Unboxing an Epic RGB Custom Built Gaming PC!

Unboxing an Epic RGB Custom Built Gaming PC!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Etsy RGB Gaming System
  3. Overview of the Hardware Components
  4. The Build Quality and Design of the System
  5. Performance and Gaming Experience
  6. Pricing and Value for Money
  7. Issues with Shipping and Additional Costs
  8. Conclusion

Unboxing the Etsy RGB Gaming System

In this article, we will be exploring the world of DIY gaming PCs by diving into the realm of Etsy. Yes, you read that right. Etsy, the popular online marketplace known for handmade crafts and unique items, is now home to an RGB gaming system. Join us as we unbox this intriguing product and see if it lives up to its promises.

Overview of the Hardware Components

As we delve into the contents of the box, we are greeted with a small and lightweight package. The accessories included are a Wi-Fi USB adapter dongle, a display port to HDMI adapter, and a power cable. These eco-friendly additions give us a glimpse into the mindset of the friendship bracelet manufacturer behind this handmade gaming PC.

Moving on to the system itself, we discover that it is essentially a Dell Optiplex with some added features. However, the exact specifications of the hardware remain a mystery, thanks to a poorly explained parts breakdown in the Etsy listing. Despite this, we examine the exterior of the system, noticing some dated features such as PS2 ports and a Mesozoic period USB port.

The Build Quality and Design of the System

Now, it is time to open up the friendship bracelet PC and take a look inside. Upon first glance, we are captivated by the interesting cooling solution present in the system. A blower fan, accompanied by a heatsink with heat pipes, catches our attention. However, a closer examination reveals a fan under the DVD drive that appears to be choked and may not be functioning optimally.

As we explore further, we come across the low profile graphics card, which is an AMD Radeon HD 8490. This unfamiliar card piques our curiosity, and a quick search confirms its specifications. Surprisingly, it surpasses the performance of a GT 710, making it a decent addition to this unique gaming system.

Performance and Gaming Experience

With the system fully assembled, it's time to put it to the test and see how it performs in gaming. We start with low-resolution settings in a popular game, and while the frame rates hover around 40 frames per second, the presence of noticeable jaggies is hard to ignore. The CPU works hard to keep up with the low-profile AMD graphics card, adding a level of balance to the system. Adding a larger external graphics card would not significantly improve gaming performance, as the components are already well-matched.

We further investigate its gaming capabilities with titles like CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite. While the system claims to excel at esports gaming, the actual gameplay falls short. Frame drops and sluggish performance hinder the immersive experience. Although playable, the system struggles to deliver the desired level of performance for smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Pricing and Value for Money

Now, let's talk about the price. The Etsy listing boasted about the system's performance, making it seem like a great deal. However, reality hits hard when considering the cost. At a price tag of over $300 for a nine-year-old gaming PC with oversold keywords and a handmade touch, the value for money seems questionable. Furthermore, once shipping fees are accounted for, the total cost jumps to a whopping $500, with an additional $120 in potentially inflated shipping charges. The disparity between the actual shipping cost and the fees paid raises concerns and reminds us to be cautious when purchasing from platforms like Etsy.

Issues with Shipping and Additional Costs

One of the downsides of buying a custom PC from a lesser-known platform like Etsy is the potential for inflated shipping fees. In this case, the discrepancy between the actual shipping cost and what was paid is significant. While the product itself may have some merit, the additional costs associated with shipping tarnish the overall purchasing experience. It serves as a reminder to carefully evaluate the total expenses when considering a product from online marketplaces.


In conclusion, the Etsy RGB gaming system offers a unique take on DIY gaming PCs. While the components and build quality are decent, the overall gaming performance falls short of expectations. The pricing structure, especially when considering the shipping fees, raises concerns about value for money. As consumers, it is important to thoroughly research and compare options before committing to a purchase.

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