Discover 36 Amazing Etsy Alternatives for Selling in 2022!

Discover 36 Amazing Etsy Alternatives for Selling in 2022!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gumroad
  3. Creative Fabrica
  4. Fiverr
  5. Go Imagine
  7. Karimu's Marketplace
  8. Font Bundles
  9. So Fancy Marketplace
  10. Made It
  11. Zipit
  12. Troving
  13. McCarty
  14. Just Artisans
  15. Masters and Crafters
  16. British Craft House
  17. Aviaro
  18. Ruby Lane
  19. Happening Hands
  20. Handmade in Britain
  21. Crafters Market
  22. First Dibs
  23. Cratejoy
  24. Indycart
  25. iCraft
  26. Spoonflower
  27. Folksy
  28. eCrater
  29. Afra
  30. Conclusion


Gumroad is a platform that provides creators, such as artists, authors, comedians, and designers, a way to sell their services and goods directly to customers. It is particularly useful for musicians who want to sell their products. If you are a content creator in the music industry or have albums, ebooks, games, or tutorials, Gumroad can be a great place to start your business. However, keep in mind that while Gumroad offers a variety of features, it may not be the best fit for every type of product or service.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a marketplace similar to Etsy but exclusively for digital graphics and fonts. It is a great place to sell digital files like fonts, graphics, and machine embroidery designs, mostly created for other crafters. Many of the files sold on Creative Fabrica are used for commercial purposes, with the option to sell commercial licenses. If you specialize in creating digital graphics and fonts, Creative Fabrica can be a lucrative platform for your business.


Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform where you can create different listings for various services you provide. It is an excellent choice for designers and graphic artists looking to start their freelance careers. Working with customers on Fiverr allows you to gain experience and expand your portfolio by designing websites, creating graphics, and more. The platform also offers a wide range of variations, making it suitable for those who enjoy working on different types of projects for clients.

Go Imagine

Go Imagine is an online marketplace exclusively for crafters in the US. It is a platform where people can sell products they have made or designed personally or by their family members. What sets Go Imagine apart from Etsy is its uncluttered layout, making it easy for sellers' products to stand out. When you click on a listing on Go Imagine, you won't be bombarded with other listings from competing stores. This feature can help your products gain more visibility and increase your chances of making sales. is a marketplace where you can sell cut files for machines like Cricut and Silhouette. If you specialize in creating digital files that can be cut, such as SVG files, is an excellent platform for your business. It offers a wide range of graphics and fonts that appeal to crafters and designers. One of the benefits of selling on is the quick payment process, with sellers receiving their earnings in as little as seven days.

Karimu's Marketplace

Karimu's Marketplace is a platform where you can sell SVG files, primarily used for cutting with machines like Cricut and Silhouette. It provides an opportunity to sell graphics and fonts, making it a versatile platform for designers. If you have a collection of SVG files or design resources, Karimu's Marketplace can help you monetize your creations. Consider joining this marketplace if you want to reach a niche audience of crafters and designers.

Font Bundles

Font Bundles is a marketplace for fonts that requires an approval process. This platform stands out because it offers fast payment, with sellers receiving their earnings in as little as seven days. If you want to make money quickly and have a collection of high-quality fonts, Font Bundles is worth considering. However, keep in mind that the approval process is stringent, ensuring that only the best fonts make it onto the platform.

So Fancy Marketplace

So Fancy Marketplace manually reviews applications to ensure that designers meet their standards. It focuses on cut-friendly files, fonts, craft mockups, templates, and clip art. This diverse range of digital products makes So Fancy Marketplace an excellent platform for sellers wanting to offer a variety of digital assets. If you create high-quality digital products, consider joining this marketplace to sell your designs.

Made It

Made It is an Australian-based marketplace for handmade products. However, it is limited to Australian residents, which may restrict your access if you are located outside of Australia. If you are an Australian resident looking to sell handmade products, Made It provides a platform exclusively for locally made goods.


Zipit is not a typical marketplace; it functions more as a platform that allows you to cross-sell across multiple channels. You can list your products on platforms like Etsy and connect them to different marketplaces through Zipit. This platform is ideal if you want to expand your online presence and reach a broader audience by leveraging different marketplaces simultaneously.


Troving is a marketplace with no listings. Instead, it operates on a monthly fee basis. Users pay a monthly fee to have access to the marketplace, and there are no additional charges per listing or sale. This pricing model provides certainty for sellers, as there are no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the month. If you value transparency and prefer a fixed monthly fee, Troving can be a suitable platform for your business.


McCarty offers a unique marketplace where you can declutter and sell items you no longer need. It is an excellent option for those looking to resell or start selling items online but unsure where to begin. You can start by going through your belongings, such as kids' items, and declutter your home while making money. McCarty provides an easy and straightforward platform for beginners in the online selling space.

Just Artisans

Just Artisans is a marketplace where you can create unlimited product listings for a small fee. While starting on Just Artisans is free, there is a fee for every sale you make. If you are a creative looking to sell your handmade products without worrying about listing limitations, Just Artisans gives you the freedom to showcase your entire collection and grow your business.

Masters and Crafters

Masters and Crafters is a platform similar to Etsy but exclusively for European makers and artisans. Unlike other marketplaces, the approval process on Masters and Crafters is fast, with some sellers receiving approval in less than five hours. If you are based in Europe and want to sell your handmade products to a European audience, this platform provides an opportunity to reach a niche market.

British Craft House

British Craft House is a marketplace for British artisans. The application process ensures that only handmade items are sold on the platform. One of the benefits of selling on British Craft House is the low fees and a flat rate commission structure. Sellers have the advantage of knowing their fees upfront, avoiding uncertainty about monthly expenses. If you live in Great Britain and create handmade products, consider joining British Craft House to showcase your craftsmanship.


Aviaro is a marketplace where you can sell handmade products. While it caters to the Great Britain market, it welcomes sellers from all around the world. Selling on Aviaro allows you to reach a broader audience, regardless of your location. If you create handmade items and are looking for a worldwide platform to sell your products, Aviaro provides an excellent opportunity.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a marketplace specializing in antiques, collectible items, vintage art, and jewelry. It is a platform focused on the resale of vintage and collectible products. If you have a collection of antiques, vintage art, or jewelry that you want to sell, Ruby Lane can connect you with a community of collectors and enthusiasts interested in unique and vintage pieces.

Happening Hands

Happening Hands offers a monthly fee-based membership for sellers in the United States. This marketplace focuses on handmade items, and sellers must handmake their products. Happening Hands does not allow print-on-demand products, making it an ideal platform for artisans who craft their products. The monthly fee provides access to a supportive community and opportunities to connect with potential customers.

Handmade in Britain

Handmade in Britain is a marketplace exclusively for handmade goods by UK-based crafters. It is a platform dedicated to showcasing and supporting British artisans. If you create handmade products in the UK and want to reach a British audience, Handmade in Britain offers an opportunity to connect with buyers who appreciate locally crafted items.

Crafters Market

Crafters Market is a platform where you pay a small commission only when your item is sold. This eliminates listing fees and provides a simple fee structure for sellers. If you want to sell your handmade items without worrying about upfront costs, Crafters Market offers a straightforward and affordable option.

First Dibs

First Dibs is a global online marketplace specializing in reselling furniture, fine art, jewelry, and collectibles. It caters to a niche market of collectors and individuals looking for unique and high-quality items. If you have valuable collectibles or unique pieces that you want to resell, First Dibs can connect you with a discerning audience of buyers.


Cratejoy is a specialized marketplace dedicated to subscription boxes. If you are considering starting a subscription box business, Cratejoy provides a platform tailored to this niche. The platform operates on a transaction-based fee structure, making it essential to factor in the cost per transaction to ensure profitability. Cratejoy simplifies the process of setting up and managing a subscription box business, offering tools and support to help you succeed.


Indycart is a community of independent shops featuring exclusively handmade items. Sellers pay a small commission fee once their item is sold, with no additional listing fees. The platform supports both established artisans and emerging artists. Indycart offers a personalized shop experience, enabling sellers to showcase their products in a visually appealing manner.


iCraft is a marketplace dedicated to handmade goods, allowing sellers to showcase their unique creations. They have been serving the handmade community for over 12 years. iCraft offers various packages for sellers, starting at $10 per month. This platform requires a one-time registration fee of $25 before you can start selling. If you want to join an established marketplace specifically for handmade items, iCraft can be a solid choice.


Spoonflower is a global marketplace that connects artists and consumers with artwork printed on fabric, wallpaper, and home decor items. If you are an artist or designer interested in custom fabric and home decor products, Spoonflower offers a platform to sell your designs. Sellers earn a 10% commission on the full retail price of the fabric or wallpaper sold. Spoonflower promotes artists' work through various marketing channels, allowing sellers to focus on creating art.


Folksy is a marketplace where you can sell handmade craft items online. One of the advantages of Folksy is the ability to import your listings from Etsy, making it easy to expand your reach across multiple platforms. Folksy allows sellers to have ten product pictures per listing, enhancing the visual presentation of their products. If you want to reach a UK audience and sell your handmade items without worrying about listing limitations, Folksy is a platform to consider.


eCrater is an online marketplace that allows sellers to create listings and sell products worldwide. Unlike many other marketplaces, eCrater does not charge for listings. This makes it an attractive option for sellers just starting and looking to minimize upfront costs. Additionally, eCrater offers the functionality to import listings from platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, making setup and management more convenient.


Afra is a handmade store for American artists. It is a marketplace exclusively for handmade goods in America. If you create handmade products, whether by yourself or with a small team, Afra offers a platform to sell your items. You can sell a variety of handmade products, including upcycled and repurposed items, prints, photographs, digital prints, and screen-printed goods. Afra allows you to reach a US-based audience interested in supporting local artisans.


Starting an online business or expanding beyond Etsy is an exciting venture. There are numerous alternatives to explore, each offering unique features and opportunities. From specialized marketplaces for digital products like Gumroad and Creative Fabrica to general platforms like Fiverr and Go Imagine, the options are extensive. Whether you are selling handmade goods, vintage items, or digital products, there is a marketplace suited to your niche. Consider your target audience and product offerings when choosing the right platform. Remember, success in online selling requires consistent effort, quality products, and effective marketing strategies.

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