Make $19K/Month Selling Canva Templates on Etsy!

Make $19K/Month Selling Canva Templates on Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Researching Profitable Digital Products
    1. Using the Everbee Chrome Extension
    2. Analyzing Competitors and Marketplace
    3. Understanding Revenue and Shop Age
  3. Finding Profitable Canva Templates
    1. Searching for Canva Templates
    2. Filtering Results with Everbee Tool
  4. Building the Listing
    1. Customizing Canva Templates
    2. Making Edits and Adjustments
    3. Creating Cohesive Bundles
  5. Sharing and Selling on Etsy
    1. Creating Template Links with Canva Pro
    2. Adding Links to PDF Documents
    3. Uploading Templates on Etsy
    4. Optimizing Titles and Tags for Listings
  6. Conclusion

Researching and Selling Profitable Digital Products on Etsy

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to research and sell profitable digital products on Etsy. Whether you're new to the Etsy platform or looking to boost your sales, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to succeed.


In this digital age, selling digital products has become a profitable business venture. With the right research and marketing strategies, you can tap into the ever-growing market of online buyers. This tutorial will cover everything from researching profitable products to creating and selling them on Etsy.

Researching Profitable Digital Products

The first step towards selling profitable digital products is conducting thorough research. Understanding the market, analyzing competitors, and identifying profitable niches will set the foundation for your success.

Using the Everbee Chrome Extension

To begin your research, download the Everbee Chrome extension. This powerful tool allows you to gather in-depth information about your competitors and the marketplace. With Everbee, you can track monthly revenue, reviews, listing age, and shop age. These insights will help you gauge the potential of different niches and find profitable opportunities.

Analyzing Competitors and Marketplace

Once you have the Everbee extension installed, search for the category you want to target, such as Canva templates. Analyze the search results using Everbee's product analytics. Pay attention to the monthly revenue, reviews, and shop age. Lower shop age indicates a relatively new market, while higher revenue suggests strong demand. Use these insights to identify niches with potential.

Understanding Revenue and Shop Age

When analyzing competitors' listings, focus on the monthly revenue and shop age. A higher monthly revenue indicates a profitable niche, while a lower shop age suggests a less saturated market. However, even if a niche has been active for a few years, it can still be worth exploring. Consider your own skills and interests when choosing a niche to ensure long-term success.

Finding Profitable Canva Templates

Canva templates are highly sought after in the digital product space. To find profitable Canva templates, follow these steps.

Searching for Canva Templates

To begin your search, enter "Canva templates" as the keyword. This broad search term will provide a starting point for your research. Take note of the search results and the variety of templates available.

Filtering Results with Everbee Tool

To narrow down your options, use the Everbee tool to filter the results further. Focus on the monthly revenue of the listings. Higher revenue indicates that these templates are in demand and profitable. Consider the relevance of each template to your target audience and niche.

Building the Listing

Once you have identified profitable templates, it's time to start building your listing on Etsy. Canva provides a range of templates that you can customize to suit your branding and target audience.

Customizing Canva Templates

Choose a template that aligns with your niche and customize it to make it unique. Modify the typography, colors, and layouts to fit your branding. Canva's user-friendly interface makes it easy to make these adjustments.

Making Edits and Adjustments

To make your listing stand out, personalize the template further. Add your own text, modify the icons, and update the layout as necessary. Spend time perfecting your listing to ensure it resonates with your target customers.

Creating Cohesive Bundles

Consider creating bundles of Canva templates to offer more value to your customers. Bundle related templates together to provide a comprehensive solution to their needs. Keeping your products cohesive and professional will strengthen your brand and build trust with buyers.

Sharing and Selling on Etsy

After finalizing your listing, it's time to share and sell your digital products on Etsy. Follow these steps to effectively sell your Canva templates.

Creating Template Links with Canva Pro

To share your Canva templates, you will need a Canva Pro subscription. Canva Pro allows you to create template links that buyers can access and edit without affecting your master files. This ensures the integrity of your templates.

Adding Links to PDF Documents

To share your template links on Etsy, you need to create a PDF document that includes all the necessary information. Insert the template links into the PDF document, along with a message of gratitude for your customers. This PDF will be the product your customers download after purchasing.

Uploading Templates on Etsy

Once you have the PDF document ready, upload it as a digital product on Etsy. Set a reasonable price for your templates based on their value and market demand. Optimize your listing title and tags to increase its visibility on Etsy's search results.

Optimizing Titles and Tags for Listings

When optimizing your listing title and tags, consider the keywords that potential customers are likely to use when searching for Canva templates. Use descriptive and relevant keywords to enhance visibility. This will improve your chances of reaching more potential buyers.


Selling profitable digital products on Etsy requires thorough research, quality products, and effective marketing strategies. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to continuously analyze the market, stay updated with trends, and provide high-quality products to attract and retain customers.

Thank you for reading this guide, and best of luck on your journey to selling profitable digital products on Etsy!


  • Researching profitable digital products on Etsy is essential for success.
  • The Everbee Chrome extension provides valuable insights into competitors and the marketplace.
  • Canva templates are a popular and profitable product category.
  • Customizing Canva templates allows you to create unique listings.
  • Sharing and selling digital products on Etsy involves creating template links and optimizing listings.


Q: Do I need a Canva Pro subscription to share template links on Etsy? A: Yes, a Canva Pro subscription is required to create template links that buyers can access and edit.

Q: How can I ensure the integrity of my Canva templates when buyers edit them? A: Canva Pro allows buyers to make copies of your templates, ensuring that your master files remain unchanged.

Q: How should I price my digital products on Etsy? A: Consider the value and demand of your templates when setting a price. Research the market to determine a competitive price point.

Q: Can I bundle Canva templates together and offer them as a package? A: Yes, creating bundles of related Canva templates can increase the value and appeal of your digital products.

Q: How can I optimize my Etsy listings for better visibility? A: Use relevant keywords in your listing titles and tags to improve search result rankings on Etsy.

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