Discover Top-Selling Etsy Products: Ultimate Research Guide

Discover Top-Selling Etsy Products: Ultimate Research Guide

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Product Research
  3. Method 1: Auto DS Winning Products Hub
    1. Finding Proven Winning Products
    2. Analyzing Product Information and Potential Profit
    3. Using Facebook Ads and Seller Websites for Insights
    4. Importing Products to Etsy Store
    5. Pros and Cons
  4. Method 2: Auto DS Blog and Sell These Now YouTube Playlist
    1. Accessing Free Winning Products in Auto DS Blog
    2. Utilizing Sell These Now YouTube Playlist
    3. Pros and Cons
  5. Method 3: AliExpress Drop Shipping Center
    1. Using AliExpress for Product Ideas
    2. Viewing Sales History and Product Ratings
    3. Pros and Cons
  6. Method 4: Etsy's Top Sellers
    1. Exploring Best Selling Items on Etsy
    2. Copying Product Names for Research
    3. Using Auto DS Suppliers to Find Products
    4. Pros and Cons
  7. Method 5: Auto DS Marketplace and Private Suppliers
    1. Accessing Trending Products in Auto DS Marketplace
    2. Utilizing Private Wholesale Suppliers
    3. Adding Branding Logo to Orders
    4. Pros and Cons
  8. Products to Avoid Selling on Etsy
    1. Hazardous Materials and Choking Hazards
    2. Prohibited Categories (Tobacco, Firearms, etc.)
  9. Conclusion


Product Research: Unlocking Success in Your Etsy Store

In the world of Etsy, selling the right items is crucial for achieving success. After setting up your Etsy store and completing the verification process, the next step is product research. Careful selection of products will save you money and increase your chances of generating sales and profits. In this article, we will explore the importance of product research and provide you with effective methods to find winning products for your Etsy store.

Importance of Product Research

Product research is a vital aspect of starting an Etsy store. With each listing costing 20 cents, it is essential to avoid random selection and focus on products with a higher probability of selling. Etsy does not impose any selling limits, allowing you to list as many products as you want. However, without top-notch product research, you may end up spending a significant amount before experiencing sales and profits. Therefore, narrowing down your product research to items that align with Etsy's policies and have a high selling potential is crucial.

Method 1: Auto DS Winning Products Hub

One of the most effective methods for product research is utilizing the Auto DS Winning Products Hub. This tool provides access to proven winning products tailored for Etsy sellers. By exploring the hub, you can find products that not only align with Etsy's policies but also have a track record of success. Detailed product information, including images, potential profit, and comparative insights from Facebook ads, is available. By analyzing these insights, you can gain a better understanding of what makes a product popular and identify areas where you can improve. Through a simple import process, you can add these winning products to your Etsy store and optimize them for higher sales.


  • Access to proven winning products
  • Comprehensive product information and insights
  • Easy import process


  • Requires Auto DS subscription

Method 2: Auto DS Blog and Sell These Now YouTube Playlist

Another valuable resource for finding winning products is the Auto DS blog and the Sell These Now YouTube playlist. These platforms offer a vast collection of constantly updated winning products. The Auto DS blog provides in-depth articles with product analytics and new product recommendations regularly. On the other hand, the Sell These Now YouTube playlist offers video content showcasing trending products. These free resources can significantly enhance your product research and help you discover products that resonate with Etsy buyers.


  • Access to a wide range of winning products
  • Free resource for ongoing product research


  • Content may require time to review and analyze

Method 3: AliExpress Drop Shipping Center

The AliExpress Drop Shipping Center is an excellent platform for generating product ideas to sell in your Etsy store. By browsing through the center's trending products, you can gain valuable insights and inspiration for your product research. The center provides information such as sales history and ratings for each product, allowing you to assess their popularity. While the center primarily focuses on AliExpress as a source, you can leverage the product ideas and find alternative suppliers for drop shipping. This method enables you to compete with successful sellers while offering competitive prices.


  • Wide range of trending product ideas
  • Detailed sales history and product ratings


  • Requires additional research for alternative suppliers

Method 4: Etsy's Top Sellers

One simple yet effective approach to product research on Etsy is by exploring the top sellers and their products. By clicking on different categories, you can discover the best-selling items that resonate with Etsy buyers. This method provides direct insights into the preferences and interests of Etsy customers. You can analyze the success of these items, copy product names, and search for similar products from drop shipping suppliers. This approach ensures you align your product selection with proven market demand.


  • Direct insights into successful products on Etsy
  • Easy identification of popular categories and niche products


  • Products may vary in terms of competition and profitability

Method 5: Auto DS Marketplace and Private Suppliers

Auto DS offers two additional methods for product research: the Auto DS Marketplace and private suppliers. The marketplace provides access to a wide array of trending products from various drop shipping suppliers. While the marketplace may not offer the same level of detailed insights as other methods, it still presents numerous potential products for your Etsy store. Additionally, Auto DS offers private wholesale suppliers who add their products exclusively to the marketplace, giving you a unique selection advantage. By collaborating with these suppliers, you can ensure a steady supply of trending products, often with customized branding options.


  • Wide range of products available
  • Exclusive access to private wholesale suppliers
  • Branding options for a personalized customer experience


  • Limited insights compared to other methods

Products to Avoid Selling on Etsy

While the possibilities for product research are extensive, it is equally essential to consider the products you should avoid selling on Etsy. Certain categories, such as hazardous materials, liquids, medicines, vitamins, and supplements, should be strictly avoided. Additionally, items associated with choking hazards and those related to tobacco, firearms, weapons, and ammunition are prohibited. Ensuring compliance with Etsy's policies guarantees a secure and successful selling experience.


In conclusion, product research is a vital step in creating a successful Etsy store. By utilizing various methods such as the Auto DS Winning Products Hub, Auto DS blog and YouTube playlist, AliExpress Drop Shipping Center, exploring Etsy's top sellers, and leveraging the Auto DS Marketplace and private suppliers, you can discover winning products that align with Etsy's policies. However, always remember to avoid prohibited categories and ensure the safety of your products. By implementing effective product research strategies, you can increase your chances of generating sales and profits in your Etsy journey.

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