Top Selling Etsy Items: Make $100+ Per Item in 2022

Top Selling Etsy Items: Make $100+ Per Item in 2022

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing a Profitable Customer
  3. Choosing the Profitable Product Mix
  4. Importance of Average Order Value
  5. 15 Product Ideas for High Average Order Value 5.1 Duvet Sets 5.2 Bundled Digital Products 5.3 Adult Halloween Costumes 5.4 Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets 5.5 Dining Table Legs 5.6 Custom Footwear 5.7 Sets of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts 5.8 Personalized Cutting Boards 5.9 Bridal Separates 5.10 Leather Laptop Bags 5.11 High-Quality Rugs 5.12 Home Address Signage 5.13 Montessori Play Gym and Climbing Gyms 5.14 Handmade Doll Sets 5.15 Small Business Bundles for Digital Product Shops
  6. Conclusion

Driving Up Your Average Order Value: 15 Product Ideas for High Average Order Value

Welcome back to my channel! Today, we're going to discuss something crucial for Etsy shop owners: driving up your average order value. As a seasoned Etsy shop owner with over six and a half years of experience and 1.3 million dollars in sales, I've learned the importance of selling higher price point items. In this article, I will share 15 product ideas that can help you increase your average order value and bring your Etsy shop to new heights of success.


When starting an Etsy shop, many people focus on what they can make or sell. However, it is essential to shift your perspective and prioritize choosing a profitable customer and then selecting the right product mix for them. By understanding your target customer's preferences and spending habits, you can offer products that meet their needs and drive up your average order value.

Choosing a Profitable Customer

Before diving into product selection, it's crucial to identify a profitable customer. Analyze your niche market and understand the demographics, interests, and purchasing power of your ideal customer. By choosing a profitable customer upfront, you can tailor your product offerings to cater to their specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the Profitable Product Mix

Once you've identified your ideal customer, it's time to choose the right product mix. Instead of starting with multiple product ideas, focus on offering one core product that aligns with your chosen customer's preferences. This approach allows you to narrow down your target audience, optimize your marketing efforts, and deepen your expertise in a specific niche.

Importance of Average Order Value

Your average order value plays a crucial role in determining your Etsy shop's success. Selling higher price point items can skyrocket your overall revenue and help you achieve your financial goals faster. For example, selling 30,000 dollars a month on Etsy is much easier when you focus on selling 300 items to a hundred people rather than trying to sell lower-priced items to thousands of customers.

15 Product Ideas for High Average Order Value

Now that we understand the significance of average order value let's explore 15 product ideas that can help you achieve this goal within your Etsy shop. These product ideas have been carefully curated to attract customers who are willing to spend a hundred dollars or more.

1. Duvet Sets

Offer high-quality duvet sets that go beyond the average print-on-demand options. Invest in sourcing or working with an inexpensive seamstress to create duvet cover sets that customers will see as valuable. Duvet sets almost always sell for over a hundred dollars, presenting an excellent opportunity to boost your average order value.

2. Bundled Digital Products

For digital shops, create a bundle that combines all the offerings in your shop. By bundling multiple digital products into one listing, you can offer customers a comprehensive solution and charge a higher price point, aiming for a hundred dollars or more. Ensure you regularly update the bundle as you add new items to your shop.

3. Adult Halloween Costumes

Tap into the adult Halloween costume market by offering unique and high-quality costumes for adults. Consider creating his and her combinations or family costume sets. Adults are often willing to spend over a hundred dollars on ready-made costumes that come with accessories, making this a profitable product idea.

4. Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets

Fill the gap in the wedding market by offering silk flower wedding bouquets. Many brides are ready to spend well over a hundred dollars on a bouquet, making it an excellent high price point item. Consider offering preset bouquet designs in classic colors like white, off-white, and blush, allowing for customization at a higher price.

5. Dining Table Legs

Offer a selection of high-quality dining table legs that customers can use to customize their table. By providing various styles and finishes, you can cater to customers' preferences and charge between a hundred to two hundred dollars for a set of four. This product idea allows for multiple listings and a wide range of inventory options without overwhelming your resources.

6. Custom Footwear

Tap into the market of custom-painted or bedazzled footwear. Sneakers and other shoes that are personalized are highly sought after by shoe enthusiasts who are willing to pay over a hundred dollars for a unique pair. Consider offering customization options like color choices or rhinestone embellishments to increase the perceived value.

7. Sets of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

Cater to engaged couples by offering curated sets of bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Couples often allocate a substantial budget for these gifts, making it an ideal product category for higher-priced items. Package sets of five bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts and price them between a hundred to two hundred dollars, offering options that will make their wedding planning easier and more memorable.

8. Personalized Cutting Boards

Create personalized cutting boards that can be engraved or enhanced with resin. Market these boards as unique wedding gifts, highlighting their customization and high-quality craftsmanship. With an average spending expectation of around a hundred dollars for wedding gifts, personalized cutting boards provide an excellent opportunity to boost your average order value.

9. Bridal Separates

Offer bridal separates, such as jumpsuits or separate tops and bottoms, for brides who want alternatives to traditional wedding dresses. Guide customers through alteration processes to achieve a handmade category product. Bridal separates are typically priced over a hundred dollars, making them an attractive option to drive up your average order value.

10. Leather Laptop Bags

Sell high-quality, timeless leather laptop bags that cater to professionals and gift seekers. Leather bags are versatile and always in demand, making them a great year-round seller. Pricing these high-quality bags at a hundred dollars or more positions them as an investment piece and allows for profitable margins.

11. High-Quality Rugs

Offer high-quality rugs that stand the test of time, focusing on locally sourced or ethically curated options. While rug inventory may vary, these high price point items are in demand year-round and often justify spending over a hundred dollars. Consider local wholesale opportunities or tap into niche rug markets to stand out from the competition.

12. Home Address Signage

Create personalized home address signage, including rocks or stones with engraved house numbers or customized mailboxes. Customers are willing to invest in the aesthetic appeal of their homes, making home address signage a high price point item. Explore different options like wreaths with integrated house numbers or customization add-ons for greater utility.

13. Montessori Play Gym and Climbing Gyms

Develop self-assembled play gyms and climbing gyms for children, allowing customers to create engaging spaces for their little ones. The self-assembly aspect provides an affordable shipping solution while still offering a high price point item. Market these gyms as educational and fun, targeting parents who are willing to invest in their children's development.

14. Handmade Doll Sets

Curate handmade doll sets that stand out from mass-produced alternatives. Target the customization aspect by offering options like hair color and skin tone choices. Handmade doll sets are often priced over a hundred dollars, and by providing customization, you can charge a premium and attract customers seeking unique toys.

15. Small Business Bundles for Digital Product Shops

Create bundles specifically tailored to small businesses and entrepreneurs. These bundles can consist of various tools, such as bookkeeping worksheets, pricing calculators, and financial planning templates. By offering solutions that help small businesses make more money or manage their finances better, you can charge over a hundred dollars for these valuable resources.


Driving up your average order value is a key strategy for Etsy shop owners looking to achieve multi-six figure success. By carefully selecting profitable customers and offering high price point products, you can boost your overall revenue and reach your financial goals faster. Consider implementing the 15 product ideas discussed in this article to attract customers willing to spend a hundred dollars or more. Remember, success on Etsy comes from keeping your eye on the ball and continuously working to increase your average order value.

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