Top-selling products on Etsy 2021

Top-selling products on Etsy 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Right Category on Etsy
  3. Understanding the Demand and Range of Products in the Category
  4. Identifying Best-Selling Items in the Category
  5. Studying the Metrics of Best-Selling Shops
  6. Using Allura to Analyze Data
  7. Researching the Audience and Understanding Buyer Preferences
  8. Determining Why Certain Products Sell Well
  9. Building a List of Best-Selling Products
  10. Enhancing Products to Outperform the Competition
  11. Listing and Optimizing Products for Maximum Visibility
  12. Conclusion



Welcome to the Seller's Lab! In this video, I'll be sharing with you everything you need to know about what to sell on Etsy. Whether you're new to selling on Etsy or looking to improve your sales, I'll guide you through a proven process that has generated over a hundred thousand sales on Etsy. By reverse engineering every aspect of selling, we'll uncover the secrets to maximizing your sales in any category. So let's dive right in and discover what products you should be selling on Etsy in 2021.

Finding the Right Category on Etsy

The first step in determining what to sell on Etsy is to choose the right category to sell in. But how do you know which category is the best fit for you? There are two key criteria to consider: demand and product range. You want to identify a category that has both a high demand and a wide range of products. This ensures that there are buyers actively looking to make purchases in that specific category. For example, women's t-shirts are a great category to start selling in on Etsy. There is a high demand for women's t-shirts, and there are countless styles, designs, and sayings to choose from, giving you a wide range of products to offer.

Understanding the Demand and Range of Products in the Category

Once you have chosen a category, it's important to dive deeper into understanding its potential. You want to ensure that there is a strong demand for the category and that there is a wide variety of products within that category. To evaluate the demand, you can start by searching for the base term of your category on Etsy. Scroll through the first page of results and look for shops with a high review count. This indicates that there is a significant amount of sales happening within that category. Additionally, you can open the top-reviewed shops and analyze their sales volume, how recently they opened, and the number of items they sell in the category. This data will give you a good sense of the potential of the category.

Identifying Best-Selling Items in the Category

Now that you have determined the potential of your chosen category, it's time to identify the best-selling items within that category. This step is crucial to understanding what products your audience is most interested in. Start by analyzing the products in the top-reviewed shops you previously identified. Look for products with high review counts, best-seller badges, and a significant number of people adding them to their carts. Take note of the listing date, how often the product sells, and the number of favorites it has. These metrics will help you identify the products that are consistently performing well in the category.

Studying the Metrics of Best-Selling Shops

To gain a deeper understanding of the metrics and trends within your category, it's important to closely study the best-selling shops. Focus on shops that have a high review count, recent opening dates, and consistent sales volume. By studying these top-performing shops, you can learn valuable insights about why certain products perform better than others. Pay attention to the style of fonts, colors, shirt styles, and branding used in their designs. Analyze their photography, product descriptions, and pricing strategies. This comprehensive analysis will provide you with a wealth of information to effectively cater to your audience's preferences.

Using Allura to Analyze Data

For a more automated approach to analyzing data, you can utilize a tool called Allura. This tool allows you to extract listing data from the top shops in your category. With Allura, you can view crucial information such as price points, favorites, total sales, monthly sales, and more. By filtering the data, you can quickly identify the best-performing products and gain a better understanding of the overall potential of your chosen category. This tool streamlines the process and saves you time, making it easier to make data-driven decisions and find the most profitable products for your store.

Researching the Audience and Understanding Buyer Preferences

To truly succeed in selling on Etsy, it's essential to understand your audience and their preferences. By analyzing the best-selling products in your category, you can gain valuable insights into why buyers are attracted to those items. Study the design elements, colors, and styles that resonate with your target audience. Pay attention to the verbiage used in product descriptions and images. By immersing yourself in the preferences of your audience, you'll be able to provide the products they truly desire and stand out from the competition.

Determining Why Certain Products Sell Well

As you research the best-selling products in your category, focus on understanding why these products sell well. Look for common trends and patterns among these top-performing items. Identify the key factors that make these products stand out, whether it's the unique design, the use of specific colors, or the incorporation of popular trends. By thoroughly analyzing these successful products, you'll gain valuable insights into what appeals to your target audience and how you can replicate their success.

Building a List of Best-Selling Products

Armed with knowledge about what products are performing well in your category, it's time to build a list of best-selling products for your own store. Compile a collection of high-potential items gathered from the top-reviewed shops. Ensure that each product meets the criteria of having strong metrics, including high sales volume, recent sales, and a significant number of favorites. This curated list of top-performing products will serve as a foundation for your success on Etsy.

Enhancing Products to Outperform the Competition

While the best-selling products in your chosen category are already successful, that doesn't mean you can't take them to the next level. With the insights you've gained from studying the market and understanding buyer preferences, you can enhance these products to outperform the competition. Consider improving the design, optimizing the product photography, refining the product description, and even adjusting the pricing strategy. By adding your personal touch and applying the knowledge you've acquired, you can make these already successful products even more appealing to your target audience.

Listing and Optimizing Products for Maximum Visibility

Now that you have a list of high-potential products, it's time to list them in your Etsy store. When creating the product listings, optimize them for maximum visibility and search engine optimization (SEO). Use relevant keywords in the titles, descriptions, and tags to ensure your products are easily discoverable by potential buyers. Craft compelling and informative descriptions that highlight the unique features and benefits of each product. Utilize high-quality images that showcase the product in the best possible light. By optimizing your listings, you'll increase your chances of ranking higher in Etsy's search results and attracting more customers.


Selling on Etsy can be a lucrative venture if you follow a strategic approach. By selecting the right category, researching buyer preferences, and optimizing your product listings, you can position yourself for success. Remember to continuously study the market, stay updated on trends, and adapt your strategies accordingly. With persistence and a commitment to delivering value to your customers, you can achieve significant sales growth and build a thriving Etsy business.


  • Choosing the right category on Etsy is crucial for success.
  • Understanding the demand and range of products in the category is essential.
  • Identifying best-selling items and studying their metrics helps you make informed decisions.
  • Allura is a helpful tool for analyzing data and uncovering trends.
  • Researching the audience and understanding buyer preferences is key to standing out.
  • Enhancing best-selling products can give you a competitive edge.
  • Optimizing product listings with SEO techniques increases visibility.
  • Continuously studying the market and adapting strategies leads to long-term success.


Q: How do I choose the right category on Etsy? A: Look for categories with high demand and a wide variety of products.

Q: Why is it important to study buyer preferences? A: Understanding what products resonate with your target audience helps you cater to their needs effectively.

Q: How can I optimize my product listings for maximum visibility? A: Use relevant keywords, compelling descriptions, and high-quality images to improve search engine ranking.

Q: Is it possible to enhance already successful products? A: Yes, by applying your knowledge and personal touch, you can make successful products even more appealing to buyers.

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