and unique products, making it an ideal platform for dropshipping. With the right product research strategies, you can uncover profitable opportunities and generate significant revenue. In this article, we will discuss various techniques and tools to help you find winning products on Etsy.

Using E-Rank Trend Buzz

E-Rank is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into Etsy trends. One of its features, Trend Buzz, allows you to analyze the popularity of keywords and discover rising trends. By setting the time frame to seven days, you can identify keywords and related terms that have recently gained popularity. This information can help you find niche products with high potential for success.

Using Everbee

Everbee is another valuable tool for Etsy product research. By using Everbee in combination with E-Rank, you can discover profitable keywords and verify their revenue potential. After identifying a trending keyword on E-Rank, simply input it into Everbee and sort the results by monthly revenue. This will provide you with a list of listings that have recently been created and are performing well in terms of revenue.

Using Allura

Allura is a paid tool that offers an extensive database of Etsy shops and their best-selling listings. By exploring the "best-selling Etsy shops" feature, you can discover successful listings in various categories. While Allura tends to showcase more established sellers, it still provides valuable insights into high-performing products. By analyzing these listings, you can gain inspiration and identify potential winning products to add to your own Etsy store.

Using Etsy Hunt

Etsy Hunt is a powerful product research tool specifically designed for Etsy. By accessing the Etsy product database, you can explore a wide range of listings. Sorting the results by "Seven Day Sales" will reveal the products that are currently experiencing high demand. This feature allows you to discover trending products on Etsy and capitalize on their popularity.

Using Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout, primarily used for Amazon product research, can also be a valuable resource for finding winning products on Etsy. By selecting the relevant categories and excluding top brands, you can search for products that are performing well on Amazon. This can provide you with unique product ideas that can be successfully implemented on Etsy. Remember to focus on personalized and niche products that align with the handmade and unique nature of Etsy.

Free Product Research Methods

If you prefer to save on costs, there are also free resources available that can help you find winning products on Etsy.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a platform created by Amazon to compete with Etsy. By exploring the best-selling items on Amazon Handmade, you can gain insights into products that have the potential to succeed on Etsy. Personalization and unique handmade items tend to perform well on Etsy, so pay close attention to such products on Amazon Handmade.

Amazon Movers and Shakers

Amazon Movers and Shakers is a list of the best-selling products that have recently experienced significant growth in sales. While not all products may be relevant to Etsy, exploring this list can uncover new trends and ideas. Focus on categories such as home and kitchen, clothing, shoes, jewelry, sports, and outdoors for potential Etsy products.


PPAds is a paid tool, but it offers a free section dedicated to Etsy products. By setting the search criteria to the last 30 days and sorting the results by sales growth, you can discover products that are currently trending on Etsy. This can help you identify high-potential listings and niche markets for your Etsy store.


Effective product research is crucial for success on Etsy. By utilizing a combination of paid tools like E-Rank, Everbee, Allura, Etsy Hunt, Jungle Scout, as well as free resources like Amazon Handmade, Amazon Movers and Shakers, and PPAds, you can uncover profitable opportunities and find winning products on the platform. Remember to focus on personalized and unique handmade items, explore trending keywords and categories, and continuously adapt your product selection based on market demands. Happy selling on Etsy!


  • Etsy is a thriving platform for dropshipping and generating profit.
  • Various tools such as E-Rank, Everbee, Allura, Etsy Hunt, Jungle Scout, as well as free resources like Amazon Handmade, Amazon Movers and Shakers, and PPAds can help with Etsy product research.
  • Personalization and unique handmade items tend to perform well on Etsy.
  • Trending keywords, categories, and recent sales growth can provide valuable insights.
  • Continuous adaptation to market demands is crucial for Etsy success.

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