Etsy Success: $8,400 in 3 Months with Digital Products!

Etsy Success: $8,400 in 3 Months with Digital Products!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why sell digital products on Etsy?
  3. Choosing the right niche for selling digital products on Etsy
    • Finding a profitable niche
    • Conducting product research using the Everb Chrome extension
  4. Creating a digital fitness planner on Canva
    • Exploring digital product ideas for Etsy
    • Customizing a fitness tracker template on Canva
  5. Creating mock-ups for your digital product
    • Finding mock-ups for digital files on Canva
  6. Listing your digital product on Etsy
    • Writing a compelling product description
    • Adding keywords for better search visibility
    • Publishing your listing and starting to sell
  7. Conclusion

Selling Digital Products on Etsy: A Beginner's Guide

Are you looking to start an online business and make money from the comfort of your own home? Selling digital products on Etsy may be the perfect opportunity for you. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of starting your own Etsy shop, creating and listing digital products, and maximizing your profits.


Welcome to our beginner's guide on how to sell digital products on Etsy. My name is Lynn, and I have been successfully selling on Etsy for over two years. With just a small investment of less than 50 dollars, I was able to create a profitable online business that now generates a full-time income. In this guide, I will share with you my tips and tricks to help you get started on your own Etsy journey.

Why sell digital products on Etsy?

Selling digital products on Etsy offers a range of advantages that make it an attractive option for aspiring online entrepreneurs. One of the key benefits is the passive nature of selling digital products. Unlike physical products, digital files only need to be created and uploaded to your Etsy shop once. You don't have to worry about packaging, shipping, or dealing with returns and exchanges. Additionally, digital products have minimal production costs, which means that a significant portion of the revenue you generate is pure profit.

Choosing the right niche for selling digital products on Etsy

Finding the right niche is crucial for your success in selling digital products on Etsy. While some niches may be oversaturated, there are always new and emerging niches that offer opportunities for growth. It's essential to conduct thorough product research to identify profitable niches and find a specific angle that sets your products apart from the competition. For example, if you're selling a digital planner, consider targeting a more specific niche such as an ADHD digital planner. This will help you stand out and attract customers who are looking for a solution tailored to their needs.

To aid in your product research, I recommend using the Everb Chrome extension. This powerful tool allows you to analyze existing listings on Etsy, providing valuable insights such as monthly revenue, sales, views, and conversion rates. You can also see the tags your competitors are using, which you can leverage to optimize your own listing and improve search visibility. By carefully selecting a profitable niche and using relevant keywords, you can increase your chances of success on Etsy.

Creating a digital fitness planner on Canva

Canva is a user-friendly platform that can be utilized to design and customize digital products. Whether you're starting with a fitness tracker, finance planner, or pregnancy journal, Canva offers a wide range of templates that can be easily edited and personalized to match your brand and style.

To create your own digital fitness planner on Canva, simply search for "fitness tracker" templates. Choose a template that resonates with your target audience and customize it according to your preferences. You can modify the title, replace elements with relevant fitness images, and add extra pages or sections to enhance the functionality of your digital product. Once you're satisfied with the design, download your file as a PDF.

Creating mock-ups for your digital product

Now that you have your digital fitness planner ready, it's time to showcase it to potential customers through appealing mock-ups. Canva also offers a variety of mock-up templates specifically designed for digital files. Select a mock-up template that complements your digital product, upload your PDF file, and replace the default image with the cover of your fitness planner. This will give customers a visual representation of your product and entice them to make a purchase. Save your mock-up as a PNG file, as this format supports transparent backgrounds and enables easy integration into your Etsy listing.

Listing your digital product on Etsy

With your digital product and mock-up prepared, it's time to create your listing on Etsy. Start by navigating to your Etsy dashboard and selecting the "Add a listing" option. Ensure that your title includes the most important keywords, such as "Fitness and weight loss planner." In your product description, highlight the key features and benefits of your digital product, emphasizing its minimalistic design and functionality. Don't forget to upload your mock-up and digital files, and choose the appropriate category for your product. To optimize your listing for search visibility, incorporate relevant keywords, which can be obtained from analyzing your competitors' listings using the Everb Chrome extension. Once you've completed all the necessary steps, publish your listing and make it available for purchase by millions of Etsy users.


Selling digital products on Etsy provides a fantastic opportunity to start your own online business and generate a steady income. By choosing a profitable niche, conducting thorough product research, and creating high-quality digital products, you can attract customers and stand out in a competitive marketplace. With the right strategies and tools, such as the Everb Chrome extension and Canva, you can elevate your Etsy shop and achieve long-term success. Get ready to embark on an exciting Etsy journey and turn your passion into profit!


  • Selling digital products on Etsy offers a way to make money online with minimal effort and production costs.
  • Choosing the right niche and conducting thorough product research are key to success on Etsy.
  • Canva is a user-friendly platform for creating and customizing digital products, such as fitness trackers and planners.
  • Mock-ups are essential for showcasing digital products and enticing customers.
  • Optimizing Etsy listings with relevant keywords and detailed descriptions improves search visibility and increases sales potential.


Q: How much does it cost to start selling digital products on Etsy? A: Starting an Etsy shop and selling digital products can be done with a small investment of less than 50 dollars.

Q: Do I need any graphic design skills to create digital products on Canva? A: Canva is a beginner-friendly platform with user-friendly interfaces and pre-designed templates, making it easy for anyone to create and customize digital products.

Q: Can I sell digital products in a saturated niche on Etsy? A: While some niches may be saturated, there are always new opportunities and emerging niches on Etsy. Conducting thorough product research and finding a unique angle can help you stand out in a competitive market.

Q: How do I attract customers to buy my digital products on Etsy? A: Optimizing your Etsy listings with relevant keywords, appealing mock-ups, and detailed product descriptions can help attract customers and increase sales.

Q: Can I sell digital products on other platforms besides Etsy? A: While Etsy is a popular and trusted marketplace for selling digital products, there are other platforms such as Gumroad and Shopify that also offer opportunities to sell digital goods online.

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