Get Ready for Halloween with Skull Beanie & Etsy Launch

Get Ready for Halloween with Skull Beanie & Etsy Launch

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Crafty Creations: Making Beanies for Etsy
    1. Making Vibrant Beanie Hats
    2. Etsy Launch and Pre-made Sleeves
  3. Book Reviews and Reading Updates
    1. Review of "Second First Impressions"
    2. Initial Thoughts on "Dowry in Blood"
  4. Crochet Adventures: Crafting a Skull Beanie
    1. Testing Out a Skull Pattern
    2. Challenges and Fun in Crocheting the Skull
    3. A Successful First Attempt
  5. Busy Days: Launch Prep and Inventory Count
    1. Frantic Inventory Count
    2. Taking Photos for Etsy Listings
  6. Reflecting on the Etsy Launch
  7. Working on a Patchwork Sweater Project
    1. Choosing Colors and Design
    2. Considering Various Styles
  8. Wrap Up and Future Plans

Crafty Creations: Making Beanies for Etsy

In this vlog post, I want to share with you my recent crafting adventure for my Etsy shop. I've been busy making vibrant beanie hats and preparing for an upcoming Etsy launch. Let's dive into the details and explore the creative process.

Making Vibrant Beanie Hats

One of my recent obsessions has been designing and creating colorful beanie hats. I love experimenting with different yarns and patterns to bring out vibrant and eye-catching designs. These beanie hats are not only cozy but also a fashion statement. The process of making these hats is quite enjoyable, and I can easily make two to three in an evening. The colors really pop and I believe they will be a hit in my Etsy shop.

Etsy Launch and Pre-made Sleeves

I'm thrilled to announce that I have a huge fall launch coming up on Saturday at 5 p.m. Eastern time. By the time you see this video, the launch will already have happened, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my preparations. Besides the beanie hats, I have also been working on pre-made sleeves for this weekend's launch. It's a busy time for me as I ensure that everything is ready and organized for the event. I'm excited to see how the launch goes and if my creations resonate with customers.

Book Reviews and Reading Updates

As an avid reader, I enjoy sharing my thoughts on the books I've been reading. In this section, I will give you a brief review of "Second First Impressions" and share my initial thoughts on "Dowry in Blood."

Review of "Second First Impressions"

I recently completed the audiobook for "Second First Impressions" by Sally Thorne. Having enjoyed her previous works like "The Hating Game" and "99% Mine," I was excited to dive into this new novel. The story revolves around Ruthie, a young woman who dresses older than her age and works as a caregiver in a retirement home. While the concept intrigued me, I found myself not fully engaged with the protagonist. The religious aspect didn't resonate with me either. Overall, I gave it a three out of five stars.

Initial Thoughts on "Dowry in Blood"

I have started reading "Dowry in Blood," which seems to be the potential pick for my Patreon book club. This book is an unexpectedly steamy horror retelling of Dracula and his wives. The steamy scenes took me by surprise, but I'm intrigued by the unique twist on a classic tale. It's too early for a comprehensive review, but I'll keep you updated on how it unfolds.

Crochet Adventures: Crafting a Skull Beanie

In my crafty endeavors, I recently embarked on a project to create a skull beanie. I came across an amazing skull pattern on Ravelry and wanted to put my own spin on it. Let's explore the journey of making this unique beanie.

Testing Out a Skull Pattern

To begin, I'm testing the skull pattern I found on Ravelry. I'm using my go-to double crochet beanie pattern as the base and incorporating the skull design. Carefully following the pattern, I'm working on the top part of the skull, ensuring that the proportions are accurate. It's a bit challenging to switch between yarn colors, but I'm determined to bring this idea to life.

Challenges and Fun in Crocheting the Skull

While working on the beanie, I've encountered some challenges. The pattern's intricate details require precision, and I'm making adjustments as I progress. The cheekbones turned out a bit too pointy, and I may need to refine them. Despite the challenges, I'm enjoying the process and the learning experience. It's a great way to test my crochet skills and showcase my creativity.

A Successful First Attempt

After overcoming various hurdles, I have completed my first attempt at the skull beanie. It has a unique charm, although there are some minor imperfections. The size is slightly larger than anticipated, which might make it cover my eyes when worn. However, overall, I consider it a success in bringing the skull design to life. This beanie will undoubtedly stand out and make a statement.

Busy Days: Launch Prep and Inventory Count

As an Etsy seller, there are always busy days preparing for product launches and managing inventory. In this section, I'll share my experiences and challenges during these busy periods.

Frantic Inventory Count

Before every launch, I make sure to conduct an inventory count to ensure that the number of items I have matches what is listed on Etsy. During my recent inventory count, I experienced a minor panic as the counts didn't match up. However, after thoroughly checking each item, I realized that I had overlooked some details. With updated drafts and a clear understanding of what needs to be made, I regained my confidence in the inventory.

Taking Photos for Etsy Listings

As part of the launch preparations, taking high-quality photos for Etsy listings is essential. I have set up a makeshift photography setup on my scuffed and dirty desktop. While it may not look fancy, it gets the job done. I have a whole bag of items waiting to be photographed. It's crucial to showcase the products accurately and entice potential customers with appealing visuals. As I complete the photoshoot, I prepare to list all the items as drafts, ready for the launch.

Reflecting on the Etsy Launch

The eagerly awaited Etsy launch has finally taken place. While I hoped for exceptional results, this launch was not as successful as previous ones. It's a reminder of the unpredictable nature of sales and customer demand. As I reflect on the outcome, I question the frequency of my launches. Should I have monthly launches, bi-monthly launches, or even quarterly launches? Understanding the preferences and buying habits of my customers is a continuous learning process. Despite the mixed feelings, I'm grateful for the support of my customers and the Etsy community.

Working on a Patchwork Sweater Project

In my quest for creative projects, I have started working on a patchwork sweater. Let's take a closer look at the colors, design, and style of this exciting venture.

Choosing Colors and Design

For the patchwork sweater, I have selected a vibrant orange color and a dark heather green or charcoal gray. The contrast between these colors will create an interesting visual effect. The patchwork design will involve alternating between the two colors in a straightforward back-and-forth pattern. I'm eager to see how the colors come together to form a unique and cozy sweater.

Considering Various Styles

While planning this project, I'm torn between two style options for the sweater. One option is a traditional closed-front sweater, while the other is a more relaxed, open-front shawl-like design. Both styles offer different aesthetics and wearing possibilities. I'm still undecided and pondering which style would be most appealing and practical for customers.

Wrap Up and Future Plans

Thank you for joining me on this week's vlog adventure. It has been a rollercoaster of creative projects, Etsy launches, and personal reflections. As I move forward, I hope to provide more clarity on the direction of this channel and its content. If there are specific moments in this video that you enjoyed, please let me know in the comments. I appreciate your support and look forward to sharing more exciting experiences with you. Until next time, have a wonderful day or night!


  • Creating vibrant beanie hats for my Etsy shop
  • Preparing for an Etsy launch and showcasing pre-made sleeves
  • Reviewing "Second First Impressions" and "Dowry in Blood"
  • Crocheting a unique skull beanie and overcoming challenges
  • Managing inventory and taking photos for Etsy listings
  • Reflecting on the Etsy launch and considering future strategies
  • Embarking on a patchwork sweater project with contrasting colors
  • Debating between closed-front and open-front styles for the sweater
  • Appreciating the support and looking forward to future content on the channel


Q: How long does it take to make a beanie hat? A: On average, I can make two to three beanie hats in an evening. The process is enjoyable and allows me to experiment with different colors and patterns.

Q: What inspired the design of the skull beanie? A: I came across an amazing skull pattern on Ravelry and decided to put my own spin on it. By incorporating the skull design into my existing double crochet beanie pattern, I created a unique and eye-catching beanie.

Q: How often do you have Etsy launches? A: Currently, I have been having monthly launches for my Etsy shop. However, I am considering exploring different frequencies, such as bi-monthly or quarterly launches, to align better with customer demands.

Q: How do you manage inventory for your Etsy shop? A: Before each launch, I conduct a thorough inventory count to ensure that the number of items I have matches what is listed on Etsy. This helps me stay organized and avoid any discrepancies.

Q: How do you decide on the styles for your crochet projects? A: Choosing the style of a crochet project depends on various factors, such as customer preferences and practicality. For example, in the patchwork sweater project, I'm considering a closed-front traditional style or an open-front shawl-like design. I carefully evaluate which option would be most appealing and suitable for potential customers.

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