Behind the Scenes of an Online Plant Shop on Etsy

Behind the Scenes of an Online Plant Shop on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Running an Online Plant Shop on Etsy
    1. Overview of the Week's Activities
    2. Shipping Orders
    3. Taking Plant Cuttings and Watering
    4. Photographing and Listing Plants
  3. Editing and Organizing
  4. Filming Videos
    1. Repotting Plants
    2. Filming Plant Care Videos
  5. Day Off and Plant Maintenance
    1. Sunday Routine
    2. Cleaning and Checking Plants
    3. Shipping Orders
  6. Behind the Scenes of a Small Business
    1. Importance of Supporting Small Businesses
    2. Sacrifices and Support System
  7. Conclusion

Running an Online Plant Shop on Etsy

Are you passionate about plants and want to turn your hobby into a thriving business? Running an online plant shop on Etsy could be the perfect opportunity for you. In this article, we will take a behind-the-scenes look at a week in the life of Michaela, the owner of Queen City Tropicals, as she operates her successful online plant shop on Etsy.

Overview of the Week's Activities

Michaela begins by giving an introduction to her week and the tasks she will be completing. She explains that this particular week is a bit slower since she didn't restock the previous week due to tax-related issues. She mentions having five orders to fulfill, which is fewer than usual. Michaela also provides a link to a video explaining how she ships plants, emphasizing her attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Shipping Orders

On Tuesday, Michaela focuses on taking cuttings from her plants and watering them. She admits to not feeling her best that day but is determined to push through and complete her tasks. She contemplates filming a plant tour video but expresses concern about her mood affecting the quality of the content. Despite her doubts, she proceeds with taking cuttings and hopes that working with her plants will improve her mood.

Photographing and Listing Plants

Wednesday is dedicated to potting up the cuttings that have rooted and selecting plants for restocking her shop. Michaela takes the viewers inside her house where she photographs the plants she will be listing on her Etsy shop. She mentions the importance of making a list to ensure no plants are missed when listing them online. She photographs the plants using a softbox and her phone for simplicity and efficiency. Michaela acknowledges that the process may not be the most exciting to watch, but it is a crucial and time-consuming part of running her business.

Editing and Organizing

Thursday is an office day for Michaela as she focuses on editing videos and performing various administrative tasks. She shares her goal of uploading two videos per week but also expresses her hesitation in committing to this schedule due to the risk of burnout. She devotes the day to video editing, organizing receipts, and general office-related activities. While she acknowledges that this may not be the most thrilling content to film, she assures the viewers of its importance in the overall operation of her business.

Filming Videos

Friday is dedicated to plant care, filming, and video editing. Despite facing challenges with road construction noise near her house, Michaela remains determined to film two videos that day. She explains her plans for filming and expresses her anxiety and frustration about the noise disruption. Michaela reassures viewers that she often spends her evenings like an "old lady," enjoying activities such as going for walks and gardening. She proceeds with filming, showcasing her casual repotting techniques and presenting her true, authentic self to the camera.

Day Off and Plant Maintenance

Sunday is the designated day off for Michaela, giving her the opportunity to relax and recharge. Although she admits to doing some light cleaning and housekeeping tasks, she avoids work-related activities. However, she takes a moment to share her procedures for cleaning and preparing plants for shipping the following day. Michaela highlights the importance of maintaining the quality of the plants and fulfilling customer orders promptly.

Behind the Scenes of a Small Business

In the final section of the article, Michaela reflects on the misconceptions surrounding small business owners working from home. She acknowledges the extensive efforts and dedication required to run a successful small business. Michaela emphasizes the importance of customers' support and expresses gratitude to her husband, who plays an integral role in the business's behind-the-scenes operations. She encourages readers to support small businesses and appreciates the opportunities her business has afforded her.


  • Journey of operating an online plant shop on Etsy
  • Behind-the-scenes look into a week in the life of a small business owner
  • Shipping orders and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Taking plant cuttings and performing daily plant care tasks
  • Photographing and listing plants on Etsy
  • Video editing and administrative tasks
  • Filming repotting and plant care videos
  • Day off and plant maintenance routine
  • Addressing misconceptions about small business owners
  • Importance of supporting small businesses


Q: How long has Michaela been running her online plant shop on Etsy? A: Michaela has been operating her online plant shop on Etsy for some time but provides a detailed look into a single week of her business activities.

Q: How does Michaela handle shipping orders? A: Michaela pays close attention to properly packaging and shipping orders to ensure the safe arrival of plants. She even has a video explaining her shipping process.

Q: What equipment does Michaela use for plant photography? A: Michaela uses a softbox and her phone to capture high-quality photos of her plants for listing on her Etsy shop.

Q: Does Michaela experience any challenges in running her business? A: Yes, Michaela encounters challenges such as road construction noise and occasional motivational issues. However, she remains committed to her business and finds ways to overcome these obstacles.

Q: How does Michaela balance her personal life and running her business? A: Michaela emphasizes the support she receives from her husband, who plays a significant role in behind-the-scenes operations. She also allocates a specific day for personal time to relax and recharge.

Q: Does Michaela discuss the importance of supporting small businesses? A: Yes, Michaela expresses her gratitude for the support she receives and highlights the value of supporting small businesses in general. She dispels misconceptions about the amount of work required to run a successful small business.

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