From Etsy Success to Shop Closure: What Went Wrong?

From Etsy Success to Shop Closure: What Went Wrong?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Birth of an Etsy Shop
  3. Initial Success and Challenges
  4. The Impact of COVID-19
  5. Saturation in the Sticker Market
  6. Transition to Sponsored Content
  7. The Future of the Etsy Shop
  8. Serving Custom Orders and Home Organization Labels
  9. Collaborative Bundles
  10. Closing Thoughts

The Evolution of My Etsy Shop

Welcome to my channel! In today's video, I want to share with you why I have made the decision to quit my Etsy shop and step away from the life of an Etsy shop owner. This has been a significant journey for me, and I believe it's important to be transparent and share my experience with you. I started my Etsy shop back in the summer of 2018, driven by a desire to create my own stationery, specifically stickers, that were tailored to my needs. However, as time went on, I faced various challenges and circumstances that led me to rethink my commitment to Etsy. So, let's dive in and explore the reasons behind my decision.

The Birth of an Etsy Shop

In July 2018, I embarked on a journey to pursue my passion for stationery and stickers by opening my own Etsy shop. At that time, I had a substantial following on YouTube, which helped me gain initial success and attract customers to my shop. With a strong focus on budget planning and a keen eye for designing stickers that catered to a variety of planner types, my shop started to gain traction. In the first month alone, I generated a gross income of several thousand dollars. This success motivated me to continue creating and offering unique sticker kits to meet the needs of my customers.

Initial Success and Challenges

As the months went by, my Etsy shop continued to thrive. I consistently generated thousands of dollars in income each month, primarily through made-to-order sticker kits. The process of creating, designing, printing, cutting, packaging, and shipping the orders demanded a substantial amount of time and effort. However, I was driven by the desire to provide products that I could be proud of and that aligned with my personal planner preferences. The support of my loyal customers and the sense of fulfillment I experienced fueled my dedication to the Etsy shop.

The Impact of COVID-19

However, in the early months of 2020, an unexpected turn of events profoundly affected the sales of my Etsy shop. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread uncertainty and economic instability, prompting customers to reduce their spending on non-essential items like stickers. Consequently, the sales of my shop took a significant hit during this time. Additionally, the market became more saturated with numerous sticker shops offering similar products, making it challenging to stand out and regain previous levels of success.

Saturation in the Sticker Market

One of the factors contributing to the decline in my Etsy shop sales was the increasing competition and saturation in the sticker market. While I believe there is room for multiple sellers offering similar products, the reality was that customers had a wide range of options to choose from. As more and more shops entered the market, it became harder for my shop to maintain steady sales. Despite my efforts to create unique sticker designs, the inevitable overlap and similarity between products made it challenging to differentiate myself effectively.

Transition to Sponsored Content

Amidst the challenges faced by my Etsy shop, an opportunity emerged in the form of sponsored content. Advertisers showed increased interest during the pandemic, presenting sponsorship opportunities for creators like myself. I decided to explore this avenue and started incorporating sponsored videos into my content. While it was a shift from my primary focus on the Etsy shop, the income generated from sponsored content often surpassed the revenue earned through the shop. This change allowed me to reclaim some time while maintaining a similar level of income.

The Future of the Etsy Shop

Looking ahead, I have made the decision to discontinue designing and creating my own stickers for the foreseeable future. While I will continue to offer custom orders and home organization labels to my existing customers and support collaborations with fellow creators, there will be no new designs exclusively representing my personal brand. Instead, I will be transitioning to selling designs created by a collaborator, Ashley from Fancy Budgeting. These pre-existing designs will be available for purchase in my shop until Ashley takes over the product line entirely.

Serving Custom Orders and Home Organization Labels

Among the services I will still provide through my Etsy shop are custom orders and home organization labels. I take pride in creating personalized products for my long-term customers, and I want to continue serving them in the best way possible. Whether it's designing labels for their products or offering my expertise in home organization, I aim to be a reliable resource for those seeking customized solutions.

Collaborative Bundles

While my role in creating new sticker designs will diminish, I will continue to work closely with Ashley to release collaborative bundles. These bundles will combine her creative vision with my expertise in bringing those designs to life. As we navigate this transitional phase, we anticipate releasing two more bundles before Ashley takes complete control over the product line. This ensures a smooth handover while honoring the commitment I made to support her vision.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the decision to quit my Etsy shop was not an easy one. However, it was a necessary step for me to focus on other aspects of my life and creative pursuits. By transitioning to sponsored content and collaborating with other creators, I have found a balance between income generation and time commitment. While the Etsy shop will remain open for the time being, with limited products and a shift towards collaborative designs, its future lies in the hands of Ashley. I am grateful for the support I have received throughout my Etsy journey and look forward to new horizons in my creative endeavors.


  • The evolution of my Etsy shop from its inception to the present day
  • Initial success and challenges faced along the way
  • The impact of COVID-19 on sales and the saturated sticker market
  • Transitioning to sponsored content as a source of income
  • What the future holds for the Etsy shop, focusing on custom orders and collaborative bundles


Q: Are you completely shutting down your Etsy shop? A: While I am no longer creating my own sticker designs, I will keep the shop open for existing products and collaborative bundles until that aspect is transitioned to Ashley.

Q: How will you handle custom orders? A: I will continue to serve my long-term customers and provide custom orders, ensuring their unique needs are met.

Q: Will you still be involved in the sticker market? A: Yes, I will still be involved through collaborations with Ashley, who will take over the design aspect of the Etsy shop.

Q: Why did you transition to sponsored content? A: Sponsored content provided an opportunity to generate income while reclaiming time that was previously dedicated to fulfilling Etsy orders.

Q: Can I still purchase your sticker designs in the future? A: While I will not be creating new sticker designs, you can continue to purchase existing designs until they are transitioned to Ashley's control.

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