Mind-Blowing Digital Product Ideas for Etsy

Mind-Blowing Digital Product Ideas for Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Niche 1: Wedding 2.1 Seating Charts 2.2 Wedding Drink Tickets 2.3 Marriage Advice Cards 2.4 Table Numbers Template 2.5 Wedding Favor Tag Template 2.6 Wedding Checklist Printable 2.7 Wedding Activity Pages 2.8 Wedding Congrats Cards 2.9 Wedding Program Template
  3. Niche 2: Business 3.1 Business Plan Template 3.2 Bookkeeping Template 3.3 Instagram Post Templates 3.4 Email Marketing Template 3.5 Book Template 3.6 Brand Assets 3.7 Business Contract Templates 3.8 Email Signature Template 3.9 Thank You Cards
  4. Always in Demand Products 4.1 Quotes Wall Art Printable 4.2 Kids Playroom Prints 4.3 Digital Paper 4.4 Printable Journal Kit 4.5 Printable Flash Cards 4.6 Family Trivia Quiz 4.7 Workbook Template
  5. Bonus Products 5.1 Resumes and CV 5.2 Social Media Templates 5.3 Digital Stickers 5.4 Coloring Pages for Kids 5.5 Chore Chart for Kids
  6. Conclusion

The 25 Best Products to Sell on Etsy: Make Sales Easily

Are you looking for the best products to sell on Etsy? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 25 products that are guaranteed to make sales easily on Etsy. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced seller, there's something for everyone on this list!

Niche 1: Wedding

1. Seating Charts

Seating charts are one of the best selling products on Etsy, especially in the wedding niche. These simple charts indicate seating arrangements and require minimal graphics to create. With weddings taking place year-round, seating charts are an evergreen product that you should consider selling.

2. Wedding Drink Tickets

Wedding drink tickets can be a fun and creative product to make. They are easy to create and only require a few graphics and minimal text. Personalize them to match any wedding theme and watch your sales soar.

3. Marriage Advice Cards

Marriage advice cards are a delightful keepsake for weddings. Guests can share their wisdom and well wishes, making these cards a unique addition to any wedding. They are easy to design, can be personalized, and are generally bought in bulk, making them a profitable product to sell.

4. Table Numbers Template

Table numbers templates add an elegant touch to wedding reception decor. They are highly customizable and help keep guests organized and seated where they should be. With a good font that matches the theme, creating table numbers templates is a breeze. Check out websites like Creative Market for an endless variety of fonts and design elements.

5. Wedding Favor Tag Template

Wedding favor tag templates are popular because they allow you to express your gratitude and style. Personalize them to fit your wedding theme and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Get creative with different types of tags and messages to stand out from the competition.

6. Wedding Checklist Printable

Wedding checklist printables are a lifesaver for couples planning their big day. They help keep track of all the wedding details and make wedding planning a breeze. Create a comprehensive checklist with boxes to mark off completed tasks and offer your customers stress-free organization.

7. Wedding Activity Pages

Wedding activity pages are a hit, adding fun and interaction to weddings. Create printable activity pages that entertain guests and make every activity more memorable. While it may require some skills, websites like Creative Fabrica offer pre-designed graphics and complete activity pages to make the process easier.

8. Wedding Congrats Cards

Wedding congrats cards add a personal touch to any wedding. Customize these cards with your own message or design and tap into the low competition market in the wedding niche. Keep it simple and beginner-friendly to attract customers with minimal efforts.

9. Wedding Program Template

Wedding program templates act as a guide for guests, introducing events of the party and explaining everything related to the wedding. Customize them with essential wedding events to meet your customers' basic needs. Add different activities and essential details to ensure an informative and visually appealing product.

Niche 2: Business

10. Business Plan Template

Business plan templates are a must-have for startups and small businesses. Simplify the planning process by offering customizable and visually appealing templates that meet the needs of different business types. Ensure your templates are fully editable so that customers can tailor them to their specific requirements.

11. Bookkeeping Template

Bookkeeping templates are essential for businesses trying to keep their finances in order. Simplify financial record-keeping with customizable templates suitable for different business types. Enable customers to track their inventory, analyze data, and stay organized. Offer additional resources such as graphs and analysis to attract customers.

12. Instagram Post Templates

Instagram post templates help businesses create stunning visuals that engage their audience. Save time and offer fully editable bundles of Instagram posts. Provide various themes and designs that cater to different types of businesses. Stand out by offering a wide range of templates and customizable options.

13. Email Marketing Template

A sleek and personalized email marketing template leaves a lasting impression on recipients. Help businesses enhance their email marketing strategies with professionally designed templates. Offer a range of customizable options to cater to various industries. Analyze competitors' products to identify the essential features and keywords to include in your templates.

14. Book Template

Book templates are a valuable resource for authors and content creators looking to self-publish. Create versatile templates that simplify the process of creating professional eBooks. Offer customizable options and cater to different genres and themes. Ensure your templates are fully editable and compatible with popular design software.

15. Brand Assets

Brand assets, including logo designs and color palettes, are essential for businesses looking to establish a strong visual identity. Create brand kits that ensure brand consistency and professionalism. Customize the assets to suit different types of businesses and themes. Provide ready-made assets bundles to cater to new brands seeking visual inspiration.

16. Business Contract Templates

Business contract templates simplify the process of creating legally sound contracts for small businesses. Tap into the demand for customizable templates that save time and offer easy customization. Ensure that your templates are designed to meet legal requirements and accommodate various business types.

17. Email Signature Template

Email signatures play a significant role in leaving a professional impression on recipients. Offer sleek and personalized email signature templates that are easy to edit and customize. Provide various design options to cater to different industries and ensure compatibility with popular design tools like Canva.

18. Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a popular product for businesses looking to leave a good impression on their customers. Personalize these cards with shop names, contact information, and other details. Offer designs that are visually appealing and suitable for different occasions. Ensure your cards are editable and customizable for added convenience.

Always in Demand Products

19. Quotes Wall Art Printable

Quotes wall art printables are one of the easiest products to sell on Etsy. Create minimalistic designs with suitable fonts and quotes to cater to different tastes. With high demand for inspirational wall art, tapping into this market can be a lucrative opportunity for sellers.

20. Kids Playroom Prints

Kids playroom prints combine creativity and fun. Create designs suitable for children, including days of the week, numbers, and alphabet prints. Use illustrations and vibrant colors to attract parents and caregivers looking to decorate playrooms.

21. Digital Paper

Digital paper offers endless possibilities for crafting and design projects. Create patterns, textures, and seamless designs that customers can use as backgrounds, wrapping paper, and more. Offer themed digital paper packs for different occasions and styles to cater to a wide range of customers.

22. Printable Journal Kit

Printable journal kits are a hit among journal lovers. Include pages, graphics, quotes, and textures to provide a complete journaling experience. Create designs suitable for different themes and styles to attract customers who seek unique and visually appealing journaling materials.

23. Printable Flash Cards

Printable flash cards are versatile learning tools for students, teachers, and parents. Create flash cards for numbers, colors, alphabet learning, and more. Use graphics and clear typography to enhance the educational value of these flash cards.

24. Family Trivia Quiz

Family trivia quizzes provide hours of fun and entertainment for family gatherings. Create a collection of questions and answers suitable for all ages. Customize the trivia quizzes for different occasions and themes to appeal to a wide range of customers.

25. Workbook Template

Workbook templates are invaluable educational resources for teachers, students, and professionals. Offer structured frameworks and exercises to enhance learning and organization. Customize the templates for different subjects and create visually appealing materials that cater to various target audiences.


  • Explore the top 25 best products to sell on Etsy
  • Two niches covered: Wedding and Business
  • Each product description includes features, benefits, and tips for success
  • Always in demand products cater to various customer preferences
  • Bonus products offer additional revenue opportunities
  • Tips and insights for beginners and experienced sellers
  • Free Etsy Shop kit for hassle-free shop setup


Q: What are the best products to sell on Etsy? A: The best products to sell on Etsy range from wedding-related items like seating charts and wedding favor tags to business templates like business plans and email marketing templates. Additionally, products like quotes wall art printables and printable flashcards are always in demand.

Q: What is the advantage of selling wedding-related products on Etsy? A: Etsy is a popular platform for wedding-related products due to its specific niche audience. Wedding products have a high demand, especially seating charts, wedding favor tags, and wedding checklist printables. Furthermore, Etsy allows sellers to tap into the wedding market year-round.

Q: Which business-related products are popular on Etsy? A: Business-related products that are popular on Etsy include business plan templates, bookkeeping templates, Instagram post templates, and brand assets. These products cater to startups and small businesses looking for resources to streamline their processes and enhance their online presence.

Q: How can beginners succeed on Etsy? A: Beginners can succeed on Etsy by starting with easy-to-create products like quotes wall art printables and thank you cards. They can also research and analyze existing products in their niche to identify trends and customer preferences. Offering customizable options, visually appealing designs, and excellent customer service are essential for success on Etsy.

Q: Are there any free resources available for Etsy sellers? A: Yes, in the article, there is a free Etsy Shop kit mentioned. This shop kit includes templates for a logo, banner, thank you banner, and product images, which can be downloaded for free to assist new Etsy sellers in setting up their shop quickly and beautifully.

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