Create Your Own Reversible Ruched Bikini Top - Free Pattern

Create Your Own Reversible Ruched Bikini Top - Free Pattern

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials Needed
  3. Cutting the Fabric
  4. Preparing the Bust Pieces
  5. Sewing the Bust Pieces Together
  6. Attaching the Straps
  7. Making the Strap Channels
  8. Threading the Straps
  9. Attaching the Band Straps
  10. Finishing Touches
  11. Conclusion



Welcome back to the Edgewater Avenue YouTube channel! In today's video, we're going to be making the Becky Top, a popular style that has taken the internet by storm. This tutorial will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating this swimwear pattern. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this tutorial is perfect for you. So let's dive in!

Materials Needed

Before we begin, let's gather all the materials you'll need for this project. Make sure you have the following:

  • Swimwear fabric
  • Swimmer elastic
  • Loop turner
  • Seam ripper
  • Cutting tools (scissors or rotary cutter)
  • Cord ends (optional)
  • Sewing machine (regular and serger)

If you don't have any of these materials, don't worry! I've included links in the description where you can find them.

Cutting the Fabric

The first step in creating the Becky Top is cutting our fabric. You'll need two left bust pieces and two right bust pieces. To save paper, you can print out one piece and flip it to account for both sides. Additionally, you'll need to cut your straps according to the measurements provided in the pattern.

Preparing the Bust Pieces

Now that we have all our fabric pieces, let's prep the bust pieces. To prevent raw edges from peeking out later on, we'll do a little trick. On the innermost corner of each bust piece, flip the allowance so that the wrong sides are together. Then, do a straight stitch to secure the raw edges in place.

Sewing the Bust Pieces Together

Let's start assembling the Becky Top. Take each bust piece and match them with right sides together. Sew along the designated areas. Note that we won't be attaching elastic because most of this top consists of strap channels. However, you can attach elastic to the sides of each bust piece if desired.

Attaching the Straps

Fold each of your straps in half lengthwise and attach elastic onto them. If you're unsure about sewing elastic, I have a series of videos all about it that I'll link in the description. Once the straps are sewn, use a loop turner to turn them to the right side.

Making the Strap Channels

With the bust pieces still inside out, mark where you want the strap channels to go. Then, do a small straight stitch over the marks to prevent the stitching from unraveling. Use a seam ripper to carefully open each of the channels.

Threading the Straps

It's time to thread the straps through the channels. Take your shoulder straps and loop turner, and thread each strap through the bust pieces. Instead of bringing the straps all the way through, pin them down using a straight stitch. This design choice allows for easy adjustment of the scrunch on both the top and bottom lines.

Attaching the Band Straps

Thread the band straps through the bottom opening and tie them together in the center of the bust pieces. This ensures a secure fit. The reason we didn't bring the shoulder straps all the way through is that it would create four separate straps, making the design bulkier. With just two straps, you can still adjust the scrunch while maintaining a streamlined look.

Finishing Touches

The final step is attaching the shoulder straps. Here's where the cord ends come into play. Instead of simply sewing the straps down, we'll use the cord ends to make them look more professional. Thread the cord end through the strap, tie a tight knot, and trim the excess. Then, bring the cord end down over the knot for a polished finish.


Congratulations! You've successfully created the Becky Top. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful in making your own swimwear. Don't forget to download the free pattern in the description. If you want more swimwear sewing content, be sure to subscribe to our channel and follow Edgewater Avenue on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Join our Facebook group for project advice and discussion with over 4,000 members. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video!


  • Learn how to make the popular Becky Top swimwear
  • Suitable for beginners and those with some sewing experience
  • Free pattern available for download
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions with photos and videos
  • Tips and tricks for working with swimwear fabric
  • No serger required, can be sewn with a regular sewing machine
  • Create adjustable straps for a customized fit
  • Reversible design option for added versatility
  • Professional finishing techniques using cord ends
  • Join our active community for support and inspiration


Q: Do I need to have experience in sewing swimwear to make the Becky Top? A: Not at all! This tutorial is suitable for beginners and those with some sewing experience. We provide detailed instructions and helpful tips along the way to ensure your success.

Q: Can I use a regular sewing machine instead of a serger? A: Absolutely! While a serger can provide a professional finish, you can achieve excellent results using a regular sewing machine. Just use a zig-zag stitch instead of a serger stitch for added durability.

Q: Are the strap lengths adjustable on the Becky Top? A: Yes, the strap lengths are adjustable. The design allows for easy customization and provides a secure fit. You can adjust the scrunch of both the top and bottom lines to your preference.

Q: Can I make the Becky Top reversible? A: Yes, the Becky Top can be made reversible. The construction and finishing techniques used in this tutorial ensure that both sides of the top are finished neatly. You can choose to have a different fabric or pattern on each side for added versatility.

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