Unboxing the Enchanting Oberon: A Royal Shoulder Dragon!

Unboxing the Enchanting Oberon: A Royal Shoulder Dragon!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Dragon
  3. Dragon Features and Details
    • 3.1 Dragon Appearance
    • 3.2 Poseability and Articulation
    • 3.3 Materials Used
  4. The Artist and Their Artwork
    • 4.1 Sherry from Dragon Tree
    • 4.2 Care and Detail in the Artwork
  5. Quality and Build of the Dragon
    • 5.1 Attention to Detail
    • 5.2 Inspection and Stitching
    • 5.3 Reviews and Build Quality
  6. Wearing the Dragon on Your Shoulder
    • 6.1 How to Secure the Dragon
    • 6.2 Adjusting the Dragon for a Secure Fit
  7. Showing off Your Dragon
  8. Conclusion

Unboxing a Unique Dragon Art Doll

Hey guys, gadget girl Kylie here! Today, I am incredibly excited to share with you my special unboxing experience. I recently purchased a one-of-a-kind art doll, a stunning dragon, that I've been dreaming of adding to my collection for quite some time. Join me in this unboxing video as I reveal the details and features of this extraordinary creation from the talented artist, Sherry from Dragon Tree on Etsy.

1. Introduction

As an avid collector of unique and exquisite pieces of art, this dragon art doll holds a special place in my heart. From the moment I saw pictures of it online, I knew I had to have it. This unboxing video aims to give you a closer look at the craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating this beautiful dragon.

2. Unboxing the Dragon

Let's dive right into the unboxing process! The box itself is quite large, giving me high hopes for what awaits inside. Before revealing the dragon, I find a little card and a scroll with shipping information, receipts, and instructions. It's evident that Sherry has taken great care in packaging and providing all the necessary details for a delightful unboxing experience.

3. Dragon Features and Details

The dragon is finally unveiled, and its vibrant blue and black colors immediately catch my eye. Its wings shimmer and shine, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail put into each scale. Most parts of the dragon are poseable, including the tail, wings, ears, and even the fingers. This flexibility allows for various poses, whether standing up or lying down, adding to the overall charm and versatility of the art doll.

3.1 Dragon Appearance

This dragon, named Oberon, lives up to its majestic name. With spikes running along its back and horns that can be moved and posed, Oberon exudes power and grace. The addition of glass eyes and dyed ostrich feathers gives the dragon a lifelike quality, capturing the imagination and fascination of anyone who sets their eyes upon it.

3.2 Poseability and Articulation

A key feature of this art doll is its poseability. The artist has incorporated wire armature in the tail, wings, and ears, allowing for seamless adjustments. The arms and legs also have buttons for easy posing, lending a sense of interactivity and playfulness to the dragon. Whether you prefer a regal, upright stance or a more relaxed, reclining position, this dragon can be arranged to suit your desired aesthetic.

3.3 Materials Used

Looking closely at Oberon, it is evident that the materials used are of top-notch quality. The vibrant blue scales, shimmery wings, and black fur all contribute to the dragon's overall allure. The attention to detail in selecting the fabrics and feathers showcases the artist's commitment to creating a truly exceptional piece of art.

4. The Artist and Their Artwork

Behind every extraordinary art piece is a talented artist, and Sherry from Dragon Tree exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and care. Exploring the artist's background and their artistic style adds another layer of appreciation for this dragon art doll.

4.1 Sherry from Dragon Tree

Sherry, the artist behind Dragon Tree, has gained recognition for her unique creations. Her dedication to her craft and attention to detail are evident in each piece she creates. The Etsy page offers an insight into her artistic journey and showcases a range of dragons available for purchase.

4.2 Care and Detail in the Artwork

One aspect that sets Sherry apart is her thoughtfulness and care throughout the purchasing process. From the personalized instructions and thoughtful packaging to the inclusion of information on how to care for the dragon, it is clear that she genuinely values her customers and wants them to have the best experience possible.

5. Quality and Build of the Dragon

Now, let's dive deeper into the quality and build of this striking dragon art doll. It is essential to examine the stitching, durability, and overall impressions left by the piece.

5.1 Attention to Detail

Upon thorough inspection, it is evident that the attention to detail in crafting this dragon is extraordinary. The stitching is flawless, showcasing the artist's skill and precision. Every element, from the spikes on the wings to the claws on the feet, has been meticulously crafted to enhance the dragon's overall aesthetic appeal.

5.2 Inspection and Stitching

Off-camera, I spent considerable time inspecting the dragon, and I am delighted to report that there are no flaws or imperfections in the stitching or construction. The dragon's expertly executed craftsmanship ensures its long-lasting durability and will undoubtedly bring joy and wonder for years to come.

5.3 Reviews and Build Quality

The exceptional build quality of these Dragon Tree art dolls is consistently praised by customers. The reviews on the Etsy page consistently highlight the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and overall satisfaction with the purchased dragons. This positive feedback further solidifies the reputation of Dragon Tree as a trusted and admired artist in the art doll community.

6. Wearing the Dragon on Your Shoulder

One of the unique features of this dragon art doll is its ability to be worn on your shoulder. Discover how to securely position the dragon and have it accompany you on your adventures.

6.1 How to Secure the Dragon

To wear the dragon on your shoulder, it is essential to position it correctly. Placing the dragon's tail across your front and tucking it behind your shoulder ensures the dragon stays in place securely. The dragon's design allows for easy movement while keeping it perched on your shoulder, making it a perfect accessory for cosplay events or simply showcasing your adorable pet dragon.

6.2 Adjusting the Dragon for a Secure Fit

Finding the perfect fit for the dragon on your shoulder may require a bit of adjustment. Take some time to experiment with positioning and make any necessary tweaks to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Once properly adjusted, you can confidently showcase your dragon on your shoulder, capturing the attention and admiration of those around you.

7. Showing off Your Dragon

Now that you have your dragon securely perched on your shoulder, it's time to show it off! Whether you're attending a cosplay event, gathering with fellow art enthusiasts, or simply strolling through your day-to-day life, the dragon is sure to turn heads. Embrace the opportunity to share the story of your unique dragon and Sherry's incredible craftsmanship.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, the unboxing and exploration of this dragon art doll have left me in awe of the creativity and skill behind its creation. From the vibrant colors and poseability to the attention to detail and secure shoulder-wearing feature, this dragon is undoubtedly a remarkable addition to any art collection. Explore Dragon Tree's Etsy shop to discover more incredible dragons and embark on your own unforgettable journey with these captivating art dolls.


  • A one-of-a-kind, vibrant blue and black dragon art doll is unboxed in this video by gadget girl Kylie.
  • The art doll features poseable parts, including wings, tail, ears, and fingers, allowing for various poses and arrangements.
  • Sherry from Dragon Tree on Etsy is the talented artist behind this exceptional dragon art doll.
  • The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the artwork create a truly remarkable piece, reflecting the artist's dedication and care.
  • The build quality of the dragon is impressive, with flawless stitching and attention to detail in every aspect of its design.
  • The dragon can be securely perched on the shoulder, making it a unique and eye-catching accessory for cosplay events or everyday life.


Q: Are the dragons from Dragon Tree available in different sizes? A: Yes, Dragon Tree offers a range of dragons, including smaller ones with poseable wings.

Q: Can the dragon's wings be folded and posed in different positions? A: Yes, the wings of the dragon are poseable, thanks to wire armatures that allow for easy adjustments.

Q: How secure is the dragon when worn on the shoulder? A: With proper positioning and adjustment, the dragon can be securely worn on the shoulder, adding an enchanting touch to any outfit.

Q: Is the dragon's craftsmanship highly praised by customers? A: Yes, customers consistently praise the attention to detail and build quality of Dragon Tree's art dolls, including these exceptional dragons.

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