How I Made Money with the Easiest AI Side Hustle

How I Made Money with the Easiest AI Side Hustle

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Choosing an AI Art Generator
  3. Step 2: Generating Patterns with Mid-Journey
  4. Step 3: Selling on Etsy
  5. Step 4: Upscaling the AI Patterns
  6. Step 5: Creating a Listing on Etsy
  7. Step 6: Designing the Photos
  8. Step 7: Setting the Pricing
  9. Step 8: Optimizing the Title and Tags
  10. Step 9: Publishing the Listing
  11. Step 10: Analyzing Sales Performance
  12. Conclusion

Selling AI Art Patterns: A 30-Day Journey to Success on Etsy

Have you ever wondered how people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling AI art patterns? In this article, we will embark on a 30-day journey to explore the process of generating, uploading, and advertising AI art patterns to sell on Etsy. We will delve into the intricacies of choosing the right AI art generator, creating seamless patterns, optimizing listings, and analyzing sales performance. By the end of this journey, we will determine just how much money can be made selling AI art patterns on Etsy.

Step 1: Choosing an AI Art Generator

The first step towards selling AI art patterns is selecting the right AI art generator. We will specifically focus on Mid-Journey for its exceptional features and capabilities. With Mid-Journey, we can effortlessly generate stunning watercolor eggplant patterns that seamlessly repeat. This is crucial as patterns are highly sought after for creating various products such as scrapbooks, cards, notebook covers, and print-on-demand items like phone cases, pillows, and mugs.


  • Mid-Journey offers advanced features for generating high-quality patterns.
  • Seamless repetition ensures excellent results for products.


  • Limitations in AI pattern export measurements must be addressed.

Step 2: Generating Patterns with Mid-Journey

To create AI patterns that can be sold on Etsy, we need to make sure the generated art seamlessly repeats. By adding the command "--tile" to our prompt in Mid-Journey, we can achieve this effortlessly. Let's generate an abundance of watercolor eggplant patterns that are not only visually appealing but also ready for sale on Etsy. With Mid-Journey's seamless repetition feature, we can generate patterns that will captivate customers and fulfill the demand for unique and stylish designs.

Step 3: Selling on Etsy

Etsy, an online marketplace specializing in arts and crafts, serves as our platform for selling AI patterns. To determine which patterns to sell, we will leverage Etsy's search suggestions and utilize e-Rank, a free keyword research tool for Etsy. These resources will help us identify popular niches with minimal competition. From certain types of flowers to various materials and food, we can discover potential markets for our AI patterns.


  • Etsy provides a targeted marketplace for arts and crafts.
  • The demand for patterns creates a favorable selling environment.


  • Competition may pose challenges in gaining exposure and sales.
  • Pricing patterns competitively can limit profit margins.

Step 4: Upscaling the AI Patterns

While Mid-Journey generates patterns at a maximum output of 72 DPI and 1024 by 1024 pixels, Etsy requires patterns to be sold as 300 DPI images measuring 3600 by 3600 pixels. To meet these requirements, we will utilize Gigapixel AI, a paid AI image upscaler. This tool can convert images to 300 DPI and upscale them up to six times their original resolution, allowing us to offer premium-quality patterns to customers.

Step 5: Creating a Listing on Etsy

To start selling our AI patterns on Etsy, we need to create compelling listings. There are five essential elements to complete before publishing a listing: uploading the AI patterns, designing appealing photos, determining pricing, optimizing the title and tags, and writing an engaging description. By following the best practices and leveraging relevant keywords, we can increase the visibility of our listings and attract potential customers.

Step 6: Designing the Photos

Photos play a crucial role in capturing the attention of potential buyers. Using Photoshop, we can design attractive templates for both thumbnail and full previews. The thumbnail template will display the listing's title and a quick preview of all the patterns, while the full preview template will showcase four patterns per pack. By presenting our AI patterns in visually compelling ways, we can enhance the desirability of our listings.

Step 7: Setting the Pricing

When pricing our AI patterns, it's essential to consider the market and competition on Etsy. While patterns typically sell for one to five dollars per pack, we aim to maximize our profit margins. Using e-Rank's profit calculator in conjunction with Etsy's fees and a 50% discount, we can determine the optimal pricing strategy. By striking a balance between affordability and profitability, we can attract customers while ensuring decent profits.

Step 8: Optimizing the Title and Tags

To improve the discoverability of our listings, we must optimize the title and tags. By incorporating popular keywords related to digital paper and our AI patterns' niche, we can increase the chances of appearing in relevant searches. Various strategies, such as examining similar listings, utilizing Etsy search suggestions and e-Rank, and leveraging AI with ChatGPT, can help us generate a comprehensive list of effective keywords.

Step 9: Publishing the Listing

With all the necessary elements in place, we can publish our carefully crafted listing on Etsy. By uploading the AI patterns for buyers to download, adding branding and a call-to-action for 5-star reviews, and exporting the document as a PDF, we ensure a seamless and professional listing experience. Once published, our patterns will be available to potential customers, and our journey to selling AI art patterns on Etsy begins.

Step 10: Analyzing Sales Performance

In the final phase of our 30-day journey, we must monitor and analyze the sales performance of our AI patterns on Etsy. By evaluating the number of sales, revenue generated, and analyzing customer feedback, we can assess the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement. This analysis will provide valuable insights into the viability of selling AI art patterns on Etsy and inform future strategies.


Selling AI art patterns on Etsy is an enticing prospect, but it requires careful planning and strategic execution. Throughout our 30-day journey, we explored the process from choosing an AI art generator to creating listings, optimizing visibility, and analyzing sales performance. While the market may be saturated, with diligent research, smart pricing strategies, and unique designs, success is possible. Remember, perseverance and adaptation are key when navigating the intricate landscape of selling AI art patterns on Etsy.


  • Explore the journey of selling AI art patterns on Etsy
  • Choose the right AI art generator for generating patterns
  • Create visually appealing patterns that seamlessly repeat
  • Leverage Etsy's search suggestions and e-Rank for niche selection
  • Upscale AI patterns for premium quality
  • Design compelling photos to attract buyers
  • Set competitive prices to maximize profits
  • Optimize titles and tags for enhanced visibility
  • Publish listings and engage potential customers
  • Analyze sales performance for insights and improvements


Q: Is it easy to sell AI art patterns on Etsy? A: While the process may seem straightforward, the market is highly competitive, requiring careful planning, optimization, and adaptation to stand out.

Q: How can I choose the right AI art generator? A: Consider the features, capabilities, and output quality of different AI art generators before selecting one that suits your needs.

Q: Can I sell AI patterns on platforms other than Etsy? A: Yes, Etsy is popular for selling handmade and unique products, but you can explore other marketplaces and platforms to expand your reach and diversify your target audience.

Q: What happens if my AI patterns don't sell well? A: If your patterns aren't performing as expected, consider strategizing alternative business models or exploring print-on-demand products using your AI patterns. This can help maximize sales and profitability.

Q: How can I improve the visibility of my listings on Etsy? A: Optimize your listings by researching popular keywords, examining competitors, and utilizing tools like e-Rank to enhance the visibility and searchability of your AI patterns.

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