Behind the Scenes of a Creative Studio | Calligraphy Kits, Brand Collaborations & More

Behind the Scenes of a Creative Studio | Calligraphy Kits, Brand Collaborations & More

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unfortunate Start to the Weekend
  3. Overview of Tasks for the Weekend
  4. Launching the Lettering Kits and Wrapping Paper
    • Introduction to the Lettering Kits
    • Brush Lettering Kit
    • Faux Calligraphy Kit
  5. Filming and Editing Videos
    • Filming for Creative Peak
    • Yay Makers Unboxing Video
    • Tips for Using the Workbooks
  6. Exciting Package for the Faux Calligraphy Kits
  7. Plans for the Week and Challenges
    • Delayed Launch of the Calligraphy Kits
    • Allergy Flare-Up
    • Trying to Stay Positive
  8. Wholesome Activities and Productivity
    • Autumnal Walk
    • Packing Orders and Reaching Milestones
  9. Wrapping Up the Product Launch
    • Finalizing the Calligraphy Kits
    • Packaging and Photography
  10. Recording Videos and Setting Launch Time
  11. Conclusion

Launch of Lettering Kits and Wrapping Paper

The weekend did not start off well for the content creator. A car breakdown and a disrupted schedule threw a wrench into her plans. However, she was determined to turn things around and make the most of her weekend. She had a list of tasks she needed to accomplish, including launching her lettering kits and wrapping paper.

The lettering kits were an exciting new addition to her products. They would consist of two different kits: a brush lettering kit and a faux calligraphy kit. Each kit would include tools and a workbook designed to help beginners learn and practice lettering.

The brush lettering kit would come with brush pens and a workbook tailored to this specific style of lettering. The content creator emphasized that people didn't need fancy pens to create beautiful writing and that this kit would be a great first step for anyone wanting to explore brush lettering.

The faux calligraphy kit, on the other hand, would include bullet tip pens and other tools for creating faux calligraphy. The content creator mentioned that even children could benefit from this kit, as it would help them develop their lettering and calligraphy skills. Both kits would also come with a couple of greetings cards, perfect for various occasions.

To prepare for the launch, the content creator needed to finish designing the wrapping paper and gift tags that would accompany the kits. With Christmas approaching, it was crucial to have these items ready. She had already started working on the workbooks and was close to completing them. Additionally, she planned to create videos that would provide helpful tips and demonstrate the best way to use the workbooks.

Filming and Editing Videos

With the lettering kits and wrapping paper nearly complete, the content creator turned her attention to filming and editing videos. She had already started working with Creative Peak, creating content for their new product launches. She intended to film and edit a video for them over the weekend.

Another video on her to-do list was the unboxing video for Yay Makers. She mentioned that editing this video wouldn't take much time, indicating that it was a relatively straightforward task.

Additionally, the content creator had plans to record videos that would accompany the lettering kits. These videos would provide tips and guidance for using the workbooks effectively. She was excited to share her knowledge and help others improve their lettering skills.

Exciting Package for the Faux Calligraphy Kits

As she worked on preparing the faux calligraphy kits, the content creator received an exciting package. Inside were the pencils she had ordered, which would be included in the kits. She was particularly thrilled with a bright pink pencil featuring black foil lettering. Its unique design added an extra touch of creativity to the kits.

The content creator also mentioned that she had collaborated with Sakura UK for a giveaway and to provide additional goodies for the kits. This partnership added even more excitement to the launch of the kits.

Plans for the Week and Challenges

Despite encountering challenges at the beginning of the week, the content creator remained determined. She acknowledged that the news of another lockdown had affected her mood and productivity. However, she expressed her commitment to stay positive and adapt to the circumstances.

The delay in launching the wrapping paper, gift tags, and lettering kits was a disappointment. The content creator decided to reschedule the launch for Monday and had informed her subscribers about the change. She acknowledged the importance of keeping her promises and delivering on time.

Additionally, she mentioned struggling with a dust allergy, which had caused discomfort and made it difficult to concentrate. However, she believed that taking care of her health was crucial and was grateful for the support from her audience.

Wholesome Activities and Productivity

Despite the challenges, the content creator had some moments of joy and productivity during the week. She described a lovely autumnal walk with her partner, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the sense of calm it brought. She emphasized the importance of incorporating wholesome activities into her routine.

Furthermore, she expressed gratitude for the orders she had received, mentioning that she was close to reaching a significant milestone of a thousand orders on Etsy. The variety of orders she had been receiving brought her immense satisfaction.

Wrapping Up the Product Launch

As the weekend progressed, the content creator focused on finalizing the packaging and photography for the lettering kits and wrapping paper. She added silver sticker sheets as a unique touch to the kits' boxes, making them even more visually appealing. The attention to detail in the packaging showed her commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.

She also mentioned the need to cut out tags for the packages using her silhouette machine. These tags would personalize the kits and add a special touch for customers. With the packaging and photography completed and orders ready to be packed, the content creator was excited to launch her new products.

Recording Videos and Setting Launch Time

The content creator had dedicated specific times to record the videos that would accompany the lettering kits. These videos aimed to guide customers in using the workbooks effectively. She shared her enthusiasm for teaching and hoped to inspire others to explore the art of lettering.

As the week came to a close, the content creator mentioned the launch of her products, scheduled for 6:30 PM the following day. She encouraged her viewers to check out the kits and emphasized that the initial stock might be limited. She conveyed her gratitude for the support she had received and looked forward to the response from her audience.

She also highlighted the importance of finding a balance between her business and her full-time job. While challenging at times, she acknowledged the need to adapt and manage her time effectively.


Despite facing a rough start to the weekend, the content creator managed to regain her momentum and make progress on her tasks. She shared her plans for launching lettering kits, filming videos, and preparing the packaging. The content creator's positive attitude and dedication to delivering high-quality products and valuable content were evident throughout.

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