Upgrade Your Milwaukee Packout with These Genius Mods!

Upgrade Your Milwaukee Packout with These Genius Mods!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bottom Drawer: Basic Hand Tools
  3. Hole Saw Drawer
  4. Storage for Dewalt Tools
  5. Nails and Fasteners Drawer
  6. Miscellaneous Drawer
  7. Drill and Multi-tool Drawer
  8. Bit Storage Drawer
  9. PPE Drawer
  10. M18 Radio and Bluetooth
  11. Fixings and Bits Drawer
  12. Modification: Packable Joey Jr.
  13. Other Modifications and Attachments
  14. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore a new pack out setup that has been implemented during a house renovation project. The setup includes various modifications and additions to enhance organization and functionality. We will go through each drawer and discuss the tools and equipment stored in them. Additionally, we will highlight any modifications that have been made to optimize the pack out system. So let's dive in and take a closer look at this innovative setup.

Bottom Drawer: Basic Hand Tools

The bottom drawer of the pack out system serves as a storage space for basic hand tools. While the organization may seem minimal, it is designed to provide easy access to essential tools during the renovation process. Foam inserts are not used in this setup, as they tend to take up too much space. Instead, all the tools are placed together in the drawer for convenience. The items stored in this drawer include knives, marking tools, and various bits and pieces.

Hole Saw Drawer

Moving up the pack out system, we come to the hole saw drawer. This drawer is specifically dedicated to storing hole saws, including the popular "Big Daddy" model. With hole saws of various sizes and types, this drawer offers a comprehensive selection for electrical testing and other applications. It also includes auger bits, the Diablo kit, and other drilling accessories. The drawer is organized to ensure easy access and efficient use of the tools.

Storage for Dewalt Tools

The next drawer in the pack out system is dedicated to storing Dewalt tools. This drawer contains a small sledgy pry bar and a few clamps. The Dewalt clamps are highly recommended for their affordability and reliability. While this drawer may seem minimal, it provides convenient access to specific Dewalt tools needed during the renovation process.

Nails and Fasteners Drawer

As the renovation project progresses, the need for various nails and fasteners arises. To address this, a dedicated drawer is included in the pack out system for storing different types of nails, including framing nails, brad nails, and finishing nails. The connector nails are also stored in their respective containers for easy organization. However, due to the weight of the nails, caution must be exercised when using this drawer to prevent overloading the pack out system.

Miscellaneous Drawer

The following drawer serves as a catch-all for various tools and consumables. It contains grinding discs, reciprocating saw bits, solder tape, and other miscellaneous items necessary for the renovation project. This drawer provides easy access to frequently used consumables and allows for quick and efficient work.

Drill and Multi-tool Drawer

In this drawer, the focus is on drills and multi-tools. The recently acquired M12 drill, featuring a brushless motor, is prominently showcased. This drill has proven to be a reliable and powerful tool for the renovation project. Additionally, the Hilti impact driver is being tested and performs exceptionally well. While comparisons with other models are not possible at the moment, the Hilti impact driver has met expectations. The Hilti impact driver is still going strong, and its compact design makes it ideal for confined spaces.

Bit Storage Drawer

A dedicated drawer is used to store an assortment of drill bits and accessories. While the current storage method is not ideal, with all the bits thrown together, future plans include investing in a proper drill bit case. The Milwaukee impact-rated drill bits are highly recommended for use with impact drivers. Additionally, a collection of Wera bits, including the Tool Check Plus kit, is proudly displayed. These bits offer versatility and convenience in various applications, making them an essential part of the pack out system.

PPE Drawer

Safety is prioritized in the renovat

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